Aesthetic sentences about time passing

1. Count down the leaves in front of the door, listen to the sound of rain outside the window, the sound of passing through the water this time, whether your wet heart is still wet.

2. Standing in the cold wind of the winter, the snow flakes are wrapping up this cold city in a row. Thinking of the sincere pricelessness that passed away, I can't help crying.

3. You walk in the rain, you never make an umbrella; you have your own sky, it never rains.

4. In those years, no matter what angle you read from, you are perfect, and your missing part has already been filled by my imaginary brush.

5. Looking back, the days are full of colorful lights and shadows. In the barriers of memory, the sounds of the heart that have once moved have gradually disappeared.

6. The past is a dream sealed in memory, and you are my only distinct memory. The drops of water on the green leaves are the tears of miss.

7. Believe that the beautiful life is an elegy without words, the loneliness that has passed through the heart, has already become ice, and you are the most beautiful note of this season.

8. Drinking thoughts, drunk when you drink, read the sad moonlight with all your enthusiasm when drunk. So, the moon is drunk, the night is drunk, I am also drunk.

9. Who is drunk with me and the moon, worrying in the sunset.

10. When you melt into the Milky Way, you will illuminate the sky with Anji and Mingyue as companions; if you are not in the grass, you will smile and dye the green earth together with the breeze. In this way, you can be regarded as being kind to your life and not losing your life.

11. Her sad and beautiful face is a poem that I never tire of reading in my life.

12. Love is a concern, no matter where the steps go, the heart is tied to the cape of the hair.

13. What can't be lacking in life is rainy nights—pattery land, rainy nights alone. In such rainy nights, there are tears in the sky, tears in the candle. There are tears in the sky, and the tears in the candle are tangible.It is a little silent and invisible tears.

14. Cloud-like thoughts floated over and over, eventually falling on my palm. Gorgeous like Nixia, sorrow like morning fog. I can see you clearly, you can see me clearly, we are on the same horizon, Dreaming different dreams, my dreams are as white as flowers, and your dreams are as red as sunset.

15. The days of childhood, chasing and laughing, flowed like a cloud of water in my journey of life.

16. I used to dream about swimming in the sea under the sun, and the horizon was wide.

17. Don't let others linger in your footsteps and crush your dreams for tomorrow. There is no endless feast in the world. Maybe this world is only dim.

18. Missing is a happy sorrow, is a kind of sweet sadness, is a kind of warm pain. Missing is the long precipitation of yesterday and the longing for a better future. It is also because of missing thatWith the joy of long-term reunion, we have unexpected surprises, and we have toasts when friends and relatives meet.

19. I often think that memory is the easiest thing to blur, and it will fade away in the passage of time.

And the tedious day-to-day flip of middle school life also fades away.

The ones that are engraved are only a few of them, and they are unbreakably stuck in the memory.

20. In the rapids of life and the world, he will inevitably dance like a last dead leaf falling from a tree in the beginning of winter, solitary and aimlessly dancing in the afterglow of the west wind.

21. On a cold winter night, the lonely wandering moon on the day told me how to paint the most beautiful scenery in my heart, and I no longer complain about why there are always too many regrets in life, noSigh again, the end of life is always light smoke.

22. A person walks in the dusk of the city, and the loneliness is dragged by the setting sun into a hunting flag, waving in the surrounding twilight. Walking in the rush of people, he suddenly finds that he has lost his way. On the streets of a foreign land,Suddenly, I longed so eagerly for you to come in, hold my hand, and accompany me on a dark road.

23. In this world, some roads have to be faced by oneself, and trek alone.

24. Who has slid through my fingers for thousands of years, who has repeatedly asked if you have forgotten me and waited for you to use up all my sorrow, but you have desolation in your eyes that I do not understand

25. Life is a lifetime, white clouds are lingering, how many vicissitudes and tears have drifted away; life is short and sweaty, and how many past memories and memories are deposited.

26. The dull and dreary air suffocates my young heart and twines my flying wings.

27. My boy's days are lonely, lonely makes me think cold now, only the monotonous shadow sees Liu Lan with me, listens to the pine wind, and smells the flowers.

28. Spoil the years in the colorful soap bubbles of hope, wasting your youth.

29. A lonely tree under a lonely moon, this is an unattainable charm.

30. It is difficult to sleep every night, tears every day, tears drown the sun and the moon, confuse the sky, and it is impossible to restore the lost years and return to the original net park.

31. I think, I will also set up a fishing rod, the story of fishing alone.

32. Loneliness is a helpless choice. Loneliness is because no suitable companion is found. Loneliness is the relief behind loneliness. The process of loneliness is a process of seeking true love.

33. Bland but not mediocre, mundane and calm, thinking about living in an outlier, solitary solitude, pursuing creation, farsightedness, dim light.

34. Love the end of the song after the bustling scene. It seems to be Annie's

35. I like the quietness and depression after years of precipitation.

36. All I can do now is to sacrifice my elapsed years with a poor text. I used this sentence many times in the previous text, haha

37. I am blue, the music is melodious, my mood is transparent, my soul is flying.

38. In the tracks of others, I saw that I had been so serious, so devout, but with a very sad footprint. I wanted to cry when I thought that I had traveled all this way. Guo Jingming, Khan!

39. The torrent of years has swept away youth and away the years, all that is left is a scarred body shell that was deeply imprinted by the years, and a vicissitude of heart.

40. The sun's light is far better than the moon, but the sun can always be alone, and the moon is accompanied by stars. In all things in the world, the sun is the most lonely.

