proverb about sunny days

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There is no three-volt heat in the summer solstice, and it is rare to be overcast in the summer.

Jiuyu westerly wind, Jiuqing westerly wind

The morning glow doesn't go out, the evening glow travels thousands of miles

It rains in the morning on the day, and it rains until dawn in the evening.

Five in the rain and a sun puddle.

Warm south wind, cold north wind, wet east wind, dry west wind.

Long rain and cold wind sweep, Tianqing will be reliable.

Clouds are flying all over the sky, and the rain and snow keep falling.

Dark clouds cover the sky, heavy rain comes fast.

It's bright on rainy days, but it doesn't shine on the roof.

Magpies call out, go out to sunny day.

The mosquito bites strangely, the weather is going to get worse.

Moss floats in the river, and there is heavy rain.

Earthworm crawls on the road, rain is chaotic, crickets sing, the weather is fine

Long worm aisle, the sign of rain, toad wow, heavy rain is coming.