English classic inspirational quote

keeping is harder than winning .—— It is more difficult to start a business, and it is more difficult to keep a business.

tsking the first step starts a thousand-mile downwards.

be a friend to thyself, and others will be friend thee.

the noblest vengeance is to forgive.-The noblest vengeance is to forgive.

vainglory blossoms but never bears.

all thing in their being are good for something.-Born to be useful to me.

the good seaman is known in bad weather .—— Fang Xian heroic in the stormy sea.

cease to struggle and you cease to live.

man struggles upward, water flows downwards.

wise men are silent, fools talk.

one who keeps abreast of the times remains young.

he that endures is not overcome .—— The strong can bend and stretch.

take the whole into consideration, but do the job bit by bit .—— Look at the big things and start small.

the world belongs to the enthusiast who keeps cool.