Aphorisms about youthful inspiration

1. Pride is the egg of victory, but what has hatched is defeat.

2. It's not necessary to have more money and more fun, and more money to get tired of trouble. It's really easy to be poor and happy.

3. Face the past with the least remorse. Face the present with the least waste. Face the future with the most dreams.

4. True love should exceed the length of life, the width of the soul, and the depth of the soul.

5.If you lose your tenacious will, difficulties will put you in chains.

6. Inner joy is the joy of a person living a healthy, normal, and harmonious life.

7. Praises during life are often false, and arguments after death are often true.

8. Try your best to fulfill your obligations, and you should know how valuable you are.

9. The amount of life is calculated by time, and the value of life is calculated by contribution.

10. It does n’t hurt only if you know it, only if you do n’t change it, only you know it. Do n’t ask me if I am doing well, it ’s okay if I die.

11. If you feel disappointed and powerless now, how can you carry it so far in the future?

12. I have always thought that people are getting old, but in fact they are not getting old for a moment.

13. The speed of success must exceed the speed at which parents grow old.

14. No one can bear the pain for you, and no one can take away your strength.

15. Don't compare me to anyone. I am not a shadow of anyone, not a substitute for anyone. I do n’t know how young and frivolous I am. I only know how to win.

16. If you see the shadow in front, don't be afraid, it's because there is sunshine behind you.

17. Life is unhappy or unhappy, but fortunately unhappy. In a long life, nothing is seen at a glance. The glory of the spring breeze is nothing, and the failure of the moment is not counted.

18. Please be confident, you are a landscape, there is no need to look up in the landscape of others.

19. I believe that all dreams are a life full of responsibility and success. When you have no conditions to choose freely, please remember that dreams are our next step, do every little thing and do well.Different, we will move closer to our dreams.

20. Miracle is just another name for hard work. May the opportunity always be in your favor.

21. Hope is the faith that guides people to success. If there is no hope, nothing will happen.

22. Time tells me that the age of making trouble is over, it's time to be sensible.

23. I'm not a natural king, but I have blood in my bones.

24. Tears are not the answer, hard work is the choice. Only the past that cannot be returned, and the tomorrow that cannot be reached.

25. Sorry to yourself, because it was hard for yourself for others.

26. Don't expect anyone to accompany you for a lifetime, even the shadows will leave you when there is no light.

27. Tell yourself once a day: I'm really good.

28. The biggest challenge in life is not too much to defeat yourself!

29. A stupid person always wants others to understand him. A wise person, but strives to understand himself.

30. There will never be a shortcut on the road to life, only to go down to earth.

31. As long as there is tomorrow, today will always be the starting line.

32. The torch is down, the flame is still upward.

33. Seriously, you can do things right, but you can achieve perfection with your heart.

34. I would rather forgive myself than wait for others to forgive myself.

35. If we keep telling ourselves to be happy every day, that means we are not happy.

36. Weather affects the body, the body determines the mind, and the mind controls the mood.

37. No matter when you end, it is important not to regret after the end.

38. You give the thinking to the TV, the connection to the mobile phone, the legs to the car, and the health to the pills.

39. It's not that someone annoys you, but you annoy yourself with someone's words and deeds.

40. Life should use a simple state of mind and treat complex life. The most ruthless is not people, it is time; the most precious is not money, it is emotions; the most terrible is not love, insomnia; the most comfortable is not hotels.It ’s home; the hardest thing is not swearing or speechless; the best thing is not the future, it is today.

41. Before everything gets better, we always have to experience some unhappy days. This may be a long time, or it may just wake up. Sometimes, choosing happiness requires more courage.

42. Don't bring your own troubles because of the foolishness of beings. Don't hurt yourself because of the ignorance of beings.

43. If your life is already in the bottom, then go boldly, because you are going up all the way.

44. You can cry but you ca n’t lose, you can be sad but not down, how can you know how much applause you can win if you do n’t work hard? If you can yell “I do n’t need to worry about this little thing” every day, youYou will find that you have an incredible power in your heart, try it, it works.

45. I dare not rest, because I have no deposit. I dare not say tired, because I have no achievements. I dare not be lazy, because I still want to live. I can give up my choice, but I ca n’t choose to give up. Strong, hard workIs my only option.

46. Life is not for compromise, the more you shrink back, the more space you can breathe. The days are not for the will, the humbler you behave, the more happy things will be away from youfar.

47. Let the past go, we missed the sunset yesterday, we can no longer miss the sunrise today, maintain a balanced mentality, treat each day with the best mood, and each day will be full of sunshine, Filled with hope.

48. A grain of dust condenses in the air, and finally produces a majestic wind and rain; a grain of sand, polished in the mussel body, and finally forms an expensive pearl. Sometimes, a small beginning can achieve majestic and grandCareer; sometimes, an ordinary start can lead a noble and great life.

