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Confucius Philosophy :

Meals and food, drink water, bend the humerus and pillow, music is also in it. Injustice is rich and expensive, like a cloud.

Xianxuan, back! A quick meal, a spoonful of drink, in the back alley, people are very worried. They will not change their pleasure. Xianxuan, back!

Scholars are committed to the Tao, and shameful and evil eaters are not enough to discuss it.

Rich and noble are what people want; if you do n’t follow the way, you do n’t get anything. Poverty and lowness are the things you want; if you do n’t know the way, you do n’t get anything.

Wealth can be sought, although I am a whip man. If not, please do what I want.

Have fun coming from afar?

See Li Siyi, see Dangerous Order.

Cultivate yourself to respect ... Cultivate yourself to reassure others ... Cultivate yourself to reassure the people.

You can support a six-foot solitary, you can send a hundred miles of life, and you ca n’t take it when it is a big festival.

Zhishi Renren, no one survives to harm the benevolent, but kills the body to become benevolent.

Jun Yuji died without a name.

Fuda is also straightforward and righteous. Observe and observe the color, consider the following people. Gentleman is not proud, villain is not proud.

A gentleman is easy and difficult to say Yue, saying Yue is inconsistent, and not saying Yue.

The gentleman's career is also true.

The son is said to be born. There are four ways for a gentleman: he is respectful in his own deeds, respectful in his affairs, he is also good at raising people, and he is righteous.

Gentlemen do not fight, groups do not party.

Gentlemen are better than others, villains are better than others.

Gentlemen are open-minded, villains are often indifferent.

The benevolent is not worried, the knower is not confused, the brave is not afraid.

Do it for your benefit, and complain.

Seeking benevolence and benevolence, no matter how resentful.

Quality wins Wen Zeye, Wen Sheng wins history. Wen Zhibin Bin, then gentleman.

A gentleman seeks the way and does not seek food, ... the gentleman is worried about the way but not the poor.

French words, can you care? It is expensive to change them. Whatever you say, you can say nothing to you? It is expensive. You ca n’t change it, so you do n’t change it. See what is right.Nothing is worse than seeing bad soup.

A gentleman is respectful and accommodating, and Jiashan is not good enough.

Living with a gentleman, not a gentleman!

Be a man :

You ca n’t stand without rituals.

Hate to others as you please.

I want to stand up to others, I want to reach up to people.

It is far-fetched to be self-confident and blameless.

Seeing wise and thinking together, seeing unkind and introspecting.

Three people must have my teacher, choose the one who is good and follow it, and change the one who is not good.

My Three Provinces: Myself: Doing Loyalty for People? Believe in Friendship? Not Passing on?

Respectfully, dear dear, loyal to others.

A gentleman is respectful and respectful, courteous and courteous, and everywhere in the world,

Faithful, respectful, albeit savage, demonstrative. Loyal, faithful, respectful, albeit in the state, almost decent?

Confucius said: The one who can do five things is benevolent in the world. Excuse me. Say: Gong, Kuan, Xin, Min, and Hui. Gong is not insulting, Kuan is the crowd, letter is Ren Ren, and Min is active,Benefit is enough to make people.

A gentleman is righteous, he is good in courtesy, he is good in the sun, he is good in the letter. He is a gentleman!

It is too much to live without changing!

If you do, change it in a hurry.

Don't get angry, don't make it over.

The three armies can be handsome, and the husband can't be a loser!

A person who has no far-reaching concerns must have near-term concerns.

If you do n’t want to hurry, you do n’t see small benefits. If you hurry, you do n’t reach;

Scientists must be honest and hard-working, and have a long way to go. Benevolence should be regarded as their own responsibility, not too important? After dying, not too far?

Being stubborn but not stubborn, you can't do anything, you can't die.

I believe in speaking and speaking.

Friendship with text, friendship with Yiyou.

Three friends for the benefit, three friends for the loss. Friendship straight, friendliness, friends hear more, benefit 矣. Friends will be easy, friendly and gentle, friends will be 佞, damage 矣. Gentleman wants to be quick and quick.

A gentleman has no food to eat, no peace, no cleverness to words, but careful words, there is a way and a righteousness, it is good to learn.

clever words.

Clever words make you feel good.

Gang, Yi, Mu, Na Jinren.

Those who have virtues must educate, those who have words do not need to develop morals.

Listen to what he says and watch what he does.

Jun Yu doesn't talk about people and doesn't talk about them.

The ancients couldn't say anything, they didn't catch their shame.

A gentleman's name must be true, and what he says is feasible. A gentleman knows nothing about what he says.

Words that can be spoken but not spoken, are degrading; words that are not spoken and spoken, are deafened. Those who know do not deceive, and do not deaf.

