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Du Mu

Du MuA.D. 803-about 852, with the character Muzhi, the name is Fanchuanjushi, Han nationality, was born in Jingzhaowannian now Xi'an, Shaanxi, and was a poet in the Tang Dynasty. Du Muzhi was called "Xiaodu" to distinguish it fromDu Fu, and Li Shangyin together called "Little Li Du". Because he lived in Chang'an Nanfanchuan Villa in his later years, it was later named "Du Fanchuan" and authored "Fanchuan Collection".

  杜牧,字牧之。是宰相杜佑之孙,晚唐时期人。杜从郁之子,唐文宗大和二年进士,授宏文馆校书郎。后赴江西观察使幕,转淮南节度使幕,又入观察使幕。史馆修撰,膳部、比部、司勋员外郎,黄州、池州、睦州刺史等职,最终官至中书舍人。晚唐杰出诗人,尤以七言绝句著称。擅长文赋,其《阿房宫赋》为后世传诵。杜牧写下了不少军事论文,还曾注释《孙子》。有《樊川文集》二十卷传世,为其外甥裴延翰所编,其中诗四卷。又有宋人补编的《樊川外集》和《樊川别集》各一卷。《全唐诗》收杜牧诗八卷。晚唐诗多柔靡,牧之以峻峭矫之。七绝尤有逸韵远神,晚唐诸家让渠独步。 牧之有抱负,好言兵,以济世之才自诩。工行、草书。

   杜牧的文学创作有多方面的成就,诗、赋、古文都堪称名家。他主张凡为文以意为主,以气为辅,以辞采章句为之兵卫,对作品内容与形式的关系有比较正确的理解。并能吸收、融化前人的长处,以形成自己特殊的风貌。在PoetryIn creation, Du Mu and another outstanding poet in the late Tang DynastyLi ShangyinThe same name, also known as "Little Li Du". His archaic poems are influenced by Du Fu and Han Yu, with broad themes and strong pen strength. His modern poems are known for their clear and beautiful verses and ups and downs. Qilu "Early Goose" uses bixingThe method of holding objects expresses nostalgia for the people in the northern frontier fortresses who have been invaded and displaced by Huihe. It is mellow and has an aftertaste. "Nine Days Qishan Climbing" is written in a bold style with a broad-minded mind and a deep sense of sadness.Ah. The general trend of late Tang poetry is beautiful and dense. Influenced by the atmosphere of the times, Du Mu also pays attention to the style of speech. This common tendency to emphasize the style of speech is combined with his personal "majestic and heroic" characteristics.It is beautiful, yet charming and sparse, with grandeur and exquisite grace.

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