Confucius' famous quotes

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1. Sensitive and easy to learn, ask shamelessly, so it is also called "wen". Take Confucius' Analects

2. Zhanzhi comes first, Suddenly comes behind. Master Zi Xun Xun Xun Xunran is seductive, I write articles, ask me to salute. Take Confucius Analects

3, Zi Jue 4: No intention, no necessity, no solidity, no me. Take Confucius Analects

4. Scholars ca n’t be honest, they have a long way to go. Ren thinks they have already been appointed, is n’t it too important? After death, is n’t it too far? Pick Confucius ’Analects, and rotten wood ca n’t be carved. Pick Confucius’ Analects》

5. Wealth can be sought, although I am a whipman. If not, please do what I want. Take Confucius Analects

6. Gentleman is open-minded, and the villain is very long. Take Confucius' Analects

7. Learn by tacit knowledge, never tire of learning, and tireless. Take Confucius's Analects of Confucius Celebrity Quotes

8. Above or above, you can speak verbally; below, you can't speak idiom. Take Confucius' Analects

9, three people, there must be my teacher. Choose those who are good and follow them, and those who are not good will change. Take Confucius Analects

10 、 Knowledgers are happy, benevolencers are happy. Knowers are moving, benevolence is quiet, knowers are happy, benevolence is good. Take Confucius's Analects of Confucius, those who know better than those who are better, and those who are better than those who are happy.The Analects

11. Zi Yi Four Religions: Wen Xing Faithfulness. Take Confucius' Analects

12. Quality wins Wen Zeye, Wen Sheng wins history. Wen Wenbin Binbin, then a gentleman. Take Confucius' Analects

13. Anger and forgetting to eat, happy to forget, I don't know if the old will come to Yun'er. Take Confucius' Analects

14. Its knowledge is also accessible, and its stupidity is not accessible. Take Confucius' Analects

15. Birds are dying, and their song is also mourning; people are dying, and their words are good. Take Confucius' Analects