Impatience is said to be beyond words, hidden from words but not from words, and there is no such thing as color.

Good people are hard to learn, and their cover is also foolish; good knowledge is not easy to learn, their cover is also foolish; good faith is not easy to learn, their cover is also a thief; good straight is not easy to learn, their cover is also twisted;Chaos; it ’s hard to learn, and its cover is crazy. Respectful and rude is toil, cautious and rude is foolish, courageous and rude is chaotic, straight and rude is twisted.

Mr. King, respect his affairs before eating.

For courtesy, peace is expensive.

Do it for your benefit, and complain.

Confucius Study :

Knowing is knowing, knowing is not knowing, knowing is also.

I cover the author without knowing it, I have nothing to do with it. Hear more, choose the good one and follow it; know more about it.

Saint Zewu ca n’t, I do n’t tire of learning and I do n’t tire of teaching.

If you fail to learn, you may lose it.

Sensitive and easy to learn, shamelessly ask.

To ask if you ca n’t, not to ask too much; if there is n’t, if it ’s true, you do n’t commit to school.

Revel in poetry, stand in ceremony. Become happy.

Aspiring to the Tao, according to Yu De, relying on benevolence, playing in art.

No anger, no anger, no fuss, no fuss, no fuss, no fuss.

The one who knows is not as good as the one who is good, the one who is worse than the one who is happy.

I do n’t eat all day, I do n’t sleep all night, I do n’t think, it ’s useless, I ’d rather learn.

If you do n’t learn without thinking, then you do n’t.

Everyone who is evil will find out about you; everyone who is good will look at you.

Learn from time to time, don't you care?

You can learn from the old and know the new, you can be a teacher.

Rizhi knows where he died, and Yueyue forgets what he can do. It ’s easy to learn.

If you do n’t learn poetry, you ca n’t speak.

Poetry can be prosperous, can be viewed, can be group, can be resentment. The father of sorrow, the distant prince; know more about birds and animals.

People without constant, can not be a witch doctor.

There are no classes.

I'll take care of the above by myself, I haven't tasted nothing wrong.

Politics :

The politician is also positive, the commander is correct, how dare you not correct?

If you are wrong, then you will be served; if you are wrong, you will not be convinced.

The son kills the political servant? The son wants to be good and the people are good. The gentleman's virtue, the villain's grass, and the wind on the grass must die. He doesn't seek summer, he doesn't mess with China, he doesn't want to take alliances., Bing is not forced.

The morals of the Tao, the punishment of the Qi, the shame of the people; the morals of the Tao, the courtesy of Qi, shame and qualification.

If you give a good gift, then the people will not be disrespectful; if you are good, you will not accept it: if you give a good letter, you will not show affection.

Cautiousness, far-sightedness, and moral virtues.

Do not teach and kill the abuse of a predicate; do n’t abstain from treating a predicate as a violent; slowly order a thief that is due to a predicate;

Because of politics and virtue, such as Beichen, they live in the same place and the stars share it.

Going right, what does it mean to be in politics? You ca n’t straighten yourself, like a right person?

The country of the thousand times, respects and believes, saves and loves others, and makes the people take time.

If you go out to see a big guest, you will make the people like a big offering.

A worker who wants to be good at his work must first sharpen his tools. He is a state, a wise man who is a doctor, a benevolent man who is friendly.

Ordinary people are enough, and the monarch is inadequate?

A gentleman's trip also goes to courtesy. Giving, taking the thick; doing things, lifting them; converging, keeping them thin.

Jun Yuhui pays nothing, labor without resentment, desire without greed, Thai without pride, prestige but not fierce. For the benefit of the people, Sri Lanka does not benefit but not bother?Who is complaining? If you are benevolent and benevolent, then you are greedy? A gentleman has no widows, no big ones, no daring to be slow, and he is not arrogant but proud.Fearful, Sveta is not powerful but fierce?

The policy of civil and military affairs is in Fang Ce. If the people live, then their political actions will be carried out; if they die, the political interest will be .... Therefore, politics is in the people.

The ambassadors to the court. The courts to the court to loyalty.

Zilu asks the prince. Ziri: "Don't deceive, but commit it.

If his body is right, he will not do it; if he is not right, he will not do it.

Abandoning people's war is to abandon it.

Knowing that Ren ca n’t keep it, although it gains, it must be lost. Knowing that Ren can keep it, if you do n’t make it, then the people are disrespectful. Knowing that Ren can keep it, Zhuang is here, moveIt is impolite, and not good.

Make the people respect, loyalty, and persuasion. What is it? Zi said: When you respect Zhuang, respect, filial piety, then loyalty. If you ca n’t teach good, you ca n’t.

It ’s not lenient, it ’s disrespectful, it ’s not mourning to be mournful, why do we look at it!