Inspirational proverb about solidarity and cooperation

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Truth is like a valley long and long,

The lie is as thin and short as a voles ear.

Although my father and brother became enemies,

Clan blood is still gold.

It's his fault not to be with one person

It is a pity to disagree with everyone.

Alive with each other,

It's better to die in harmony.

If the father and son at home have bones,

Gesar soldiers are not afraid to come.

Hundreds of people can work together

Helpless villains.

Ichiki fire,

It's hard to be alone for a job.

A lone tree cannot make a forest.

Water flows without drying up

People will meet without being buried.

A strip of leather cut from the skin,

A slice of meat cut from a piece of meat.

pool water without source

A hero without a partner.

Don't go to the fight,

It's time to go to the oiling place.

Neighbor wants nothing,

A wood firewood is placed along the roof.

Dogs and children can cause trouble.

There are no people who don't need to ask,

There is no need to go.

Do it yourself,

Others put themselves in their place.

The enemies also fight in heaven

Relatives and friends are also at peace in the ghost realm.

Red fire comes from different,

Green smoke gathers together.

A fish is dead without water.

Fire self-extinguishes,

Smoke disappears.

Let's eat hilltop grass together,

Drinking the river water together in sad times.

To dance outside,

First rehearsal internally.

Although the appearance is different,

Inner heart must be the same.

Do not do business between close relatives

Mobi fell in love with friends.

If you can remember it in your heart

Pea wine is sometimes fermented.

Although wool is soft,

A lion can be tied into a rope.

The cow in the neighborhood is dead,

Sorrow for three days.

horse racing together

The tower canopy faces the door.

Eat 糌粑, regardless of you and me,

Drink tea and enjoy together.

People need me,

I need someone.

No matter how you look at it, or your loved ones,

Although another door is opened, the roof is connected.

Be gentle, you can turn your enemies into friends,

Roughness can be boring to parents.

I think like a silver mirror

There is no need to wipe the mirror to clear it.

Someone needs to be in charge of the year of the flower.

If Murakami wants to be at ease,

Villagers need to be attentive.

love children, love

Look at parents and discord.

If a hundred cows can cluster,

Hundred wolves can only cry.

Everyone gathers into a group,

The beasts gather together to form a group.

Although the angles are different,

I think the same thing.

Even if you are Gesa

It is best to reconcile.