Celebrity quotes about cherishing friendship

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1. People who have good friends around them are not happier than those who are full of faces .—— Mrs. Carnegie

2. Those who make a fortune with their wealth will sacrifice all their wealth; those who make money with their selves will love their Chongqing when they fail.

3. A timid person will give a friend to the executioner.-Roman Roland

4. The most beautiful memory of his life is his friendship with others.-Lincoln

5. People who have no true friends are truly lonely people.

6. Solitary school without friends, lonely and obscure. Confucius

7. Meet friends in trouble.-Lenin

8, friendship is similar to gold; poetry is not as good as jade.

9, friends see friends are transparent, they exchange lives with each other.-Roman Roland

10. Make friends when you make friends; treat yourself as short as possible.

11. Believe in yourself first, then others will believe in you and me.-Turgenev

12. Trust a hypocritical friend and add a hostile witness.-Spain proverb

13. It's my friends who say good things behind me.

14. Those who are close to Zhu are red, those who are close to black are black.-Fu Xuan

15, good words, three warm winters, bad words hurt June cold.-Proverbs

16. Whoever asks for a friend who does not have disadvantages has no friend!-Proverb

17. Don't give it to others if you don't want it.

18. There are a few thousand cups of wine for every confidant, and there is not much speculation for a long time.-Proverb

19. No matter how difficult it is, don't ask for mercy.

20, Wealth is not a friend, but friends are wealth.

21, To be true to others, although closeness must be close; To others to be false, although relatives must be sparse.-"Hanshiwaizhuan"

22. The only way to find friends is to become friends with others.

23. The friendship between the poor and the poor is unforgettable, and the wife of the chaff does not leave the hall.-"Han Han Song Hong"

24. Love is less complimented, confidant laughs more.-Proverb

25. Keep a certain distance between friends, and make friendship last forever.-Charles

26. There are less than a thousand friends; more than one friend.

27. Make friends when you are successful, test friends in adversity.-Latin proverb

28. A new knot of concentric incense has not fallen; the Changshou Mountain Alliance will last forever.

29, keep the way and not seal yourself; choose a friend as a teacher.

30. Friends must be in trouble together, then they can be said to be true friendship.-British Shakespeare

31. Friends who are upright are growing day by day, and those who are friendly and evil are getting worse.-"Xue Zhiqing's Readings and Making Friends"

32. Brothers may not be friends, but friends are often brothers.-Franklin

33, two thousand gold is easy to obtain; one who knows the most is hard to find.

34, is a friend of everyone, not a friend to anyone.-Polish proverb

35, Xueyan double flying Yan Shuangtuo; Hongmei also opened the ice and melted.

36, vote for me as a peach and report it to Lee.-The Book of Songs

37, You must choose your hometown, You must choose your scholars .—— "Xunzi"

38. Friendship is the same soul inhabiting both bodies.-Aristotle

39. Good Zhengdao is right, and evil is good.-Cheng Hao

40, wine and meat friends are easy to find; difficult times are hard to come by.

41. Only when you know self-love can you get friendship with others.

42. Make friends with words and have faith.-The Analects

43, confidantes in the sea, if the world is closer.

44 、 People who become friends with you because of profitability will also break with you because of profitability.

45. There is nothing better and more pleasant than friendship in the world; without friendship, the world seems to have lost the sun.-Cicetus

46, The bond of friendship may be tense because of emotional excitement, but it must not be broken.-Lincoln

47. A true friend should tell the truth, no matter how sharp the words are ...-Ostrovsky

48, ancestors, then self. ——Book of Rites

49. Trees are more useful, people are more friends.-Proverbs

50, Lu Yao knows horsepower, and sees people's hearts for a long time.-"Selected Yuan Songs"

51, Bamboo has no carpels and extra branches; 藕 has its own belly full of love silk.

52, Suizhi knows pine and cypress; sees friendship in adversity.