Elementary School Proverbs Collection

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1. There is no cloud and rain in the sky, and there is no director in the world.

2. I do n’t know if the spring is warm without the cold in winter.

3. Reasonably put things in place, good steel makes it to the blade.

4, more people are right, more valleys are good rice.

5. Worry people have long nights, and philosophers have short days.

6. People look at large places, and birds fly high.

7. One is fighting against three evils, and one is fighting against 100 evils.

8. It's better to be here than to be heard, and it is better to see than hear.

9, birds are expensive, people are expensive.

10. Trees have deep roots and hard bones.

11. Eat something that tastes delicious, say it has to be reasonable.

12. Children in the mountains are not afraid of wolves, and children in the city are not afraid of officials.

13. Cows are unable to drag horizontal rakes, and people talk horizontally unreasonably.

14. Don't be afraid of Pepsi, you will be discouraged.

15. Ning hit the golden bell, don't break the drum sound.

16. Fragrant flowers are not necessarily good-looking, they will say they are not necessarily capable.

17. Don't be afraid of learning, you're afraid of short-term.

18, Although the scale is small, it can weigh a lot.

19. To know what is happening in the mountains, ask the farmer in the countryside.

20, I would rather break my bones than lower my head and be humiliated.

21, Rather give a fight to the poor, not a sip to the rich.

22, you must know your parents, hold your grandchildren in your arms.

23. The man is doing everything to the end, and the horse is on his way.

24. The road is curved, it is straight.

25. Those who hit the iron must use their own pliers, and those who plant the land must go to the field by themselves.

26. Don't pick a heavy load, don't know the weight, and don't go a long way.

27. One person speaks reasonably, the two speak differently.

28, people are afraid of reason, horses are afraid of whip.

29. The mountains are high, the water is long, and the spirit of Zhida is strong.

30. Willing to die for everyone, not one.

31. Tigers are not afraid of mountains and fishes are not afraid of water depth.

32, chop firewood up the mountain, catch birds and trees.

33. Ning Rama to the good guys, not masters to the lazy ones.

34, I do n’t recognize people, I do n’t help people. I ca n’t help the water, I ca n’t cover the sky with my hands.

35, Cai will die if he has no intention, and will die if he has no intention.

36. There is no rain in January and no one is poor.

37. The tongue is long and the fact is iron.

38. Without three-point insurance, it is difficult to practice courage.

39, people are not big or small, horses are not high or low. People go to high places, water flows to low places.

40, Aspirant is not in his high age, and Aspirant is 100 years old.

41. Good tea is not afraid of fine products, and good things are not afraid of details.

42. Reason is not high, and there is something in front of you.

43, the road is uneven, everyone tramples; things are uneven, everyone cares.

44, interlacing is like separating mountains, interlacing does not separate.

45. Birds fly to the bright place, and people go to the high place.

46. Gu needs to be strong, and people have to be strong.

47. If you are not afraid of failing to learn, you will be afraid of being dishonest.

48. People have perseverance and everything can be achieved, people have no perseverance and everything collapses.

49. Hundred days with rain, there will always be sunny.

50. The sky does not produce useless people, and the land does not grow nameless grass.

51, 10,000 words can not eat enough, a pinch of water can quench thirst.

52. Good wine is not afraid of brewing, good people are not afraid of speaking.

53, cannibalism is soft, but people's reason is short.

54. Conquer the population with potential and convince people with reason.

55. Although the wooden ruler is short, the energy is huge.

56. Water is coming back, good people say it's not bad.

57. The casserole is not pounded or leaked, and the wood is not cut.

58. Vegetables can be eaten, bran can be eaten, qi can't be eaten; eating can be, wearing can be, not justified.

59. Only the gentleman will guard the door, not the villain.

60, Unreasonable flustered, rational and bold.

61, It is difficult to find the bottom of the water, the tiger is not dead.

62, I don't recognize people, I can't be afraid.

63. The grass cannot cover the eagle eyes, and the water cannot cover the fish eyes.

64. Rice is to be cooked and the speech is to be reasoned.

65, Feet can't run without rain, mouth can't be reasoned.

