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Su Shi

  Su ShiJanuary 8, 1037-August 24, 1101 The word Zizhan, also known as Hezhong, known as "Dongpo Jushi", known as "Su Dongpo". Han nationality, Meizhou Meishan now Meishan, Sichuan, Northern Song DynastyHe was born in Luancheng. His famous essayists, calligraphers, poets, and poets in the Northern Song Dynasty were representatives of the bold poetry school. Together with his father Su Xun and his brother Su Ru, they are called the three Sus. Su Shi isSu XunThe second son the eldest son of Su Xun died, 1057 the second year of Jiayou, and his brother Su Qi, who joined the scholar. One of the eight members of the Tang and Song dynasties. "Drinking on the lake, the first clear after the rain" is a description of the West Lake.People can surpass.
Su Shi has about 2,700 poems in existence. His poems are broad in content and diverse in style. They are dominated by boldness, vertical and horizontal strokes, extreme change, and romanticism. They open up a new path for the development of Song poetry.
In July 1079, Su Shi took office in Huzhou and was convicted and jailed for the Wutai poetry case. He was exiled to Huangzhou in January of the following year. Before the poem case, since the tenure of Hangzhou in 1071, Su Shi has been in secret.Zhizhou, Xuzhou Taishou and Huzhou Taishou have outstanding achievements. Their poems and works in the overall style are desert-free for a long time, and the content is mostly directed to the official life to express political enthusiasm. After the poem case, although there was a period of time to the HanlinBachelor, but few of his works lead to Jun Yaoshun's bold and superb ease, but instead turn to nature and life experience. As for his exile in Danzhou in Huizhou in his later years, his indifferent and broad-minded state of mind became more apparent, inheriting HuangzhouThe style of the works in the period has converged on my life, and I have been transporting things by myself to achieve a sense of tranquility.
With Wutai Poetry as the boundary, Su Shi's poetry works have inheritance and obvious differences in creation. Behind the "going back" complex throughout, people see the poet's brushstrokes gradually turned away from the teenager's unprovoked sighThe helplessness of middle-aged and the open-mindedness of old age-getting old and getting mature, but making it bland.
Su Shi's Ci style can be divided into three categories:
One, bold style
This is the ideal style that Su Shi deliberately pursued. He blended the words with full, agitated and even slightly sad feelings, and wrote humanoids to win with a generous and magnificent image and magnificent scenes.
Second, Kuangda style
This is the style that best represents Su Shi's thoughts and personality, and expresses the poet's desire to live in seclusion, avoid troubled times, and look forward to peace.
Three, graceful style
The number of Su Shi's graceful words occupies an absolute proportion in the total number of their words. These words are pure and deep in feelings and healthy in style, which is also an inheritance and development of traditional graceful words.

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