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Wen Tianxiang's poem

Wen Tianxiang

Wen Tianxiang1236.6.6-1283.1.9, the word is good, and later changed the word Song Rui, from the name of Wenshan, from Luling, Jizhou now Ji'an County, Jiangxi, Song Wei minister, writer, national hero, and LuXiufu and Zhang Shijie are known as "the three heroes of the late Song Dynasty." Baoyou was the No. 1 champion for four years 1256, and successively signed the official of the Ning Naval Festival Judgment Office, the criminal officer, the Jiangxi prosecutor, the Shangshu Zuosilang officer, and Hunan.Knowing Ganzhou and other duties. In 1276, he was sent to the barracks of the Yuan Army to negotiate, was detained, and then escaped through Gaoyou Jizhuang to Tangwan, Taixian, and returned from Nantong to the south. The first year of Xiangguang 1278 was captured by Zhang Hongfan.He persisted in the struggle for more than three years in prison. He calmly resigned in Chai City on January 9, 1283, at the age of 47. Wen Tianxiang passed on to his descendants in the name of loyalty and loyalty. During his capture, Yuan Shizu persuaded him to descend with his high official Hou Lu, but Wen Tianxiang died unyieldingly.His life deeds have been praised by future generations, and he has authored "Crossing the Dingyang", "Wenshan Poetry Collection", "Guide Record", "Guide Post Record", "Zheng Qi Song", etc.


文天祥纪念馆位于新县城当缅山,取名“缅怀”。1984年动工,1991年底竣工开馆。总建筑面积1398平方米。正气堂坐北朝南,临门九十九级台阶,周围松柏四季常青。正气堂为序厅,有Wen TianxiangStatue, 6.4 meters high, solemn and mighty. Eight large murals embedded on the four walls depict Wen Tianxiang’s life. The preface hall has a whole model plate to guide visitors to visit. The four exhibition halls are divided into east and west halls, and the west room isThe Calligraphy and Painting Collection Hall and Wen Tianxiang's life story exhibition hall are surrounded by pavilions and there is a central garden in the hall.

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