66, People are determined, and bamboo has festivals.

67, I'd rather have done it, don't miss it.

68. Don't be afraid when you are strong, not bully when you are weak.

69, The road that can't be completed, the reason is inexhaustible.

70. After some setbacks, I gain some insights.

71, Old beef has chewing head, old man speaks well.

72, The water is uneven, and the water is uneven.

73, You know a lot.

74. There are no days, no people.

75. The mountain is stepped up step by step, and the boat is shaken out.

76. Reasonable to tell the truth, irrational to say rude.

77. Rather do the poor's feet, don't be the treasure chairman.

78, would rather raise shoes for gentlemen, refused to share money with villains.

79, gentleman revenge, not too late in ten years.

80. Do things according to the law and speak well.

81, villain revenge, gentleman long mind.

82. It is better to look at a thousand studies than to practice a thousand.

83, The more you dig the well, the clearer the water; the more the matter, the clearer the reason.

84. Cast a net to scatter the head net, and open a sailboat to open the boat.

85, People start heart hair, tree root hair.

86, the old horse knows the number of roads, the old man is familiar with the world.

87. I only knew Yan Migui when I was in the house.

88. The crickets that have been eaten are not fragrant, and the chewed sugar cane is not sweet.

89. Old people do n’t talk about antiquity, and later generations will be outrageous.

90 、 Temporary strength lies in strength, and eternal victory or defeat lies in reason.

91. Good men do not fight for wealth and property, good women do not fight for marriage.

92, There is nothing difficult in the world, I'm afraid of someone who cares.

93, Do not touch the bottom of the pot, the hand is not black, and the hand is not greasy without holding the oil bottle.

94, the medicinal farmers went to the mountains to see the herbs, and the hunters went to the mountains to see the animals.

95, I'm not afraid of high mountains, I'm afraid of soft feet.

96, Dachai asked the coward, sailed to ask the grandfather.

97. No matter how high the waves are, they are also at the bottom of the ship.

98, Reasonable and not afraid of pressure to oppress, people are not afraid of crooked shadows.

99, the lights are not on, you need someone to dial; things are unknown, you have to say.

100, a good drum sounds as soon as it hits, and a good light turns on when it is pulled out.

101, it's not short, the mouth is not soft.

102, It's a snake cold, and a wolf is fishy.

103, three hundred and sixty rows, the number one champion.

104, I am not a master, I do n’t know Chai Migui; I do n’t have children, I do n’t know my parents ’grace.

105 、 People walk thousands of miles and win ten years of reading.

106, poor Mo loses his mind, rich Mo is crazy.

107, File more quick saws, and do more knowledge.

108, a good man is strong, and a good horse is brave.

109, As long as you are motivated, you are not afraid to be taken lightly.

110. People fight for energy, fire fights for flames, Buddha fights for incense.

111, good people argue, bad people argue.

112, eat rice, talk reasonably.

113, Ning is money to lose, not others.

114, ginger has a great spicy taste, and the elderly have more experience.

115, People rely on aspirations, Tigers rely on might.

116, People are afraid of lack of will, trees are afraid of lack of skin.

117, Water flows downwards, people compete for upstream.

118, Do not look at people who are kissed or not, it depends on how smooth or not.

119. Reasonable win, unreasonable loss.

120, Trees are afraid of rotten roots, people are afraid of ambition.

121, Grind the rice to grind the rice and speak reasonably.

122, make an inch, a reasonable foot.

123, Trees have many roots and many people are old.

124. Send back water and build up mud; after one thing, you will grow a wisdom.

125, the force is overwhelming, the boldness is scary.

126, People are afraid of being ignored, and dogs are afraid of pinching the tail.

127, I can't walk without a shadow, I can't talk about it.

128, The poor do not climb high relatives, do not climb high pier when it rains.

129, men have no ambition, blunt iron has no steel, women have no ambition, no grass and no seedlings.

