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Lu You

Lu You November 13, 1125-12 January 26, 1010, a Southern Song Dynasty poet. The Han nationality. The concept of word affairs, the number is Fang Weng. Yuezhou Shanyin now Shaoxing, Zhejiang is a poet.His writings are rich, there are dozens of kinds of "Jiannan Poetry Draft", "Weinan Collected Works" and so on, with more than 9,000 poems in existence, which is the poet with the most poems in China. Lu You has many literary talents, especially the achievements of poems.The most self-proclaimed "10,000 poems in sixty years", there are still more than 9,300 poems. Many of these poems express the pride of fighting against the gold and killing the enemy and the hatred of the enemy and the traitors.Permeated with a strong passion for patriotism, he achieved outstanding achievements in thought and art, and had "small" before his death.Li Bai " said, not only became the leader of the Southern Song Dynasty poetry, but also enjoys a lofty status in the history of Chinese literature, is a great patriotic poet in China. It is one of the four major poets in the Southern Song Dynasty. The amount of poetry is not as great as the psalm, but it also runs through with the poem.Breathing the cruel patriotic spirit. Lu You's works include one volume of "Fang Weng Ci" and two volumes of "Wei Nan Ci". His famous sentence "Shan Zhongshui has no way to doubt, there will be another village in Liuminghuaming", "Xiaolou listens overnightSpring Rain, Deep Alley Ming Dynasty Selling Apricot Flowers", etc. have been widely recited by the people!

陆游具有多方面文学才能,尤以诗的成就为最,自言“六十年间万首诗”[86]  ,存世有九千三百余首,大致可以分为三个时期:46岁入蜀以前,偏于文字形式;入蜀到64岁罢官东归,是其 PoetryThe mature period of creation is also a period when the style of poetry has changed greatly. From the early years, the specialization of "algae painting" to the pursuit of a magnificent and unrestrained style, full of fighting atmosphere and patriotic passion;Rustic and down-to-earth, showing a clear and distant pastoral flavor, from time to time revealing the desolation of life.


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