Good words and sentences about the moon

Good word :

Full Moon Bright Moon Hao Yue New Moon Solitary Moon Crescent Moon Eclipse Full Moon

Light Moon Cold Moon Moon Shadow Half Moon Crescent Moon Moonlight Moonlight Bright

The full moon is like a mirror, the bright moon is bright, the moon is falling, the moon is bright, and the moon is soft

The moon is like a jade plate, the moon is dim, the moon is crooked, the moon is out of the mountains, the moon is out of the sea

Good sentence :

The moon quietly reveals a smiley face from the eastern sky. She is like a quiet girl who sprinkles soft, bright silver light on the earth.

The moon rises from the east, a golden full moon, smooth, like a mirror; soft light, giving a feeling of comfort and obsession.

The moon rose silently from the heart of the river, round and shiny, like a silver plate.

The bright moon sails like a silver boat in the blue sea, as if inviting people to travel in the vast space.

The shadow of the moon reflected on the lake surface, a bright white wave formed on the lake surface, flickering, as if it were a silver scale of a dragon.

The shadow near the moon is slowly expanding, as if a monster is eating a golden round cake.