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Xin Qiji

Xin Qiji 1140-1207 Southern Song Ci. The original word Tanfu, changed the word Youan, alias Jiaxuan, Licheng now Jinan, Shandong. At birth, the Central Plains was occupied by Jin Bing. At the age of 21 participated in the anti-Japanese warJin Yijun, soon returned to the Southern Song Dynasty. He successively served in Hubei, Jiangxi, Hunan, Fujian, East Zhejiang and other comforting envoys. He spent his life fighting against Jin.Outstanding military talent and patriotic enthusiasm. The words express the efforts to restore the patriotic enthusiasm of national unity, confess the grief and indignation of the unrequited ambition, and condemn the ruling people’s humiliation and humiliation at that time;Using the words of the predecessors' allusions, the style of Shen Xiong is magnificent and there is no lack of delicate femininity. The collection of works is "Jia Xuan Long Short Sentences", and today's collection is "Xin Jia Xuan Poetry and Banknotes."

辛弃疾有许多与Lu YouSimilarity: He always regards washing the country's shame and recovering lost land as his lifelong career, and writes the expectations and disappointment of the times, national enthusiasm and indignation in his literary creation. In literary creation, he is not likeLu You likes to writetranslate1063 especially the seven rules of strict format, but the genre that is more suitable for expressing agitated and changeable emotions.

宋词在Su Shi In the hands of creating a bold and generous, high and open style, but has not been strongly inherited and developed. Until the beginning of the Nandu Zhang Yuanqian, Zhang Xiaoxiang, Ye Mengde, Zhu Dunru and other words with the theme of anti-golden shameOnly then, they inherited Su Shi’s style of writing and played a role in inheriting the past and the past. However, their works of this type were mainly the result of inner passion in a special era background, but did not become conscious.His artistic pursuits did not expand to other subjects to a greater extent, so his achievements were not very high. By the time Xin Qiji appeared in the poetry world, he not only followed the direction of Su Ci, but also wrote many works with grand and magnificent momentum.And, with its heroic demeanor that defied all stereotypes, and rich education and extraordinary talents, he created a very personal characteristic in the field of Ci, which promoted the style of Su Ci and broke through the scope of Su Ci.Open up a broader world of words.


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