Confucius Celebrity Quotes

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1. Those who have virtue must have words, and those who have words need not have virtue. Those who have benevolence must have courage, and those who are brave do not have benevolence.-Confucius

2, gentlemen come up, villains .—— Confucius

3. Self-denial and retribution for benevolence. Self-denial and retribution for benevolence. One day, self-denial and rebirth, the world returns to benevolence. For benevolence, but for others?-Confucius

4 The filial piety is also a matter of respect, while the family pays its respect, the raising brings its joy, the sickness causes its sorrow, the sacrifice causes its sorrow, and the sacrifice brings its strictness. The five are prepared, and then they can affect their kin.--Confucius

5. Do n’t let the past go, the follower can still chase.-Confucius

6. People do n’t know and do n’t hesitate, they are not gentlemen.-Confucius

7. Husbands and wives, who want to stand up to others, who want to reach up to others.-Confucius

8, gentlemen solidify poverty, villains are poor. — Confucius

9. Knowing shame is almost courageous.-Confucius

10. Introspection is guilty, husband is worried.-Confucius

11.Teach according to your aptitude .—— Confucius

12. Don't be angry, don't overdo it.-Confucius

13. A sip of food, a scoop of drinking. In the alley, people are uneasy, and they will not change their pleasure when they return. Confucius

14. For ritual use, harmony is expensive.-Confucius

15. Learn from time to time, don't you care?-Confucius

16. Zhilan was born in a quiet forest, not without people but not fragrant; gentlemen cultivate morality and do not change for poverty. Confucius

17. Tough policy is more fierce than tiger.-Confucius

18. If you do n’t practice morals, do n’t talk about learning, you ca n’t move when you hear about justice, and you ca n’t change if you do n’t know well. Confucius

19. In the years of my parents, we must know it, one with joy and one with fear.-Confucius

20, I am in the three provinces and I am myself, loyal to others? Do n’t believe with friends? I do n’t know how to pass on. Confucius

21 He is also a filial piety, but he who is guilty of committing crimes is fresh; he who is not guilty of being guilty of mischief, and who is good at chaos, has nothing to do with it. A gentleman is a writer, and a virtuoso. He is a benevolent lover.—-Confucius

22. The life of man is also straight, and the life of Xun is also spared.-Confucius

23. Passing without changing, is an overkill.-Confucius

24, gentlemen have no contention, they will shoot too! Let them rise and drink, drink. The fight is also gentleman.-Confucius

25. I can't get past it.-Confucius

26, see Li Siyi, see danger to give orders.-Confucius

27. Three people must have my teacher, choose those who are good and follow them, and those who are not good.

28. Parents love and love, parents respect and respect. Confucius

29. For politics and morality, such as Beichen, where they live and the stars together.-Confucius

30. Use it if you want it, and hide it if you want it .—— Confucius

31. Report complaints directly, report morals with virtue.-Confucius

32, Chao Wen Road, death can be ridiculous at night.-Confucius

33. The three armies can be handsome, but a man can't be ambitious.-Confucius

34. People without faith, I do n’t know if they can. ——Confucius

35. Don't complain about the sky, don't worry about it, go to school, and know who is the best!-Confucius

36, Gong, Kuan, Xin, Min, Hui. Gong is not insulting, wide is popular, letter is Ren Ren, Min is active, Hui is enough to make people.-Confucius

37. The knower is not confused, the benevolent is not worried, the brave is not afraid.-Confucius

38. It's just a speech .—— Confucius

39. To ask if you ca n’t, but to ask more than you have, if there is n’t, there is no truth; if you do n’t make a mistake, do n’t go to school.-Confucius

40, the wise person is happy, the benevolent person is happy; the wise person is active, the benevolent person is quiet; the wise person is happy, the benevolent person.-Confucius

41. Governance without action .—— Confucius

42. Dade will have its life.-Confucius

43, a gentleman speaks of righteousness, a villain speaks of profit. Confucius

44. Do not ignore indecent assault, do not listen to indecent assault, do not speak indecent assault, do not move indecent assault.-Confucius

45. Be a benevolent and not let the teacher.-Confucius

46, Zhishi benevolent people, no one survives to harm benevolence, but kills himself to become benevolent.-Confucius

