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Li Qingzhao's poem

Li Qingzhao

Li QingzhaoMarch 13, 1084 to May 12, 1155, a female lyricist in the Song Dynasty the intersection of North and South Songs, named Yi Anju, Jinan Zhangqiu now Jinan, Shandong. She was born in ShenzongyuanOn the fifth day of February in the seventh year of Feng Dynasty March 13, 1084 AD, he died in the tenth day of April 25th in Shaoxing, Gaozong May 12, 1155 AD. She was born in Shuxiangmendi. Her early life was prosperous. His father Li Gefei is very rich in books, she was good when she was a childtranslate1064Laid a literary foundation in the environment. After marrying, she and her husband Zhao Mingcheng worked together on the collection and arrangement of Jinshi calligraphy and painting, and engaged in academic research together. They shared similar interests and lived a happy life. After Jin Bing entered the Central Plains, he lived in the south, Zhao Mingcheng died of illness, and Li Qingzhao was in desperation.. In his life, he experienced the prosperous and crisis-ridden end of the Northern Song Dynasty and the unrest and early years of the Southern Song Dynasty, which was on the left side of the Anjiang River.

李清照是中国古代罕见的才女,她擅长书,画,通晓金石,而尤精诗词。她的词作独步一时,流传千古,被誉为“词家一大宗”。她的词分前期和后期。前期多写其悠闲生活,多描写translate1065Life, natural sceneries, beautiful rhythm. Such as "A cut plum, red lotus root, incense, Yumuqiu", etc.. Later, I sighed deeply in my life, nostalgic, nostalgic, and sentimental. For example, "slow voice · seek and seek"Her personality is as admirable as her works. She has both the virtues of the woman and the fortitude of the eyebrows; both the sorrow of the ordinary people and the lofty patriotic feelings. She not only has excellent talent and profound knowledge, And has lofty ideals, bold ambitions. She has achieved many achievements in the field of literature.

在同代人中,她的translate1066, prose and lyric theory can be distinguished and outstanding. And the most diligent in her life, and the most influential achievement is the creation of words. Her poetry has reached the level of perfection in art,Being unique in the field of poetry, she has formed her own unique artistic style-"Yi An Ti". She does not pursue the beautiful algae decoration, but refines the expressive "ordinary octave of the ordinary language", using the method of white descriptionDemonstrating a keen sense of surrounding things, depicting delicate and subtle psychological activities, expressing a rich and diverse emotional experience, and shaping a vivid and vivid artistic image. In her lyrics, sincere feelings and perfect forms blend in perfect harmony.She developed the graceful style of "exhaustive expressions and endless emotions" to the pinnacle, so that she won the status of the "sect master" of the graceful poet, and became one of the representative characters of the graceful school. At the same time, she wroteThe strokes in the book are horizontal, and the bold and bold style of the narrative makes her unique in the Song Dynasty's poetry.Xin Qiji,Lu YouAnd later poets have a greater influence. Her outstanding artistic achievements have won high praise from the later generations of scholars. Her descendants think that her words "do not look down on a woman, and want to overwhelm her eyebrows." She is called "the greatest in the Song Dynasty"A female lyricist is also the greatest female lyricist in the history of Chinese literature, and has the reputation of "the first talented woman of all ages."

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