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Poem introduced by patriotic poet Qu Yuan

Introduction to patriotic poet Qu Yuan

Qu Yuan about 340 BC-278 BC, Ming Ping, Zi Yuan. He was born in the nobility of the Chu Kingdom. He showed outstanding talents when he was young, and became a leftist official name of King Chu Huai.Wang planned major national affairs and issued government decrees; receiving emissaries from various countries and handling diplomatic affairs, he was highly trusted by the king. This attracted some people’s jealousy. His political opponent, Shangguan, made his rumor in front of King Huai, saying that Qu Yuanju was proud and even proudHuai Wang was not in his eyes, and Huai Wang became angry and alienated Qu Yuan.

At that time, among the "Seven Heroes" of the Warring States period, the most powerful were the three kingdoms of Qin, Qi, and Chu. The struggle of "joint vertical" and "lianheng" was fierce. Whoever wins in the end will be the result of the internal and foreign affairs of these three countries.It’s up to the decision. Qu Yuan advocated the selection of virtues and talents in Chu’s internal affairs, and tried to build an ideal society, such as the Yao, Shun, Yu, and Tang dynasties. In diplomacy, he advocated the unity of the verticals and the confrontation of the strong Qin. Because of the alienation of Huai WangAfter him, Qu Yuan failed to implement these correct claims.

King Huai is a faint monarch. Under the alienation and temptation of King Qin Hui, he succeeded in severing the alliance with the Qi State. As a result, he lost his army, lost his land, and the state gradually weakened. After King Qin Zhao succeeded to the throne, he proposed andWhen Chu Tong married, about meeting Huaiwang, Qu Yuan tried to persuade Huaiwang not to be fooled again. However, Huaiwang went away with the encouragement of his youngest son Zilan, and was hijacked by the force of Qin State and died in Qin State. Huaiwang’s eldest son wasKing Xiang succeeded, so that Yin Zilan and Shangguan doctors and others set up Qu Yuan in front of King Xiang, and King Wang expelled Qu Yuan to Jiangnan in his anger.

Qu Yuan lived in exile for a long time in Yuanshui and Xiangshui Basins in his later years. Seeing that the motherland is getting weaker and will soon be destroyed by Qin, he will serve the emperor’s ambitions.Finally cast in Miluo River in despair.

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