47. A gentleman is not in favor of his interests, but shame An is born from shame! Officials are idle, and illness is added to Shaoyu, disaster is born of laziness, and filial piety is born to his wife. When you inspect these four, be careful.-Confucius

48. Without rituals, there is no way to stand.-Confucius

49. People who have no far-reaching concerns must have near-term concerns.-Confucius

50. Knowing is knowing, knowing is not knowing, it is also knowing.-Confucius

51. Birds are about to die, and their song is also mourning; people are about to die, and their words are good.-Confucius

52. Love it, can you not be bothered? Loyal, can you be not? —Confucius

53, the afterlife is awesome, I do n’t know who is coming now? Forty or fifty, I have n’t heard of it, and Sri Lanka is not scared.-Confucius

54, gentlemen ask for themselves, villains ask for all.-Confucius

55. A gentleman is not prestigious if he is not important, but he is not firm when he studies. He is loyal to the Lord, whoever is not as good as friends is not his own, and then do not change it.-Confucius

56. Don't do it to others if you don't want it.-Confucius

57, the gentleman is open-minded, and the villain is long.-Confucius

58. Those who are born to know also go; those who learn to know are also second; sleepy and to learn secondly; sleepy but not to learn, Min Si is the deceased.-Confucius

59. Everyone sees it; also, everyone respects it.-Confucius

60, gentleman seeks the way and does not seek food. Farming also, I am in the middle of it; Xue Ye, Lu is in the middle of it. The gentleman is not worried about the Tao and not poor.-Confucius

61. It is not tired of eating, and not tired of eating .—— Confucius

62. Gentleman is ill and his name is not 焉. Confucius

63. Those who are not benevolent cannot make appointments for a long time, and they cannot enjoy themselves. Those who are benevolent will be benevolent, and those who are knowledgeable will be benevolent. Confucius

64, only women and villains are difficult to raise. Close is not inferior, far away is resentment.-Confucius

65, gentleman is not proud, villain is not proud.-Confucius

66. Dead wood must not be carved, and dung walls must not be carved either.-Confucius

67. Seeing the wise and thinking together, seeing the unkind and introspecting. Confucius

68. Those who are down and worry-free don't think far away, and those who are often and often have a wide range of ambitions. I do n’t know if it ends?-Confucius

69, Master Wen, good, respectful, frugal, let Yi deserve it. Master also asks for it, is it different from what other people ask for?-Confucius

70, I am ten and am interested in learning, thirty is standing, forty is not confused, fifty is destiny, sixty is pleasing to the ear, seventy is free from my heart, and not exceeding the rules.-Confucius

71. Don't change it afterwards .—— Confucius

72. The politics of the Tao, the punishment of Qi, the people are free from shame; the morals of the Tao, the courtesy of Qi, shame and qualification. ——Confucius

73. His body is right and he does not follow the order; his body is not right. Although he does not follow.-Confucius

74. Make friends with friends and talk. Confucius

75. Words that can be spoken but not spoken, are degrading; words that are not spoken and spoken are deafened. Those who know do not lose sight, nor are they deaf.-Confucius

76. They are not sacrificed by their ghosts, but also by sacrifice. If you do n’t see righteousness, you also have no courage.-Confucius

77, Human beings can prosper, Taoism is proficient .—— Confucius

78, gentlemen are different, but villains are different, but Confucius

79. The four ways of a gentleman are stronger than righteousness, weaker than suffocate, suffocated to be treated by Lu, and careful to govern himself.-Confucius

80, I do n’t eat all day, I do n’t sleep all night, thinking, it ’s not helpful, it ’s better to learn. Confucius

81, Germany is not alone, there must be neighbors.-Confucius

82. The gentleman will not let him be his own .—— Confucius

83, for politics and morality, such as Beichen, where his home is and the stars are arched.-Confucius

84, clever words, lingering colors, full respect, Zuo Qiu is ashamed, Qiu is also ashamed. Resentful and friendly, Zuo Qiu is ashamed, Qiu is also ashamed.-Confucius

85 、 Three friends for the benefit and three friends for the loss: Friends straight, friendliness, bad news, and good friends; friendly friends, friendly and gentle, friendly friends, good friends.-Confucius