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Poet about the life of poet Zhang Heng

Brief introduction of poet Zhang Heng

Zhang Heng 78-139, Zi Pingzi, from Nanyang Xi'e now Shiqiao Town, Nanyang City, Henan Province, Han nationality. He was a great astronomer in the Eastern Han Dynasty in China and made an indelible contribution to the development of China's astronomy.; In mathematics, geography, painting and literature, Zhang Heng also showed extraordinary talents and extensive knowledge.

Zhang Heng is one of the representatives of the mid-Eastern Han Dynasty. He pointed out that the moon itself does not emit light, and the moonlight is actually a reflection of sunlight. He also correctly explained the cause of the lunar eclipse and recognized the infinite nature of the universe and the planets.The relationship between the speed of movement and the distance from the earth.

Zhang Heng recorded 2,500 stars and created the world’s first leak-to-turbid gyroscope that can perform celestial phenomena more accurately. The first instrument to test earthquakes was a wind-driven seismograph. It also produced guide cars and automaticDrum cars, wooden birds flying in miles, etc.

Zhang Heng has written 32 scientific, philosophical, and literary works, among which astronomical works include "Ling Xian" and "Ling Xian Tu".

To commemorate Zhang Heng's merits, people named a crater on the back of the moon as Zhang Heng crater and asteroid 1802 as Zhang Heng asteroid.

20th century Chinese famous writer and historian Guo Moruo commented on Zhang Heng: such a comprehensively developed character is also rare in the history of the world.

Later generation called Zhang Heng as Musheng Kesheng. Zhang Hengzi Pingzi. Born in Xi'e County, Nanyang County now Nanyang, Henan. Born in the third year of the Eastern Han Jian Junior High School AD 78; Yonghe four years AD 139Died. Astronomy, mechanical technology, seismology.

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