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Li He

Li He790~816, a poet in the Tang Dynasty of China. The word is Changji. He was born in Fuchang now Yiyang County, Luoyang, Henan. His ancestral home was Longxi, and he called himself "Longxi Changji". He lived in Changgu, Fuchang, and later called him.Li Changgu. Li He is a descendant of Li Liang, the king of the Tang clan, but his family has fallen. He was "thin and thin with eyebrows, long fingers and claws". He was able to write words in childhood. At the age of 15 or 16, he had the same name as his predecessor Li Yi in Gongyuefu poems.. During Yuanhe three or four years 808~809,Han YuIn Luoyang, Li He paid a visit. It is said that Han Yu and Huangfu Shi once visited together, and He wrote the famous poem "Gao Xuan Guo". Li He's father's name is Jin Su, "Jin" and "Jin" are the same as LiThe contenders said that he should avoid his father’s taboo and not promote Jinshi. Han Yu’s "Taobian" encourages Li He to take the test, but he is helpless, "If the fan is not open, you will be stubborn, and you will be sloppy."Although Li He was supposed to go to Beijing, he failed to take the exam and was greedy. Later, he worked as a courtier for three years, and was depressed. Because of his frustrated career, he devoted all his energy to writing poetry. When he was in Beijing, he lived in Chongyi.With Wang Canyuan, Yang Jingzhi, Quanzhu, Cui Zhi, etc. as close friends, they often travel with each other, a small slave rides a donkey, and carries a broken bag. Li Hede has a poem, that is, when you return home, you will succeed.End of the article. Madam Zheng often said, "If you want to vomit your heart, it is your heart." Later, she resigned and returned to Changgu, and went to Luzhou now Changzhi, Shanxi for a period of time in Zhangche. She was frail and sick throughout her life and died at the age of 27.


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