41. The eternal beauty, the lotus sun setting, in the end, they are all just old-fashioned and old, returning to the mountains. The only thing that can truly be beautiful and eternal in my heart is the momentary memory. From "Martial Arts"

42. Youth companionship, I have already been, it is gratefulness, satisfaction, no regrets.

43. Life is sometimes light as wind, light as water, sometimes thick as oil, strong as wine.

44. When you come out of the confusion of life one day, looking back in the sunset, the crooked, stumbling steps behind you will constitute a precious glimpse of your life ring, always thinking about it will make you infiniteImpressive and infinitely gratifying, lingering in mind.

45. Mediocre makes people go a long way. Like

46. The distant distance makes my acacia gray, and the interval between yin and yang makes me want to cry without tears.

47. There is no perfect article in the world, just like there is no downright despair in the world. The first sentence of a novel by Haruki Murakami

48. Thank God for making me lonely and endure the suffering of the soul. Some lyrics of the Zero Band

49. Maybe after the end of the song, leave, leave, forget, but when the melody is the best, thank God for letting us be together.

50. With the siege of time, my pace is getting heavier and slower and slower. Time seems to push me to the dead end and put me into the Jedi. I ca n’t save anything. I can only endure the pain and move forward step by step.go.

51. At a certain time, the people around me are leaving. When one by one is getting familiar and leaving faster and faster, I find that it has been a long time since I met someone who was with me. It seems to be Han Han's

52. In fact, when someone plays other people, they are unconsciously revealing themselves.

53. The sun of my childhood in my memory has fallen from the caves and valleys of memory. If you remember correctly, it is from Kong Qingdong's "Floor 407, 28th Floor"

54. Spring is the season of high incidence of death, but the immortal soul can always pass the tide of time and stand on the other side of eternal life. It is also from Kong Qingdong. It is also quoted in the latter part of the sentence. For details, see "Destined to pass by earth", haha

55. Those cities that are always facing the sky, those that have washed away their beauty.

56. Always in the old songs, I will fully realize my warmth. In my golden years, accompanied by simple old songs, I am also accompanied by real sadness and joy.

57. I love travel so devotionly, and I hate imprisonment so much.

58. The neon neglect of the city is reflected in my gray pupil, and it seems even more defeated.

It should be in the bud 59. Those things we thought we would never forget, were forgotten by us every year. Meng Bu, Liu Lina

60. Our heart is already dead at the most flowery moment like Guo Jingming's style

61. Forgive me for my messy text, forgive me for my broken time.

62. Who is the passenger and who is the embellishment of life between the street lamp and me?

63. I have been dying for a hundred years, and burned with a smile for a hundred years, just waiting for the reunion with your ash fly annihilation, because your happiness is all the belief in my life.

64. People should be a little far-sighted, so that they can save themselves and let their hearts and peace be there.

65. Life commands you happiness and despair.

66. Because of the word love, let it go, because it let it go, so it works.

67. When you think of a stunning trip, the woman who turned away is already old. Only the memory stays like fog, and the time that passes is the woman who went away. Like

68. When he turned around, I saw the back of an old man. I know that time is getting old.

69. River is a sad symbol in my memory. "Prose"

70. For a while, I've been drifting in the story, like a piece of grass.

71. It's like a black-and-white movie played back in the background of the river.

72. Seeing a kind of light and degeneration from her eyes, seeing the time flashing back, as glorious as a butterfly.

73. The journey back home has countless seasons and countless falling experiences.

74. As I grew up, I saw that I deviated from the true trajectory, and it started with a lie.

75. In fact, every flower has its own life. When the flower withers, it is the end of its life, and its seed is the continuation of its life, and it continues to bear the wind in this world.Withstand the rain and face another cycle.

76. A person's early years of habit, even if the dust of years is covered up and covered up, still have to be exposed from time to time.

77. Will the youth flowing quietly still hurt?

78. I feel that something in my life is also quietly driving along the track.

79. It's dark all around. Dear, I have nothing. Top

80. How can I wait until sunrise for a candle blown by the wind in the dark?

81. We fear the cemetery, even though we travel day and night.

82. Occasionally, I stand alone in the wilderness at dusk and preside over the sunset funeral for you.

83. For human beings, friendship is an exchange behavior. Without the next exchange, friendship will not continue. A master said, after careful consideration, it is very agreeable, some people may disagree

84. Childhood, only when it appears in the memories, can it be perfect.

85. Memories can keep away from the dull, can make the dull days betray the reality and make a surpassing flight.

86. The city at night is like a flower that is about to wither, trying to open up the last ray of beauty.

87. In a place far away from familiar cities and crowds, the soul is no longer bound by anything.

88. When a person likes a child, he is no longer a child.

89. Life, there will always be some evocative blanks.

90. The train is so close to us and far away from us. It looks like there is expectation in the middle and some time destined for life. "Prose"

91. The same day and again and again, if there are no creases left, maybe there will be an illusion.

92. I think that no matter how old I am, I am always a kind man, a song, a leaf, and a stream of water are all fragments of my sorrow. Everyone's every move, smile, and slap will make meInvoluntarily sinks into a vast thought journey.

93. Youth is just a splurge, we are together, we are together without beginning and end.

94. Youth is a wind that occasionally slips by, and inadvertently, it has blown my tears. It is still Guo Jingming's style

95. I don't think I will be alone because I still have music. I think I will always be alone because I only have music.

96. I put down my pen and gently close my Diary The whole year was closed gently by me in the afternoon, and ended. Used twice in the diary, meaning the end of two years