Industrial and Inspirational Quotes

1. Time fades away little by little, like a candle burning out.

2, I always feel that the giant wheel of time is running behind me and is getting closer.

3, at night brings peace to the elderly and hope for the young.

4. Don't waste time, do something useful every moment, quit all unnecessary behavior.

5. Time is the most precious thing in everything, but if it is wasted, it is the biggest waste.

6, how beautiful my industry is, how wide, how wide, time is my property, my field is time.

7. Time is life, and the unexplained use of other people's time is actually tantamount to murder.

8. Knowledge is like candlelight, which can illuminate one person, and it can also illuminate countless people.

9. Read thousands of books and walk thousands of miles.

10. Knowledge always overcomes ignorance.

11. The dark hair does not know that the school is early, and Bai Shoufang regrets reading late.

12. If you don't want to spend your whole life in the world, you have to learn for a lifetime.

13. Books are ships that cross the sea of ​​time.

14. One point of cultivation, one point of harvest; to harvest well, you must cultivate well.

15. The word "learning" needs to be taken apart. Learning is learning, asking is asking.

16, Time flies, how can I be treated.

17. One problem in life is how to make an inch of time equal to an inch of life.

18. Industry is good at diligence, waste is fun, behavior is thought, destruction is at will.

19. Dark hair doesn't know that the school is early, Bai Shoufang regrets reading late.

20 、 My life has its limits, and knowing has its limits.

21, the day is like a rosary, slide day by day, strung into weeks, strung into months.

22, The years are gone and it is difficult to give up the cause.

23. The golden age is in front of us, not behind us.

24. Time is the capital of mental workers.

25. Knowledge of literature is the gate of learning.

26. Genius is nothing but long-term patience, let's work hard!

27. Grasp today and trust tomorrow as little as possible.

28, years are passers-by of EMI, and the passing years are also travelers.

29. People who do not have a deep understanding of the value of time will never be tough and diligent.

30. Nothing belongs to me except time.

31. Wasting time is a great sin.

32. Grasping the concept of time is the same as knowing a person. It is easy to meet and difficult to meet.

33. The greatest happiness in life is not being able to rest for a minute.

34. Fragmentary time can really make a big cause.

35. Waste of a lifetime is equivalent to death.

36. Cherishing time can make life more valuable.

37. Those who forget today will be forgotten tomorrow.

38. If you need time, you have to make him yourself.

39. Time is a file without sound.

40. Time is a good medicine that can cure all diseases.

41. If a person spends his time in his life, he is throwing away gold and not buying anything.

42. Time is a loan, even the creditworthy borrower cannot afford it.

43, the mediocre mind will spend time, and the able person will make every effort to use time.

44 、 Don't sigh for the years that have passed away, but look squarely at the time you want to rush away.

45. No one who dedicated himself to today was wasted yesterday.

46. For the living, there is no tomorrow; the dead are not today.

47. Time is like the surging turbulence, it never returns, and it doesn't linger.

48. The more a person knows the value of time, the more he feels lost in time.

49. Getting time means getting everything.

50. From the perspective of economics, time is a kind of wealth.