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1. Believe that dreams are the source of value, believe that vision determines everything in the future, believe in the belief that success is more important than success itself, believe that life has setbacks and failures, and believe that the quality of life comes from the belief that there is no compromise.

2, Selfishness is a barrier to others.

3, no matter how high the sky is, tiptoe is closer to the sun. A selfish winner can destroy the public.

4, the only disadvantage we will not correct is weakness.

5. A clear goal and persistent spirit will allow you to achieve almost any ideal and achieve any goal!

6. A real successful person can make one Family , a alma mater, a company, a city, a country, and even the entire human race is proud of him. However, he often does not rely on the glory and superior conditions provided by the latter, but on personal struggle!

7. A fish gave up the vastness and freedom of the sea and chose to go up the current. It crossed the shoal, escaped the fishnet, squeezed through the stone hoe, and after many difficulties, finally reached its destination in the mind-plateau glacier. HoweverBefore he could cheer, he was instantly frozen into "ice fish." In this way, a trivial but courageous fish gave his life for the ideal.

8. Stick to your direction and fight for it, even if you don't realize your dream, you will definitely get the loot you expected from it.

9. For the future, I only dream of the best situation and make the most practical plan, and never spend time on unnecessary worry, because I know that as long as I put my commitment to myself into practice, IThe future will not just be a dream ...

10. I have never been a genius, but I learned it from little bit of accumulation and exploration. I believe this is also the reason why everyone reads my blog, because they can often find it in my text.In their own shadow, when they saw that I could do it, they believed that they could do it, even better.

11. After the goal is set, the process of fighting for the goal has become so painful and difficult due to the environment ...

12. The most successful people are often those who persist the longest and go the longest.

13. Being a good principal is my ideal. Although it is difficult to be a good principal, I have always worked hard to do it.

14. Noble life needs noble life to nourish, the better I serve the teachers, the better they will serve the students.

15. Don't be afraid that the conditions are not met, I am afraid that dreams are delusional! An unrealistic so-called dream will not be realized even if it has the conditions for struggle!

16. If your dream is not far away from success, then you still have to fight for it. Don't do things that make you regret your life. As for parents, you can slowly convince them, but if your dream is too far away from reality,Then don't waste time out of thin air.

17. If you are strong enough, you will fight for your dreams. Faith is important.

18, Tianfei, dreams are born of me, and hopes are born of me.

19, how hard you work depends on how long you dream of

20. I must work hard, work hard, struggle, and complete my mission

21, everyone is good, then the world is peaceful; everyone is private, the world is chaotic.

22 A person has limited energy and limited time. In his lifetime, he can grasp his true interests and talents, and he can only achieve something if he is dedicated to it. Not only must he have the courage, but also he must have the judgment and get rid ofThe temptation of other foreign affairs is not to change course in the midst of vanity for all fame and power. In this way, one can promote the glory of a person's career.

23. In the process of pursuing a life goal, people are often distracted by trivial details and meaningless chores, forgetting their original intentions, and even going to a different road. Therefore, we must always remind ourselves "Where's the groundhog? "

24. Life has only the beauty that comes out, not the glory that comes out.

25. If a person is full of love for his career and has chosen his own work desire, he will spontaneously do his best to work. If a person has no goals in his life, he will eventually get lostMyself.

26. Don't underestimate anyone, the more inconspicuous people. They often do something unexpected.

27. Many people in life are victims of habitual antelope thinking. Usually, the problem is not that they make mistakes in the process of working towards the goal, but that they do not insist on continuing to work towards the goal.

28. The hard-working bee never has time to sorrow.