49. Life is unhappy and unhappy, and fortunately unhappy. In a long life, nothing is seen at first glance. The glory of a spring breeze is nothing, and the failure of a moment is not counted.

50. Working hard is like not demanding rewards; loving in good faith is like never being hurt; dancing in a devoted way like no one is watching you. This life can definitely giveYou bring happiness.

51. There is no fast lane for success and no highway for happiness. All success comes from tireless effort and running; all happiness comes from ordinary struggle and persistence.

52. Everyone will miss it, everyone has missed it, the one that really belongs to you will never miss it.

53. When the poor have only dreams, you must work harder than others.

54. We use the best years of our life as collateral to guarantee a dream that will be laughed at when it is spoken.

55. Are you tired? You're right after being tired. Comfort is left to the dead!

56. There is no reward for paying, but there is no reward for not paying.

57. The cold water splashed on you, you should boil it and splash it back.

58. Live with your normal heart, treat others with shame, work with your heart, and use the bodhicitta to fulfill the Buddha's heart.

59. Don't neglect the age you can fight the most, and let yourself do nothing all day.

60. I'm so bad without hard work, what qualifications are there to sigh.

61. For the future you want, no matter how difficult it is now, you must persist with confidence.

62. Death is not a loss of life, but a time out.

63. Experience is taken from pain.

64. Learning to forgive is to learn to obey one's heart, and the word “forgiveness” is “to be like heart”.

65. Even if the whole world says I'm beautiful, but you say I'm not beautiful, then I'm not beautiful.

66. The first youth is given by God; the second youth is by your own efforts.

67. Everyone is dreaming in their own world that only one can explain.

68. The mind is a commodity, not an ornament.

69. Where there is an ideal, hell is heaven. Where there is hope, pain is also joy.

70. Everyone has potential energy, but it is easy: covered by habits, confused by time, and consumed by inertia.

71. Only if you can bear the wind and rain of the journey can you finally keep the rainbow full of sky.

72. Sometimes people may not care about you, but you cannot care about yourself.

73. The road is on your own, even if it is bumpy, you have to go by yourself.

74. Failure does not mean that you waste time and life, failure indicates that you have a reason to start again.

75. I feel that I can and cannot do it, only in one thought.

76. Fall, hit the wall, and lose ground, don't be afraid. Young people call you brave.

77. Be the best today, review the best yesterday, and greet the best tomorrow.

78. No matter how unfortunate you feel, you will always be more unfortunate than you.

79. I would rather run up and get knocked down countless times than walk a whole life forever. Even if I fall, I have to smile boldly.

80. Inspiration is giving happiness, and motivation is giving pain.

81. I would rather laugh and shed tears than cry and regret.

82. No matter what kind of crying you experienced last night, this city is still full of traffic after waking up in the morning.

83. No one can be pure all the way to the end, but don't forget your original self.

84. People who are worse than me have not given up, people who are better than me are still working hard, I am even less qualified to say that I can do nothing!

85. You don't deserve your ambition, and you live up to the suffering you have experienced.

86. There is no if in life, only consequences and consequences. Ask less why others, and ask yourself why.

87. Don't kill yourself now, kill you in the future, don't work hard now, don't help the future.

88. I am who I am, fireworks of different colors, wide sky and sea, make the strongest foam.

89. I dare not rest because I do not have a deposit. I dare not say tired because I have no achievements. I dare not be lazy because I still have to live. I can give up my choice but I cannot choose to give up. Strong and hardIs my only option.

90. Be the protagonist of your own life, not the spectator in other people's lives.

91. Dark clouds are denser, and the sky may clear up; the ocean is broader, and ships may arrive at the shore. As long as you look at things with an optimistic attitude and face life, you will find that the world is really beautiful.

92. Hope is the only benefit shared by all people; people who have nothing, still have hope.

93. Juveniles have an unknown future, and old people worry about the known loneliness; alone, middle-aged, Jiangshan has been determined, the future is in control, and every second can be at its disposal and fully enjoy.

94. Don't sigh of short life. Pick up the seeds of your dreams, sow in your lifetime, and harvest at the last minute. You will find that your life is actually wonderful and fulfilling!

95. Youth is the pride of life and the hope of the future of the times.

96. Clean up your mood and start a new start.

97. Keep a little light in my heart, immortal; Expectations in firm faith, not bad; Perseverance in the last effort, undefeated; I see the tranquility and transparency of my youth, filled with my footprints when I come.

98. A person's life is very confused. In the process of going around, they may get a lot or lose a lot. This may be God ’s will, so friends, cherish what you have in front of you, and do n’t lose it after you lose it.I regret it!

99. Life is the pursuit of ideals, ideals are the indicators of life. Without the function of this light, you will lose the courage of life. Therefore, only by adhering to the great ideals of life, you will not lose your way in the ocean of life..

100. Don't worry about the vague future, just work for the clear now.