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Li Shangyin

  Li Shangyin , male, Han nationality, the word Yishan, so it is also known as Li Yishan, known as Yuxisheng, Fan Nansheng, and a famous poet in the late Tang Dynasty. His ancestral home is Hanoi, Huaizhou now Qinyang, Henan, and he was born in Xingyang, Henan now Xingyang, Zhengzhou. Poetrytranslate1065The academic value is very high. In the third year of Tang Wenzong AD 838, he was a junior and first. He used to be the post of Hong Nongwei, Zuomufu, Dongchuan Jidu, etc. In the early days, Li Shangyin won the Niu Dang for his talents.Appreciation of member Ling Huchu, and later because of his love for his party, Wang Maoyuan married his daughter, he was rejected by the Niu Dang. Since then, Li Shangyin has survived in the gap between the Niu and Li parties.Being a staff member in the various feudal towns, he was depressed and discouraged, and then fell down for life. In the late Tang and Tang dynasties, the light of his predecessors showed a trend that was not as good as before, but Li Shangyin pushed Tang poetry to another peak, which is the most famous in the late Tang Dynasty.The poet,Du MuFame with him. The two also called "Little Li Du", and Li He,Li BaiTogether "San Li".

  李商隐通常被视作唐代后期最杰出的诗人,其诗风受Li He The influence is quite deep, and he is influenced by Du Fu and Han Yu in terms of syntax, structure and structure. Many critics believe that among the outstanding poets of the Tang Dynasty, he is second only to Du Fu, Li Bai, Wang Wei and others.ontranslate1066In terms of the uniqueness of the style, he is not inferior to any other poets. But there are relatively many scriptures, and it is suspected of being obscure. Those who appreciate Li Shangyin's poetry and criticize him are all directed at his distinct individualStyle. Many poets in the later generations imitated Li Shangyin’s style, but none of them were recognized. According to the collation research by Liu Xuekai and Yu Shucheng, there are 594 poems handed down by Li Shangyin, of which 381 have basically determined the time of writing and 213 cannot be classified.The specific year. In addition, there are ten more suspected poems by Li Shangyin, but the evidence is insufficient.

  李商隐的诗具有鲜明而独特的艺术风格,文辞清丽、意韵深微,有些诗可作多种解释,好用典,有些诗较晦涩。现存约600首,特别是其中的无题诗堪称一绝,而最为突出的便是他的translate1067 Poetry. Li Shangyin is good at seven-law and five-word rhythm, and Qijue also has many outstanding works. The Qing Dynasty poet Ye Xie commented on Li Shangyin’s Seven Jue in the "Original Poetry".and also."

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