Fourth Grade Primary School Proverb Collection

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1. There are a few thousand cups of wine for every confidant, and there is more to talk than speculation.

2, distant relatives are not as good as close neighbors, and close neighbors don't reach the opposite door.

3. Modesty makes people progress, pride makes people lag behind.

4. People have left their names, geese have their voices.

5, cats and mice fake compassion.

6, brave men do not mention the brave year.

7, adults do not remember villains, the prime minister can support the boat in the belly.

8, make friends, water flowers and roots.

9, the light is not on or off, the reason is unclear.

10. Hard work is a treasure, and life cannot be separated.

11. Shouting someone without losing money, rolling your tongue.

12. Rivers and mountains are easy to change, and nature is difficult to change.

13. There are no tigers in the mountains, and monkeys are called kings.

14. People agree, Taishan moves.

15. Take advantage of others and make up for yourself.

16. There is a rut when there is a car, and there is a shadow when there is a tree.

17, panic eating does not make hot porridge, riding horses is not good "Three Kingdoms."

18. People's mouths are soft and their hands are short.

19. Decorate yourself with jewelry, it is better to enrich yourself with knowledge.

20 、 learning and learning, asking while learning. Multiple questions

21, wasting time is equivalent to shortening life.

22. Sit back and think about yourself, talk nonsense about him.

23, Learn like sailing against the water, and retreat if you do not advance.

24. Everyone takes one heart, the loess becomes gold.

25. Rather drink siblings' white water, don't eat enemy honey.

26. There is something to do today and I will not be busy doing tomorrow.

27. The book has been read a hundred times, and its meaning is self-explanatory. Read more

28, three points are like people, seven points are like ghosts.

29, multiple brothers and sisters, multiple roads, multiple enemies and multiple walls.

30. You have a chance to meet for thousands of miles, but you do n’t know each other.

31. Learn to think deeply and know what it means. Thinking

32. There is nothing difficult in the world, I'm afraid of someone who cares.

33. Three minutes on stage, ten years off stage.

34. People who chase the moment will spoil him; those who leave the moment will leave him alone.

35. Bells do n’t ring or ring, people do n’t learn and do n’t work.

36, how long you get up in the morning and one wisdom, and increase your smell at night.

37, cattle are unable to drag horizontal rakes, and people talk unreasonably.

38. There must be roads when there are mountains, and there must be crossings when there is water.

39. Trees felled with axe, but not rationally.

40. Learn culture, start with letters; speak politely, start with small things.

41. There will be a defeat, there will be a disadvantage.

42. Ten miles away from home, all localities.

43, half bottle shake when full bottle.

44 、 I'm not afraid of failing to learn, I'm just afraid of being dishonest.

45, usually do not burn incense, temporarily hold Buddha feet.

46, Don't miss the opportunity, never come again.

47. It's easy to treat guests with wine.

48, Sui Han knows pine and cypress, sees friendship in trouble.

49, Lao Xiang sees Lao Xiang, two tears.

50. The flowers are no longer blooming, and time will not come again.

51. People have to bow their heads under the eaves.

52. There is no cloud and rain in the sky, and there is no director in the world.

53, more people are right, more valleys are good rice.

54, Jade is not cut, no tool; people do not learn, do not know.

55. It is difficult to think about food without food, but not to have food without food.

56. Water does not stink, people do n’t learn and realize that they are backward.

57. Nothing can be found in the Three Treasure Hall.

58, people do not make money without making money, horses have no nightgrass and fat.

59, Enemies meet, jealous.

60, fish fire, meat sputum, vegetables and tofu to ensure safety.

61. Seeing people talking, seeing ghosts talking about ghosts.

62. Hang sheep head and sell dog meat.

63, family ugliness should not be advertised.

64, clothes should be dirty without washing, farming without ploughing should be deserted.

65, Don't be afraid of 10,000, just in case.

66. The bows of the world are all curved, the principles of the world are straight.

67, Ming people don't do secret things, real people don't tell lies.

68, put things in perspective, good steel to the blade.

69, often say that the mouth is smooth, often the writer is not stupid. More writing

70, multiple lines of injustice must be self-defeating.

71, a gentleman said, it is difficult to chase a horse.

72. Tree moves, people move.

73. It can't be true or false, it can't be true.

74, Lu Bu among people, Ma Rabbit and red rabbit.

75. Living to be old, learning to be old, life ca n’t be learned forever.

76, good memory is not as good as bad writing. Multiple notes

77. Those who have a will set up a long will, those who do not have a set up often.

78, mice cross the street, everyone shouts.

79, the grace of dripping water, when Yongquan reported.

80, three hundred and sixty lines, the number one winner.

81, reading 10,000 volumes, reading the pen if there is a god. Read more

82. One point of cultivation, one point of harvest.

83. Rely on parents at home and siblings on the go.

84. Insiders look at the doorway, laymen look lively.

85, books are not often turned, like a brick. Read more

86, Qin is a cash cow, thrift is a cornucopia.

87, there are fewer brothers and sisters and more than one enemy.

88, always like life, a moment is worth a thousand dollars.

89, Face to face is an individual, Turning face is a ghost.

90, I'm not afraid of being poor at home, I'm just afraid of lazy bugs.

91. The pie falls from the sky.

92. Marrying a wife, marrying virtue, not marrying, making friends, not caring.

93. I only knew Chai Migui when I was in charge.

94, People break in front of people, swords sway on the stone.

95, People go to high places, water flows to low places.

96. A regular person sleeps as a lazy person, a lazy person sleeps as a patient.

97, Lu Yao knows horsepower, and sees people's hearts for a long time.

98, do not leave the hand, do not leave the mouth. More practice

99, long stream of water, worry about eating and wearing.