proverb that foreshadows rain

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It rains in the night and it is sunny in the day, and there is nowhere to eat the food.

Jiuqing and fog must be cloudy, Jiuyu and fog must be sunny.

It's autumn and it's raining and harvesting there.

It's raining in autumn, and it's frost-free for 100 days.

Everything rains in the early autumn, everything is lost during the summer rain.

Dropping bubbles and showers.

The dragonfly flies low and goes out with a bucket bucket.

Ten fogs and nine clear weather.

Rainy and sunny, non-stop for days and nights.

The sun is here and there will be no meeting for three days.

It rains at night and it's sunny in the day, and there is nowhere to eat the food.

One bubble at a time, there is still heavy rain.

A bit of rain is like a spike, and it is not clear when it falls to the Ming Dynasty; a bit of rain is like a bubble, but it has not fallen to the Ming Dynasty.

A rainy mountain wears a cap, a rainless mountain has no waist.

The fish jumps out of the water and the storm comes.

Do not let the twists fall before the rain, don't let the twists fall after the rain.

Rain lays eggs and fell down to eat in the Ming Dynasty.

The rain is panting and the river is full.

Clouds go east, rain turns into wind, clouds go south, water ripples, clouds go west, and cloth goes down to the ground.

Wind and rain must be from the northeast.