Cen Shen's poem

Cen Shen cén shēn circa 715-770 Tang Dynasty poet, originally from Nanyang now Henan Xinye, moved to Jiangling now Hubei. Han nationality, Jingzhou Jiangling Hubei Jiangling, 56 years old when he died, Is a famous frontier poet of the Tang Dynasty. Its Poetry Full of romantic characteristics, magnificent momentum, rich imagination, magnificent colors, passionate, and especially good at Qiyan Gexing.

Cen Shen's early poems are mostly sceneries, reminiscences, and gift-giving works. The style of landscape poems is clear, beautiful, and close to He Xun. But the language is stylistic, the mood is novel; the sentiment is not met, and the sorrow of sorrow is poor."Feelings", "Jingwei", "Twilight Autumn Mountain Walk", "To the Great Beam but the Kuangcheng Master", etc. Six years of frontier life has opened up Cen Shen's poetic realm unprecedentedly, and further developed novel features, which are magnificent and magnificent.His romantic color became the keynote of his frontier poems. He not only enthusiastically praised the courage and martial arts of Tang Jun, but also euphemistically revealed the cruelty and misery of war. Volcanic clouds, Tianshan snow, transpiration of the Atami, Hanhai Qihan, hurricane rocks, yellowExotic scenery such as Sha Rutian has also been incorporated into his poems. Representative works include "White Snow Song Sends Martial Judges to Beijing", "Walking Horses and Rivers", "Luntai Song". In addition, he wrote about frontier customs and the friendship of various nationalities.Getting along with the homesickness and unequal bitterness of the soldiers greatly opened up the creative theme and artistic realm of frontier poems. Cen Shen's poetry in his later years was sad and dispirited. After entering Shu, the landscape poems added extraordinary characteristics, buthiddenYi thought has also developed in poetry.

Cen Shen was a famous poet of the frontier fortress in the Tang Dynasty. At that time, the northwestern border area was frequent, and wars were frequent. Cen Shen went out of the country twice with the ambition to build a career in the country. He lived in the frontier army for six years before and afterwards.He has long-term observation and experience of the ice-cold and snowy scenery of his battle life. He passionately praised the fighting spirit of frontier soldiers, such as "Rendai Song Dedicated to Doctors for the Western Expedition", and wrote the soldiers to move forward to the battlefield and snow seaThe magnificent scene. "The four sides fell on the snow and the sea swelled, and the three armies shouted to move the mountains." The soldiers were disregarded and full of the spirit of loyalty and patriotism. Another example is in "Walking Horses and Rivers to Send Teachers to the Western Expedition".The tense pre-war march in China: "General Jin Jia stays on at night, marching in the middle of the night, and the limelight is cutting like a knife." Cen Shen also revealed the phenomenon of uneven bitterness in the life of the barracks.The description of the life of the General of the Frontier is "The red house stove with embroidered curtains in a warm house, woven into a cloak of flower cloaks. The waiter empties the jade pot in front of the lamp, and the golden boring spots are wild.Trending left and right, you are the slave of the man. "On the other hand, the life of soldiers is" warriors are often hungry, and food is not one after another. "Cen Shen also wrote about the magnificent mountains and rivers of the motherland and the ever-changing frontiers.Scenery, vivid and exaggerated artistic descriptions, such as "Snow Snow Song Sends Military Judges to Beijing", "Suddenly like a night of spring, thousands of trees and pear blossoms", writes about the wind and snow, but it gives people a sense of spring.Feeling. Cen Shen's poems are rich in imagination, new in artistic conception, magnificent, style is strange, the words are magnificent, and have romantic characteristics. Patriotic poet Lu You I once praised and said, "I thought Taibai and Zimei alone."

Cen Shen's poems have a wide range of subjects. In addition to the poems that usually sigh to his life and give away friends, he wrote a lot of landscape poems before leaving the country. The style of poetry is similar to Xie Zhao and He Xun, but it has novel characteristics of artistic conception. Xiang YinFan "He Yue Ying Ling Ji" said "the mountain wind blows the empty forest, and there is no one" "Twilight Autumn Mountain Walk", "the long wind blows the white grass, the wild fire burns the mulberry" "to the beam but sends the owner of the Marina"Poetry and other verses are examples of poetic wonders. Du Fu also said that "the brothers Cen are curious" "beautiful walk", the so-called "curiosity" is a hobby of novelty.

In the later days of Tianbao, the internal affairs of the Tang Empire were extremely corrupt, but the troops were still quite strong at the Anxi frontier. The poem written by Cen Shentianbao, "The Doctor in the Western Suburbs of the Northern Court was sent back to the army," described the Tang army at that time.Prestige: "Hu alfalfa is beautiful, and Luntai recruits horse fat. The doctor consulted the Huns, and the west went out the month before. The soldiers did not win the battle, and the prisoners returned home.The book is thin. "This situation remained until the Anshi Rebellion occurred. Cen Shen's frontier poems were generated under this situation. Therefore, they became representatives of the frontier poetry.