Celebrity quotes describing friendship

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Knowing each other knows your heart. Balzac's Country Doctor

It is often our friends who make us wrestle.-Hugo "Notre Dame de Paris"

A true and very sane friendship is the most precious priceless treasure in life. Gorky's "Quotations from the World"

Friendship in adversity can relieve adversity .—— Shakespeare's "The Insult of Lucris"

Use the rake of friendship to eradicate the seeds of hostility and hatred, and then plant a harmonious tender in the original place.-Dickens "Antique Shop"

With friends, life shows its full value; a person lives for a friend; keeps his life intact, not eroded by time, but also for friends. ——Roman Roland "John Christopher"

In terms of friendship, the world seems to be a small vendor, it can only sell friendship sporadically .—— Roman Roland's "Mother and Son"

Friendship is not like a mushroom, it can't be found in the woods; child! It grows in the heart.-Gorky's "Matevi Koremkin's Life"

We should not maintain friendship at any cost, so that it is tarnished. If friendship must be sacrificed for greater love, then there is no way; but if it can be maintained, then it can be trueHas reached the perfect state.-Tagore "Gora"

Earth, I was a stranger when I came to your shore, a guest when I lived in your house, and a friend when I left your door.-Tagore's "Bird Collection"