Aesthetic sentences about life

1. If life is just the first time you see, why is Qiufeng sad painting fan? In this lonely autumn, I have no color to paint you who the Qing emperor loves, but only bloody dyed peach blossoms and the heaviest dream.In the middle of the night, I did n’t complain at the end of tears and rain. I used to talk about it at midnight and the night was cold. Now the tears are choked and it ’s difficult to look back.Chuan's only you.

2. Feelings are the same as time and ca n’t go back. No matter who was turning around and looking back, it ’s no longer the point of time and space. Instead of saying to yourself: it ’s always a shallow relationship, it ’s better to say it to yourself:Let go of the past and let yourself go.

3. Being single means you have enough strength and patience to wait for the one who deserves you. There is always a person who can't let go once he meets. Everything that I experienced before I met was to wait and meetEverything you have to experience afterwards is for mutual protection. One day when that person walks into your life, you will understand that true love is always worth waiting for.

4. Those who don't take pride in themselves are humiliated. Those who don't take pride in themselves take trouble. Those who don't take pride in themselves benefit.

5. There are two major joys in life. One is to have a fine taste afterwards, and the other is to be extremely fulfilled in the pursuit. Some people have a hard life for pleasure, and some people have a whole life for rest. People alwaysConstantly pursuing beauty, but often miss the beauty of the moment. In fact, greed is the most real poverty, and satisfaction is the most real wealth.

6. If a relationship does not make you a better person, then I regret that you chose the wrong person.

7. Time is for everyone who heals trauma. But it is by no means a master of governance

8. The most painful words in the world are: "I love you, but ..." The sweetest words in the world are: "... but, I love you."

9. It ’s too much distress, but we do n’t understand life; it ’s not too little happiness, but we do n’t understand.

10. I was still waiting for that person. The moment you saw him, everything was preset, feelings and impressions were all in place, just waiting for you to touch the daylight switch. Every sentence you sayHe understands everything, and he understands any topic. As soon as you explain the keywords, he feels the direction. That is a grand miracle. This person is at the same latitude and longitude as you. God says that with light, there is light.The other god.

11. In the face of the power of habit, there is only one way to stay honest, and that is to be honest, and the only way to guard the noble is-noble.

12. After suffering failure and frustration, I learned to be tough; when suffering misunderstandings and grievances, I learned to be tolerant; after experiencing loss and parting, I learned to cherish.

13. Someone hurts you, but you forgive him. Someone betrays you, but you want to recover. Someone doesn't love you, but you please him. Why should you wrong yourself for love? A person who loves you truly will never be rightYou are suddenly cold and hot; if a person really wants to chase you, he will never play ambiguous with you; if a person really wants to marry you, he will never make a random commitment. There is no such thing Love It requires you to give up your dignity and practice yourself. Rather than humble love, it is better to choose single.

14. Never doubt my love for you, even if I am so old that I forget my name, I will never forget you.

15. Believe in this forever: everything will change, no matter how traumatized you may be, and you will be as poor as you are, you must stick to it. The sun will rise and the unfortunate days will always end. The past isThis will be the case in the future.

16. Many people grit their teeth and struggle, hoping to be happy after success. Think about it, you and I spend most of your life in "completion", only for a very short time, "completion"State. If you are happy until you finish things, then you and I are destined to be happy. The true EQ masters are not happy after completing things. On the contrary, they are happy to complete things. Happiness is urgent.

17. I believe that the place that can be reached in a dream will one day be reached in footsteps.

18. The only thing in this world that can be eternal is not time, not love; not life, not hate; not wounds, not pain; not memories, not tears. The only thing that can be eternal is the past that happened. BecauseIt happened, so it won't change again.

19. You can feel the richness of the world only when you are abundant, the beauty of society when you are kind, you can feel the joy of life when you are open, and you can realize the spectacular life when you are successful.

20. There are two realms of doing things. One is the utilitarian realm. Things and related interests are the sole purpose, so you must be full of anxiety and calculation when doing things. The other is a moral realm, no matter what you do,They all take spiritual gains more importantly, doing things is only a means of spiritual cultivation and perfection, and the real purpose is to be a person. Because of this, when you do things, you have a calm mentality and broad climate. When you do things, you are a person.

21. Love is a sun shining in the winter. It makes people in needy and sick feel the warmth of the world. Love is a spring that appears in the desert. It makes people on the brink of despair see the hope of life again.

22. The package is the magnificent shell of the house, the package is the gorgeous sun umbrella on the ugly woman's hand, and the package is a cat step on the stage.

23. Life is white painting paper, each of us is an artist holding various colored pens; life is also a long road with no end in sight, each of us is a hiker on the road to life; life is like a magicLand, each of us is a farmer with farm tools; but life is more like an incomprehensible book, and each of us is a tireless Shulang.

24. Regret is an emotionally exhausting emotion. Regret is greater loss than loss and greater error than mistake, so don't regret it.

25. The MPF is left to the children and grandchildren, the children and grandchildren may not be able to keep it; the book to the children and grandchildren may not be able to read. It is better to accumulate Yinde in the underworld, which is also a treasured heirloom.

26. Actually, I do n’t have to wait for you, but just wait, I ca n’t wait for others.

27. Emotions are the same as time. Ca n’t go back. Not at the time. Who turned first. Then looks back. It ’s not the original point of time and space. Rather than saying to itself: it ’s always shallow. It ’s better to be deep in yourselfSay: let go of the past. Let go of itself

28. You can care nothing about love when you are in love. As long as you want, as long as I have, because I love you, so I am willing. Once the feelings have calmed down, there will be continuous calculations in my heart, why I paidMore than you; why can I give you everything, but you have to hide something ... and then the cold war, quarrels, break up, reconciliation, the cold war. The one who has been through is the hand of the holder, and the one who cannot walk can only remember the original.