Quotes of patriotic celebrities

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1. Anger rushes to the crown, and Xiaoyu rests on the fence.

2, Weibei dare not forget to worry about the country. ——Lu You

3, Mo is idle and sorrowful.

4.Look up, look up, grow up, and grow strong.

5. Daytime singing must be indulged, and youth can be returned to hometown.

6. Who hasn't died since ancient times, and stays at home forever .—— Wen Tianxiang

7, bow all the way, just after death.-Zhuge Liang

8, when the courtier hates, when it will die!

Clouds and moons at 9, 800 miles.

10. The business woman does not know the hatred of the country, and still sings the backyard flowers across the river.-Du Mu

11, the survivors teared into the dust of Hu Chen, Wang Shi of the south for another year.-Lu You, "Autumn night will dawn, I feel cool when I walk out of the fence"

12. I knew everything was dead, but I ca n’t see Kyushu ’s sorrow. Wang Shibei settled on the Central Plains Day, and the family sacrifice was never forgotten .---- Lu You

13, a few days in the north sea tour, return to the Yangtze River.

14, Jingkang Shame, Still Wei Xue;

15. Reporting death to the state, Shuangshou Xiangren is no longer young.-Lu You

16. Worry and worry before the world, joy and happiness after the world.-Fan Zhongyan

17. The sword was suddenly received outside Jibei, and I heard my tears full of clothes.

18. The heart is a magnetic needle, and the party will not rest without a guide.-Wen Tianxiang's "Yangtze River"

19, but looking at his wife's sorrow, the scrolls of poetry are ecstatic.

20 、 Those who hide things are fortunate and harmful to the people, and things that are beneficial to the country are avoided though they are dead. —— Lu Kun

21, Died to the country and died, ignoring death.-Cao Zhi

22, Aspiring Hulu Meat

23, Driving a long car breaks through Helan Mountain.

24, 30 thousand miles east of the river into the sea, thousands of babies step into the sky.

25, laugh about thirsty drinking Xiongnu blood.

26, that is, crossing the Wuxia from the Baxia, then descending from Xiangyang to Luoyang.-Du Fu, "Wen Guanjun collected Henan and Hebei"

27, thirty-five famous dust and soil,

28, National shame is not snow, why did you become famous?-Li Bai

29, Guoer forgets home, public ear forgets .—— Ban Gu .

30. Wait to clean up the old mountains and rivers and look up to the sky .—— Yue Fei "Man Jiang Hong"

31. How great is the power of patriotism! In front of it, what is the love of human beings and the fear of suffering? In front of it, what is the person itself! ——CernySevsky

32. Gou Li's life and death, why do you avoid it because of misfortune?-Lin Zexu

33. The sound of wind, rain, reading sounds, earrings, national affairs and family affairs are all matters of concern.-Gu Xiancheng