Proverb about Lixia

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1. In the summer season, it ’s early in the summer, and you can dig up the seedlings after checking and filling.

2. Grain and cotton crops are loose and loose, and the roots of the weeds are loose.

3. Rice planting is carried out in a surprise manner, and the season cannot be dragged.

4, corn and peanuts continue to grow, kenaf turmeric and sesame.

5. Plant loquats on the idle ground and plant sweet potatoes on the south slope and north depression.

6. Watering and flowering grouting water to prevent rust and wheat aphids.

7. Apples and pears are sparsely fruited, dense and appropriate, large fruits.

8. Prevent and control jujube in time, it is generally not appropriate to pass the beginning of summer.

9, cattle and donkeys and horses feeding well, strengthen the inspection of epidemic prevention,

10 、 Employees need to talk about science, and match strengths and weaknesses.

11. The piglet should move the big pigs, and it is better to let the sheep starry.

12. Stillwater carp running water, scientifically feeding fish, turtle and shrimp.

13. No one asked about falling flowers outside the door, green everywhere.

14. Spring contention day, summer contention time.

15. Lixia Mai's tooth decay, will be pulled in January.

16, one ear and two ears, one month into the store.

17. Mai Xiu shakes, Dao Xiu rains.

18. The wind is blooming, it is full; the rain is blooming, it is blind.

19, Li Xiamai grinned, can't run out of water.

20. Maiwang rains in April, not as follows in March and March.

21, inch wheat is not afraid of ruler water, ruler wheat is afraid of inch water.

22. It's cool in the summer, and the wheat harvest is strong.

23. It is cloudy before and after the beginning of summer, and it also produces honey bugs wheat aphids and jaundice rust.

24, it is dry before and after the beginning of the summer, the fire dragon is often indispensable the fire dragon refers to the red spider.

25. Wind-induced fire dragon mist causes jaundice.

26. Maibal Festival, the moth comes, the wheat is pregnant, the worm comes out refers to the slime bug.

27. The small surface flowering insect grows up and destroys the larvae in Lixia. The peas stand in summer and one branch per night.

28, Lixia big potato.

29, Qingming Kariya rain flowers, sweet potatoes planted before and after the summer.

30, Lixia Sesame Xiaomangu.

31, Lixia's Corn Valley Rain Valley.

32, Lixia kind of mung bean.

33, Ditou Yantou Bawotou, spring sesame seeds autumn oiling.

34. From the season to the beginning of the summer, first plant the shuttlecock and then hemp.

35, colostrum before and after the beginning of summer.

36, Lixia seed hemp, seven branches and eight branches.

37. Before and after the beginning of summer, grow some melon and beans.

38. Ginger is planted in the summer, and the maiden is harvested in the summer solstice.

39, Lixia planted rice, Xiaomanshu sesame seeds.

40, April rice transplanting early rice Gumancang, rice transplanting in May light.

41. Plant shallow first, then deep, and three or five spring seedlings are planted.