Proverbs about struggle in life

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1. Without arduous study, there is no simplest invention.

2, no matter how long, you can walk step by step, no matter how short, you ca n’t reach it without opening your feet.

3 The most pitiful human nature is: we always dream of a wonderful rose garden in the sky, instead of appreciating the rose that opened in our window today.

4. There is no inherent confidence, only the confidence that is constantly cultivated.

5. Determined to be the door to your career, work is the journey to the door.

6. The old man fuxi, aspires to thousands of miles; martyrs in old age, strong heart.

7. It's only a moment that determines a person's life and the entire fate.

8. Knowing fish near the water, knowing the sound of birds near the mountain.

9. Don't brag about yourself or degrade yourself. Your actions are the most convincing.

10. Good steel should be used on the blade.

11. It is a sad psychology to have no ideal and indecision.

12, travellers, know more.

13. Interlace is like a mountain.

14. Steel is not refined or hard, soldiers are not trained or refined.

15. Hearing is virtual, and seeing is true.

16. Do it yourself, fruitful; talk empty words, nothing.

17. Don't leave the water for fishing and the mountain for firewood.

18. The ship relies on the rudder, the sail relies on the wind, and the sharp arrows depend on the strong bow.

19, see the mud in the legs only after the water.

20. Success is not only in the future, but continuously accumulated from the moment you decide to do it.