Poem by Liu Zongyuan

   Yuzong Yuan 773-819, a character with a thick character, born in Yuncheng, Shanxi Province, known as "Liu Hedong" and "Mr. He Dong". He ended the history of Liuzhou thorns due to his official status, also known as "Liu Liuzhou" and "Liu Yuxi".Today, Shanxi Province. Yuncheng and Ruicheng, Yongji City. Tang writers, philosophers, essays and thinkers, and Han Yu jointly advocated the Tang Dynasty ancient text movement, and called "Han Liu". And Liu Yuxi and "LiuWillow ". Together with Wang Wei, Meng Haoran, and Wei Yingwu, they are also called" Wang Meng Wei Liu. "With Han Yu in the Tang Dynasty and Song Dynasty Ou Yangxiu , Su Shi, Su Shi , Su Zhe, Wang Anshi, and Zeng Gong, also known as the "Eight Tang and Song Eight Great Scholars" Liu Zongyuan is the second of the Eight Song and Eight Great Tang Scholars. The Tang Dynasty Emperor was born in Chang'an, Kyoto for eight years 773 now Xi'an, Shaanxi Provincecity

  柳宗元出身于 官宦 translate1054 , rare talents, long-cherished ambitions. In the early years, he was an examinee, and the text was gorgeous. He was a junior scholar in the 9th year of Zhenyuan 793.Once as Lantian Wei and later as an official, he actively participated in the political reform of the Wang Shuwen Group and moved to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In the first year of Yongzhen 805, the reform failed in September, deprecating the history of Shaozhou, and in November Liu Zongyuan depreciated Yongzhou Sima In the Lingling District of Yongzhou City, Hunan Province today, during this period, he wrote the famous "Eight Records of Yongzhou" "Shi De Xi Shan Ban Ji Ji", "Cobalt Ponds", "Cobalt Ponds and West Hills", "Records of Little Shitan, Records of Yuan Family's Thirst, Records of Shi Qu, Records of Shi Qu, and Records of Mountain in Little Stone. Yuan He returned to Beijing in the spring of the tenth year 815, and was soon relegated to the history of Liuzhou thorns, with outstanding achievements.He died at the Liuzhou office on the 8th of November November 28, 819. The association is very Fan, Liu Yuxi, Bai Juyi Everyone is his friend.


  贞元九年(793年)春,20岁的柳宗元考中进士,同时中进士的还有他的好友刘禹锡。贞元十二年(796年)柳宗元任秘书省校书郎,算是步入官场,这一年,与杨凭之女在长安 translate1055 , Two years later, Zhongbo learned macro-words and transferred it to the orthography of Jixiandian Academy, which allowed it to read a wide range of books and broaden its horizons. At the same time, it also began to contact the courtier bureaucrats, understand the official situation, and care about and participate in politics.In the first year of the academy, he wrote "The Monument to the Relics of Yangzi Siye Yangcheng", praising the imperialist doctor Yangcheng who had the courage to uphold his opinions in the affairs of the Korean government, and in the second year he wrote "On Defense Against Invasion".Demonstrate a strong desire for unity and opposition to division.

  柳宗元虽然活了不到50岁,却在文学上创造了光辉的业绩,在 translate1056 , Fu, prose, travel notes, fables, novels, essays, and literary theories, have made outstanding contributions.