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Huang Tingjian's poem

Huang Tingjian

Huang Tingjian 1045-1105, the word Luzhi, the self-titled Valley Taoist, the late name Fu Weng, also known as Mr. Yu Zhanghuang, Han nationality, Hongzhou Fenning now Jiangxi Xiushui. Poet, poet, calligrapher in the Northern Song DynastyHe was the ancestor of the Jiangxi poetic school who was very popular at the time, and he was known as Du Yi, Chen Shidao and Chen Yuyi as "one ancestor and three ancestors" Huang is one of them. Yingzong Zhiping four years 1067 Jinshi.Guanye County Welfare, Beijing Guozijian Professor, Xiaoshulang, Zuolang, Secretary Cheng, Fuzhou Biejia, Qianzhou Placement, etc.translate1057In terms of, he and Su Shi are also called "Su Huang"; in calligraphy, he is withSu ShiMi Fu and Cai Xiang are also referred to as "Four Masters in the Song Dynasty"; in terms of writing, although they were also referred to as "Qin Huang" with Qin Guan, Huang's achievements in'word writing are far inferior to Qin's.

黄庭坚为盛极一时的江西诗派开山之祖。江西修水县人。生于1045年六月十二日(7月28日),北宋诗人,书法家,词人,英宗治平四年(1067年)进士。历官叶县尉、北京国子监教授、校书郎、著作佐郎、秘书丞、涪州别驾、黔州安置等。哲宗立,召为校书郎、《神宗实录》 检讨官。后擢起居舍人。绍圣初,新党谓其修史“多诬”,贬涪州别驾,安置黔州等地。徽宗初,羁管宜州卒。宋英宗治平四年进士,绍圣初以校书郎坐修《神宗实录》失实被贬职,后来新党执政,屡遭贬,1105年九月三十日(11月8日)死于宜州贬所。

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