proverb about the big heat

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We all know that every solar term has a relationship proverb , we can understand some of the solar terms through these, then I have selected the proverbs of the summer heat for you, you know what are the solar term proverbs of the summer heat? Everyone can say a few casually. Interested friends to take a lookCome on, I hope everyone likes it.

Selected Proverbs of Great Heat

Hot summer, Tiantou Xie; cool summer, full water.

Xiaoshu doesn't see the sun, and Dashu opens the stones.

Xiaoshu and Dashu are not hot, Xiaohan is not cold.

There is no scorching heat in the summer, and the grains are not confined.

It's hot in summer and cool in autumn.

Great summer heat is overcast, gold is everywhere.

The summer heat is panicking, and there is no frost for four months.

Great heat and heavy rain, see frost every 100 days.

Great summer, hot summer, drowning mice.

The summer exhibition shows the autumn wind, and it becomes crazy after the autumn.

It's not hot in the summer and not cold in the winter.

Xiaoshu eats 黍, Dashu eats valley.

Xiaoshu is afraid of Dongfeng, and Dashu is afraid of Hongxia.

Small and hot summer, some rice is not willing to cook at home.

Summary : The arrival of the solar term means that the weather is also getting hotter and hotter. We should pay attention to preventing the heat and reducing the temperature as much as possible. But for crops, the temperature rises, the faster they grow.