130, prefer to be cold, not to be cold; rather, to be poor, not to be poor.

131, There are thousands of roads, only one.

132, I do n’t miss oral for three days, I do n’t do manual for three years.

133. Light does not practice fake handles, light exercises do not speak true handles, and even full band exercises with talk.

134, Grass does not sprout if it is unintentional, and people are underdeveloped if it is not.

135, The drums don't sound, the reason is unclear.

136, Wu Zhishan indented, and people with lofty intentions moved the mountain.

137, Hearing is false, Seeing is true.

138, gentleman revenge for three years, villain before revenge.

139, I can't speak for myself, the facts prove it.

140, Eat a loss, learn to be good.

141, I'm not sleeping, I don't know the width of the quilt.

142, People practice in the world, the knife is sharpened on the stone.

143, The mouth of the altar can be sealed, and the population cannot be sealed.

144, I would rather be an ant leg than a sparrow mouth.

145, There are days that can't go up, there are no levels that can't go through.

146. People must have a strong heart, and the tree must have a hard skin.

147, People's hearts are separated by the belly, and people see behavior.

148. There must be roads when there are mountains, and there must be crossings when there is water.

149, Xiu Cai starved to death without selling books, and strong men did not sell swords on the road.

150, it is better to be bitter than to be shameless.

1511, the first time is fooled, the second time is bright.

152, stay in the green hills, not afraid of no firewood.

153, There is no tree that cannot be felled, and there is no bell that cannot ring.

154, I'm afraid of not being on duty, not afraid of not being refined; I'm afraid of no permanence, not afraid of failure.

155, Rice is more than rice, people are more rational.

156, the tree was cut down with an axe, but not rationally said.

157, I'm not afraid of long roads, I'm afraid of short-term.

158, Jiuzhupo, not too steep.

159, Reasonable and not lost, Irrational and indisputable.

160, Zhigao Pingao, Zhixia Pingao.

161, No temper, no good man.

162, chop wood and chop small heads, ask the way to ask the old man.

163, You need to eat spicy seeds and spicy seedlings, and you need to eat carp to walk the Yangtze River.

164, The light is not on or off, the reason is unclear.

165, It ’s better to die than to ignore, rather to be poor than to fall behind.

166, Shan Gao has a climbing head, and a long road has a dashing head.

167, good guys don't eat stuffy heads, good birds don't drill into the woods.

168, Rather eat brows with porridge, don't eat frown rice.

169, Rope sawn wood broken, water dripping through the stone.

170, Boldness travels all over the world, timid and difficult to walk.

171, dishes are saltless and tasteless, words are irrational.

172, Reasonable travel all over the world, unreasonable.

173, There are only days that can't go up, there are no mountains that can't go up.

174, daring to ride a dragon, riding a tiger, timid to ride a cat, riding a rabbit.

175, The moon will not change the light, the arrow will not change the steel.

176, People are old and old, and poor and ambitious.

177, horses look at the teeth, people look at words and deeds.

178, Yi Li Tong, Bai Li Rong.

179, there are big carps swimming in the lake, not as good as small catfish on the table.

180, the tree is old and half hollow, and everyone is old.

181, Thinking rationally, rushing to talk irrationally.

182, If you do n’t launch, you wo n’t be able to swim for a lifetime; if you do n’t sail, you wo n’t be able to support a boat for a lifetime.

183, The ship is stable and not afraid of the wind, and it is reasonable to pass the world.

184, People who are not daring, but also have great strength.

185, People make sense, horses have reins.

186, Water falls on stones, seeing people's hearts for a long time.

187, Walking afraid of heavy rain, speaking afraid of failure.

188, All the bows in the world are curved, the principles of the world are straight.

189, Tiger is thin and ambitious, and people are not short of ambition.

190, I'm not afraid to go to the mountains when walking, and I'm not afraid to cross the dangerous beaches.

191, the tiger is not at a disadvantage, the eagle is not standing.

192. It ’s better to see it than to see it. It's better to do it.

193, Ambition is not in the high age, and reasonably absent will say.