Integrity of famous celebrities quotes

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1. People can't stand up without trust.

2. Law-abiding and conscientious people will not steal even if there is an urgent need. However, even if a thief is given millions of dollars, he can't expect him to never steal or steal .—— Crellohusband

3. Hand in hand to build integrity and promote the legal system with heart to heart.

4. Sincerity is an open mind ------ La Rochefoucauld

5. Sincerity is the highest virtue in life——Qiao Qiao

6. If you want others to be honest, you must first be honest-Shakespeare

7. Those who do not believe, do not succeed --- Mozi

8. I would rather get the attack of a hundred enemies with sincerity than the praise of ten friends with hypocrisy.

9. If morals are corrupted, fun will inevitably fall.-Diderot

10. Life requires integrity, and happiness can only be achieved with integrity.

11. The truth is that half is often a big lie-Franklin

12. Concealing truth is to lie to yourself.

13. Sincerity and simplicity are the precious qualities of genius ------ Stanislavsky

14. Weak-minded people must not be honest.-La Rochevli

15. Reward and punishment are clear, market economy stresses integrity and one penalty is ten; leniency is moderate, and the legal system and social security are stable for correction and correction.

16.Be honest, be faithful; Law must be respected, and governance must be strict.

17. Man cannot live like a beast, but should pursue knowledge and virtue.-Dante

18. Breaking faith is failure --- Zola

19. Establish integrity and fashion, and rule the Great Wall by law.

20. Life cannot bloom brilliant flowers from lies.

21. Losing integrity is tantamount to the enemy destroying himself.-Shakespeare

22, Faithfulness and honesty, can only be diligent in administration. Law is good at governing, and people can be harmonious.

23. If anyone loses money, he just loses what he can get again. If anyone loses integrity, he loses what he will never get again.

24. I would like to prove that anyone who behaves kindly and noble will certainly be able to bear the trouble because of it.-Beethoven

25. Without letter, people are in danger.

26. I am convinced that only ethical citizens can pay acceptable salute to their motherland.-Rousseau

27. Dishonesty is an openness of the mind.-La Rochefoucauld

28. Those who touch sincerity, everyone should be sincere .—— Cheng Yi

29. Honesty is the most important thing in a century of life, and the country is prosperous according to the law.

30. What a liar gets, even if it is straightforward, no one believes it.-Aesop

31. I ask others to be honest, I have to be honest myself.

32. The acquaintance of people is worth knowing; the acquaintance of people is worth knowing. Mencius

33. All effective work is based on a certain integrity.

34, Trustworthy Miles is too close, without an inch, it is difficult to walk.

35. People should be clear in wisdom, morally innocent, and physically clean.-Chekhov

36. People who have virtues have the virtues, but they are not tempted enough; this is not because their lives are monotonous and rigid, or because they concentrate on one goal and have no time to watch.-Duncan

37. Kindness-this is one of the great qualities of a genius.-Angel

38. Of all moral qualities, a kind nature is the most needed in the world --- Russell

39. Humanity's most immoral subscribers are dishonesty and cowardice.-Gorky

40. Human beings have been given a job, which is spiritual growth.-Lev Tolstoy

41, Yinuo Qianjin.

42. The truth may be sad, but it is better than lies --- Va Azayev

43. Credit is hard to gain and lose. The credit accumulated over ten years of work is often lost due to temporary words and deeds.-Ikeda Daisaku

44. Raise the integrity and sail the same civilized life, set up the banner of the legal system to develop a harmonious society.

45. Honesty is the wisest strategy.

46. Ask us to buy his honesty, this kind of person is selling his reputation.-Wolff

47. Should be enthusiastically committed to acting ethically, not talking about morality.-Democritus

48. In a people's country, there must be a hub for promotion. This is virtue.-Montesquieu

49. Believe in words.

50, one word at a time.