Shakespeare's famous quotes

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1 In the turmoil of destiny, it is easy to see a person's integrity.-Shakespeare

2 Our body is like a garden, and the will is the gardener in this garden ... It may be left uncultivated, or it may be planted hard, and that power lies in our will.-Shakespeare

3During the gloomy days, don't let the cold fate ecstasy; since fate has come to insult us, we should take revenge with calmness.-Shakespeare

4There is a class of humble work that is endured with hard work, and the lowest things often point to the highest goals.-Shakespeare

Many things in the 5th century, the pursuit of time is always stronger than the time of enjoying.-Shakespeare

6The new flame can extinguish the old flame; the big pain can reduce the small pain.

`` Romeo and Juliet ''

7 A wise man has become foolish, and it is the easiest fish to hook; because he has a wide range of knowledge and can not see his arrogance.

8 The folly of a fool is not uncommon, the stupidity of a wise man only makes people laugh and hurt his belly; because he proves himself stupid with all his skills.

`` Frustration of Love ''

9 are faithful to themselves, so they will not cheat others.

10 habits has a magical power to change temperament. It can make the devil dominate the human soul and expel them from people's hearts.

`` Hamlet ''

11 I do n’t have a way, so I do n’t need eyes; when I can see, I also lose my footsteps, and we often lose our minds because of some arrogance, but it is better for us to be defective.

`` King Lear ''

12 I want a proud person to see his own face clearly, and only use other people's pride to make him a mirror; if he bows his knees, but adds his arrogance, he will insult himself in vain.

`` Troyros and Cresida ''

13 The appearance is often completely different from the thing itself, and the world is easily deceived by the surface decoration.

14 If you do n’t compare, you wo n’t show the strength; if you do n’t appreciate it, the song of the crow will be the same as the skylark. If the nightingale sings in the noise during the daytime, people will never think it is more beautiful than the cricket. How muchIt is because of the favorable environment that we can reach a perfect state and get a proper appreciation.

"The Merchant of Venice"

15 cowards died many times before they died; the warrior died only once in his life. Among all the strange things, people's greed for fear of death is the strangest thing.

16 acts are better than eloquence, fool's eyes are much smarter than their ears.

`` Heroes Treason ''

17 Doubts are enough to defeat something. A person often loses the chance of success because of atrophy.

18 of the best people are those who have made mistakes; a person often shows his cuteness because he has a little defect.