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Poetry Appreciated by Du Fu's "Spring Hope"

Appreciation of Du Fu's "Spring Hope"

Spring Hope

——[Tang]Du Fu

The country has broken mountains and rivers, and the city spring is deep.

When you feel the flowers are splashing tears, hate other birds to be alarmed.

Fenghuo Lian March, the family letter reaches ten thousand gold.

Baitou scratches shorter, hungry hairpin.


In June 756, Anshi rebels captured Changan. In July, Tang Suzong assumed the throne in Lingwu, and Du Fu went to Suzong after hearing the news.

On the way, he was captured by the rebels and brought to Chang'an. "Spring Hope" was written in March of the following year. It concentratedly expresses the poet's feelings of worrying about the country and hurting his family, and touching his soul.

"The country is broken by mountains and rivers, and the city is deep in the spring." What I saw at the beginning of the chapter was: the country is occupied, the city is broken, although the mountains and rivers are still there, but the grass is everywhere, the forest is green. The word "broken" is shocking,Then a "deep" word is full of sorrow. The poet here expresses the scene, expresses his feelings, expresses his affection to the objects, and feels the sense of the scene, creating an atmosphere for the whole poem. At the same time, this couplet is neat, natural and poeticUps and downs. "Guo Po" has opposite meanings to "Cheng Chun" and has a strong contrast. "Guo Po" is followed by "Mountains and Rivers", which means the opposite and unexpected; "Cheng Chun" was originally a bright scene,The suffix with "vegetable depth" describes the barren state, which has been contradictory.

"When you feel like you are splashing tears, you hate not to be scared." These two sentences are usually interpreted as flowers and birds are entertaining things, but because you feel bad when you feel, it makes the poet cry and be shocked.One explanation is that people are anthropomorphized with flowers and birds, when they feel hurt when they are sent to each other, the flowers are also splashed with tears, and the birds are also shocked. Although the two sayings are different, their spirits can be connected, one is touching the scene and the other is empathizing with things.Feelings hurt the feelings of the world. The union inherited the word "sense time" and started with the word "hate farewell".

The first four sentences of the poem are all in the word "Wang". In the change of scenery and emotion, it seems that the poet has gradually turned from bowing to looking at the scenery, and turned into contemplation, naturally transitioning to the second half-─Missing loved ones.

"The Beacon of Fire is in March, and the family book is worth ten thousand gold." Since the Anshi rebellion, "The Beacon of Fire has taught the village to believe." Until now, in March and March, the war is still continuous. The wife and children of the poet are in Laozhou.. Security threatened his dreams, and the family book was not up to him. How could he be relieved? "Don Wanjin" wrote the preciousness of the family book, wrote out the urgent feeling that the message was isolated, and the long-awaited news was not timely, and expressed his right.The strong thoughts of the wife and children. This is the idea that everyone will have in their hearts, and it naturally resonates with people, so it has become a well-known sentence.

"Baitou scratches shorter, desperate for hairpins." The flames are everywhere, family trusts are unsatisfactory, and the miserable image of the distant place is missed. The gloomy scene in front of me, I can't help but be sparse, and I feel sparse.Short hair, almost hairpin. "White hair" is caused by sorrow, "scratching" is the action that wants to solve the sorrow, "shorter" can show the degree of sorrow. In this way, in the country, the family is ruined, away from chaos and pain, and sighsAging adds another layer of sorrow. And he grows so fast, and it is caused by worrying about the country, when he is hurt, and homesick.

Throughout the whole poem, the first four sentences write about the failure of Spring City, full of sighs; the last four sentences write about the situation of loved ones, full of emotions. The whole poem is deeply engraved, sincere and natural, reflecting the poet's love for the country and caring for his family.Therefore, it has been popular for thousands of years, and it has lasted for a long time.

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