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Fan Chengda's poem

Fan Chengda

  Fan Chengda1126-1193 Chinese character, Shihu lay person. Han nationality, Pingjiang Wujun the county is now Wuxian in Suzhou. Poet of the Southern Song Dynasty. Shiwen Mu. Started from Jiangxi, and later studied middle and late Tang poetry, inheritedIncluding Bai Juyi, Wang Jian, Zhang Ji and other poets and the realism spirit of Xinyuefu, they finally became a family. The style is simple and simple, fresh and charming. The poems have a wide range of topics and reflect the highest achievements in the work of rural social life. The work that reflects rural life is "Four"The Pastoral Miscellaneous Time", a total of 60, describes the rural life in the spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons, there are 12 in each of the four seasons. He and Yang Wanli, Lu You, and You Yi collectively called the "Zhongxing Four Great Poets" in the Southern Song Dynasty.

  范成大父母早亡,母:78岁身亡,父:46岁因病身亡家境贫寒。宋高宗绍兴二十四年(公元1154)进士,初授户曹,又任监和剂局、处州知府,以起居,假资政殿大学士出使金朝,为改变接纳金国诏书礼仪和索取河南“陵寝”地事,慷慨抗节,不畏强暴,几近被杀,不辱使命而归,并写成使金translate1060"Lanhulu". Later served as chief executives of Jingjiang, Xiandu, Jiankang and other places. During the period of Chunxi, the official to the political affairs, and dismissed from Xiaozong in two months. He resigned in his hometown in his old age.Di Shi Wen Mu. He and You Yi,Yang Wanli Lu You is famous, known as the "Zhongxing Four Poets".

  他从江西派入手,后学习中、晚唐诗,继承了白居易、王建、张籍等诗人新乐府的现实主义精神,终于自成一家。风格平易浅显、清新妩媚。诗题材广泛,以反映农村社会生活内容的作品成就最高。他使金途中所写的七十二首绝句,如《青远店》、《州桥》、《双庙》等,反映了北方人民的痛苦生活和他们的民族感情。爱国情感激昂悲壮。其《催租行》、《后催租行》、《缫丝行》、《劳畲耕》等揭露封建剥削的残酷,表现对人民疾苦的同情。他晚年所作《四时田园杂兴》六十首,描绘了农村景物、风俗人情和农民生活,风格清新明快,优美流畅,富有韵味,有民歌之特色,是古代田园诗的集大成者。这类诗在南宋末期产生极大影响。他的文赋在当时也享有盛名。词作情长意深,前期作品与秦观相近,后期作品则近于Su Shi. Fan Chengda's works had a significant influence in the late Southern Song Dynasty, and the influence was even greater in the early Qing Dynasty. At that time, it was said that "Jianjiannan and Hushihu" "Jiannan" refers toLu You"Jiannan Poem Draft".For example, the "Summer" one said: "Day out of the field, night performances, and the children of the village are all in the house. The children and grandchildren are not for the cultivation and weaving, and they also learn to plant melons in Sangyin.", Honest, with a strong rural flavor.He also wrote some entertainment chorus, travel in mountains and rivers, lamenting the old sorrow and even talking about Buddhism Zen.Yang Wanli's "Preface to Shihu Jushi Poetry Collection" said: "Fan Chengda's poems is a big story, short chapters are condensed; it is not boiled, but not shrunk. It is fresh and charming, with Bao Xie; Ben Yijunwei, poorChasing Taibai. Seeking the Chen Chen of its supporting character, sing the whine, can’t get the world.” For details of his life, see Volume 386 of Song History.There are "Shihu Jushi Poetry Collection", "Shihu Ci" and so on.


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