Good words and sentences describing the Mid-Autumn Festival

1, sing and sing lightly: sing softly: sing softly; drink: drink. Listen to people singing softly, and drink slowly slowly.

2, Three Festivals and Two Lifespans: Old custom for Yanshi, every Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival , Lunar New Year and Confucius' Birthday, Yanshi Birthday Each month will be given for one more month, called three festivals and two lives. It is also used to refer to festivals and birthdays.

3 From ancient times to the present, how many literati texts came from the free ink on the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, expressing their feelings and leaving many immortal verses! "The sea rises to the moon, the end of the world is at this time", "Toast to invite the moon, to drink into three"", "Look up at the moon and look down at your hometown."

4. Chang'e in the moon: Chang'e: the fairy in the moon palace in the mythology, according to legend, she is the wife of Houyi, who went to the moon palace because of stealing undead medicine. Metaphorical beauty.

5. In the Mid-Autumn Festival, when the moon is in the sky, the most memorable poems are the following poems: the moon is born on the sea, the horizon is at this time, Lu Chou is white tonight, the moon is the hometown.He Chuzheng.

6, happy days we can not forget those who have left in the natural disasters, the distant Wenchuan and Zhouqu will always be the pain in our hearts. We can not forget the heroes who died for the country without their contributions, There is no such thing as our happy life today.

7, ancient and modern Chinese and foreign, how many literati students miss their loved ones, their hometown, and the motherland in this beautiful day; how many people with lofty ideals, in this beautiful day, for the tomorrow of the motherland, for the peopleInterests, gave up the opportunity to reunite with loved ones, and silently dedicate in his post ...

August 15th, is the Mid-Autumn Festival, one of the most important festivals of the Chinese nation. On that day, people eat moon cakes, enjoy the moon, and there are lanterns in some places, very lively.

9. Flowers and moons are missing: Describe the scene of decline and decline. It is also used as a metaphor for emotional breakdown and divorce.

11. This year's Mid-Autumn Festival, the evening of the evening, the jade rabbit rises to the east, and the bright moon is shining on a full moon. There are several white clouds floating in the sky in the middle of the clouds, the breeze is blowing, the wind is blowing slowly, the moonThere are a bunch of heavy grapes on the lower grape stand.

12. Guanghan Fairy: Guanghan: Guanghan Palace, the legendary fairy palace on the moon. The fairy in Guanghan Palace-Chang'e.

13. In the vast night sky, a bright white moon is hanging high in the sky, and there are many naughty little stars blinking around. Playing in the silent dark night, there are several howling calls from time to time.Sound, this scene, is it beautiful, and it makes me deeply intoxicated.

15. Qionglou Yuyu: Qiong: Meiyu; Yu: House. Refers to the palace in the middle of the moon, the fairyland platform. Also describes the magnificent buildings.

16. With the coming of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the 60th anniversary of the founding of our great motherland, the National Day, has also come one after another, and it has added a festive atmosphere. When we celebrate this double festival, we should also be atA win-win situation in academic studies is for the country's construction and the revitalization of the nation. Let's work together to create the materials for the ancestral nation!

17. People often say "Moon to Mid-Autumn Equinox", this is very reasonable. Look, the moon with a golden ring finally rose. It was golden first, and slowly passed through.A light cloud of white smoke is rising and rising, and in a flash, the color of the moon is lighter and whiter.

18, August 15th. When we were reunited with our family, did you know that there is still a wanderer in the motherland-xx? Let us all wish, xx-this weather-struck wanderer, can return back as soon as possibleIn the arms of the motherland of the motherland, let us look forward to the reunion of the Chinese nation and no longer separate the flesh and bones! At that time, let us "toast the bright moon and celebrate the reunion" on the day of national celebration!

19, "Look up at the bright moon, and look down at your hometown." This charming Mid-Autumn Festival night naturally affects our flesh and blood relationship. Fathers and mothers in the family, brothers and sisters, are likely to be sitting around like us tonight.This article comes from this soft and warm moonlight for free. Bless us.

20 This year ’s Mid-Autumn Festival coincides with the 15th day of the lunar month. In the evening of the twilight, the jade rabbit rises to the east. The bright moon is shining on a full moon. There are several white clouds in the sky.The wind was blowing slowly, and there were several heavy grapes hanging on the grape stand under the moonlight, which were hanging on the grape stand. A few fireflies flew around and flew around again. It was so sentimental.It's so charming.

21, people are especially happy at happy occasions, the moon comes to the Mid-Autumn Festival, and the moon is clear. With the wind and the moonlight, we are gathered together today to welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival and enjoy the joy of festival reunion.

22, Guizi fragrance: refers to the sweet-scented osmanthus blooming around Mid-Autumn Festival, exuding fragrance.

23. Sadness and joyful separation: sadness, joy, separation, gathering. Generally refers to the various situations experienced in life and the various moods resulting from it.

24. Reunion, parting, miss ... the beauty of these moonlights is also unknown. I only know that moon cakes are eaten when the moon is round. After the fall, the days are near. Hope the stars and the moon, and AugustOn the fifteenth day, the mooncakes are sweet. This thought is like a firefly in the grass, flashing and flashing, better than the moon above.

25. There are many things in life that are difficult to achieve. How many people who are studying and working abroad can't return to their loved ones at this time for their own ideals. It is so-called, "Every holiday season, think twice about your relatives."

26. Blue sea and blue sky: originally described as Chang'e looking at the open blue sea and blue sky every night in Guanghan Palace, feeling lonely and desolate. The metaphor of a woman is right Love The steadfastness.

27. From the seasonal perspective, Mid-Autumn Festival is the "Autumn Harvest Festival", and the cereals sown in spring should be harvested in autumn. Since ancient times, people have been drinking and dancing in this season to celebrate the harvest cheerfully.

28, Chunhua and Qiushi: Spring is beautiful because of flowers, autumn is enriched by harvest, and flowers are full of moons: it reflects the beautiful hope of people and things that are auspicious.

29. At night, the moon came out, like a big disk. At this time, the family moved the tables, chairs, and tea sets to the balcony, and all the moon cakes were taken out together. Everyone looked at the bright moon,I think of my loved ones who ca n’t go home in a foreign country; some people toast in the moonlight and have a beautiful wish; fireworks are rising and blooming in the night sky!