Celebrity Quotes about Confucius

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1. Skillful words make fresh coix seed.

2, for courtesy, peace is expensive.

3, gentlemen are easy to say Yue, not to say Yue, not to Yue.

4, No rush, no small profit. If you rush, you will not reach it; If you see a small profit, you will not achieve great things.

5. The children of the whip, do not follow the teachings of the father.

6. The three armies can be handsome, and the husband can't be too ambitious!

7. It is too much to pass without changing!

8. Being unethical but not good enough, you can do what you can, you can't die.

9, gentleman is respectful and accommodating the public, Jiashan is not good enough.

10, Zhishi benevolent, no survival to harm the benevolence, there is killing to become benevolent.

11, benevolence and benevolence, no matter how resentful.

12. Seeing wise and thinking together, seeing unkind and introspecting.

13. Gentleman is righteous, quality is good, Sun is good, faith is good. Gentleman is awesome!

14. Sexual similarity, Xi Xiangyuan also.

15. Confucius said, "Why does Ethics work? How does Ethics work?"

16. Rich and noble is what people want; if you do n’t know the way, you do n’t get anything. Poverty and lowness are the things you want.

17. Jade is not cut, no instrument, no one learns, I don't know. For this reason, the ancient king, the founding king and the people, teaching first.

18, gentlemen are different, but villains are different.

19. Do n’t suffer from the unknown, also suffer from the unknown.

20, is it fun to have friends coming from afar?

21 、 I do n’t want to do it.

22, his body is right, he will not do it; his body is not right, although he will not do it.

23. Make friends with words and have faith.

24. Committing to others and being blameless, they are far from resentful.

25. Those who have a morality must educate, those who have a morality do not need to educate.

26. Learn from time to time, is it fun?

27. After that, change it in a hurry.

28, aged cold, and then withered after knowing pine and cypress.

29. The ancients couldn't say anything, they didn't catch their shame.

30. Friends will be supported by text and friends will be assisted by friends.

31. If you fail to learn, you may lose it.

32, gentlemen are better than others, villains are better than others.

33. Scholars are committed to the Tao, and those who are shameful and evil eaters are not enough to discuss it.

34. Words that can be spoken but not spoken are insulted; words that are not spoken and spoken are not stupid. Those who know do not lose sight, nor are they stupefying.

35, gentlemen are open-minded, villains are often indifferent.

36 、 Three friends for the benefit and three friends for the loss. Friendship is straight, friendliness, friends know more about you, and benefit friends. Friends will be easy, friendly and gentle, friends will be crippled, hurt.

37, Confucius said: "The one who can do five things is benevolent in the world." Please ask. "Gong, Kuan, Faith, Min, and Hui. Gong is not insulting, Kuan is the crowd, and Ren is the man.", Min is good, Hui is enough to make people. "

38, angry and forgetful, happy to forget, I do not know that the old age is coming ...

39. Three people must have my teacher, choose the one who is good and follow it, and change the one who is not good.

40. It is shameful to act on one's own side, so that it is not disgraceful to the king, it can be described as a scholar.

41. Scholars must be unyielding, have a long way to go. Ren thinks it is their own responsibility, does it matter too much? After dying, not too far?

42. Impetuousness that is not mentioned before, hidden that is not mentioned when speaking, and no ambiguity in terms of color.

43. Faithfulness and respectfulness, albeit a savage state and deeds. Faithfulness and respectfulness, albeit in the state, almost deceitful?

44. Gentlemen do not fight, groups do not party.

45. Don't be angry, don't make it over.

46, People have no far-sightedness, they must have near-anxiety.

47, I want to stand up to others, I want to reach up to people.

48. The name of a gentleman must be true, and it must be feasible. A gentleman is full of words.

49, the country of light thousand times, and the faith of one word.

50. Beginning with others, listen to their words and believe in their deeds. Today, I am also with people, listen to their words and observe their deeds.

51. Living with a gentleman, not enough for a gentleman!

52. Learn without thinking is 罔, thinking without learning is 殆.

53, gentleman is keen on words and is quick to act.

54 、 If a worker wants to do his best, he must first sharpen his weapon.

55. Seeing good is better than seeing bad.

56, Gang, Yi, Mu, Nejinren.

57, Jun Yuji died without his name.

58, meals and food, drinking water, curly braces and pillows, music is also lingering in it. Injustice, rich and expensive, like a cloud to me.

59, gentleman is open-minded, the villain is long.

60, gentleman seeks the road but does not seek food, ... gentleman worrying about the road, not worrying about poverty.

61. Quality wins Wen Zeye, Wen Sheng wins history. Wen Zhibin Bin, then gentleman.

62, If a gentleman wants to turn the people into customs, he must learn from it!

63, gentleman is not proud, villain is proud.

64. What can you say in French? It doesn't matter if you change it? It's expensive. Whatever you say, you can't care about it? It's expensive. You can't change it, so you don't change it.

65, Jun Yu doesn't talk about people, and doesn't talk about others.

66, never tire of learning, tireless.

67, the gentleman's official also, just as it is.

68. You ca n’t stand without rituals.

69, the benevolent is not worried, the knower is not confused, the brave is not afraid.

70, gentlemen have no food to eat, no need to rest, be sensitive to things and be careful about words, there is a way and a righteousness, it can be said that it is good to learn.

71. A gentleman is respectful without loss, respectful and courteous, and all brothers in the world.

72. Take advantage of your interests and complain.

73, Jun, respect his affairs and then eat.

74, Gentleman shame his words and go too far.

75. You can support a six-foot orphan, you can send a hundred miles of life, and you ca n’t take it when it is a big festival.

76, Min is eager to learn, shamelessly ask.

77. Cultivate yourself to respect ... Cultivate yourself to reassure others ... Cultivate yourself to reassure the people.

78. Respectfully, dear dear, loyal to others.

79, Xianji, back! One meal, one scoop, in the back alley, people are uneasy. They will not change their pleasure. Xianji, back!

80. Listen to what he says and watch what he does.

81, Fuda is also straightforward and righteous. Look at the colors and consider the following people.

82, My Three Provinces: Myself: Doing loyalty to others? Believe in friendship with friends? Passing by?

83. Respectful and rude is toil, cautious and rude is ill, courageous and rude is chaotic, straight and rude is hanged.

84. The three armies can be handsome, but the husband can't be ambitious.

85, Zi means Yuchan. "There are four ways for a gentleman: he behaves respectfully, respects his affairs, he benefits the people, and he makes the people righteous."

86. Rich and needy too, although the whip man, I also do it. If you ca n’t find it, please do it for me.

87, clever words.

88, see Li Siyi, see danger giving orders.