Good words and sentences about butterflies

Good word for butterfly :

Strikingly colorful, flying attitude, flying attitude, beautiful wings, erect, bright colors, floating and flicking fancy

Beautiful and charming, light and agile, dancing and flying around.

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The bee fan butterfly loves the crazy bee wave butterfly wave butterfly

Butterfly, Butterfly, Butterfly, Butterfly, Butterfly, Butterfly, Butterfly, Butterfly, Butterfly, Butterfly, Butterfly

Zhao Meng Chou Sheng Zhuang Sheng Meng Die Zhuang Zhou Mengdie

Good sentence to describe the butterfly :

1. Take a closer look, there are colorful butterflies everywhere: the butterflies in the vegetable field fly up and down, and then fall on the cauliflower, and then fall on the leaf, it looks so happy. The butterfly in the breeding studio is just likeEven more amazing, they grow freely and fly happily under the care of the staff.

2. The butterflies are dressed in golden colors and stop at the back like a golden cloud. I stand there, like a nightmare, and see the butterfly spinning down and around like a leaf,Gradually obliterate the back ...

3 Suddenly, the butterfly slowly flew up from the desk and danced in my small space. It danced very gracefully, drawing a beautiful arc in the air.Holding my cheeks with my hands, I just watched it flutter like this. It danced slowly, dancing, like a hazy dream, and I was intoxicated by its charming beauty ...

4. I love butterflies. I love her. She has beautiful wings. She is the messenger of spring given to us by nature. She dances in the sky, and from time to time she caresses the newborn flowers, like a kind family of flowers. WheneverAs she passed by, a drop of water in her heart fell into the lake, making her heart wave.

5. Thousands of butterfly specimens are displayed in front of my eyes. These butterfly specimens are different in shape, colorful and very beautiful. Some are like fairies in the forest, with graceful manners; and some have wings that seem to have eyes, which are exuberant.There is a god. The Chinese broadleaf butterfly is more like a kite flying in the air in the spring, and it sways a lot. In particular, the dead leaf butterfly is well camouflaged and stays motionless among the yellow leaves. You never know the original leavesThere are butterflies hidden in it! There are also rare golden-beaked swallowtail butterflies, three-tailed brown wind butterflies, Emeishan turquoise butterflies ... under the colorful and soft lights, it seems to fly out of the glass frame and fly around!

6, butterfly is the incarnation and synonym of beautiful things. The story of Liang Zhuhua butterfly, Zhuang Zhou Mengdie, is almost a household name, and everyone knows it. Even ordinary people are as admirable as Zhuang Zhou, they are extremely worshipped. This is whyWhat about it? I think it's because we, as human beings, value our bodies rather than our hearts? Or, deep in our hearts, we are secretly yearning for the freedom and freedom of a butterfly.Life, right?

7. Butterflies are beautiful, they are colorful, they are colorful, they are light, light, calm, and just like girls, they are attractive and enviable.

8. The butterflies here are of different sizes, different shapes, and colorful. The big ones are like palms, the small ones are only the size of fingernails; some are like the colored leaves flying in the forest, and some are like dancing in the air during the festival.Color bars, some with English letters, some spots like Arabic numerals, and some spots like naughty children blinking ...

9. Think about the difficulties that butterflies have experienced for their beautiful lives. I ca n’t help but sigh: Even a butterfly as small as a life knows how to fight for its own life, not to mention us? In our learning career, we also have toLearn the spirit of butterflies, not afraid of difficulties, and fight for your own tomorrow!

10. The butterflies in the grass are all white, such as snowballs are flying. Although it is beautiful, it feels a bit monotonous and tedious. However, we are still eager to get one, so we pick up our hands.Brooms, clothes, etc. yelling to catch, catching one will be excited for a while!

11. I looked around and found a butterfly in the flowers. I stomped forward and saw it raised its wings and stood on the petals sucking pollen with interest. I took the net and fluttered forward,The net cover pounced on the butterfly, and the butterfly struggled and flew around in the net cover. I said excitedly: I caught it, I caught it! I carefully held the butterfly wings and put it into the transparent glass bottle gently.

12. Today I went to the park to play. I saw a very beautiful and beautiful big butterfly flying. See, how beautiful it is in colorful clothes! It seems to be intentional!It attracted me, flapping its wings, flickering, as if to say, "Look, how beautiful I am, I am the King of Thousands of Butterfly. Can you catch me?

13, Love You can fly with wings and it looks like a butterfly. But butterflies are the best thing to say about romance. Perhaps because of the splendor and magnificence of the wings, the beauty of the beginning of love bears the brunt of the beauty. The tentacles of the butterfly are alsoIt ’s full of love. Before the love has arrived, our butterflies have smelled the sweetness of happiness, and they can even think of love.

14, There are more yellow butterflies, so we grabbed them and took them home to observe them: I saw that their eyes were green, their yellow and yellow wings were plump, and their two transparent antennae were tilted upwards., Every move is very cute. There are a pair of small transparent rings with lemon yellow on the yellow wings, and the edges of the thin wings are wrapped with black lace. It has six legs ...

15. In the spring morning, on the small roads in the fields, people can see white butterflies from time to time and dance in people's sight. They are adding luster to the spring and making it more beautiful. They are like dancers.They are showing their talents. They are wearing white gowns, with two thin and long tentacles like two small braids on their heads, they are dancing and flinging.The white wings fly around, dancing beautifully, its light body is flying like a snowflake in the sky, it is very beautiful.

16. On a sunny day, the butterfly moves in the wind and swims in the sky. It dances, flips up and down, sometimes stops, and turns back. It is light as if it has no weight, its wings are so large, its physical bodySo small, it ’s so easy for a butterfly to lift up the insignificant flesh with its large and light wings. Where is this insect? Maybe it is because of this that the butterfly feels like a fairy.?

17. I always think that butterflies are beautiful and spiritual little life. They are wearing white clothes and have two thin and long tentacles on their heads, like two little braids. They are really energetic.The white wings fly around and dance beautifully and cheerfully. The white and light figure dances like snowflakes in the air. Some butterflies are collecting pollen, some are resting on the tree, and others are chasing.Playful ... They fly to the east in a while, to the west in a while, how comfortable it is! I want to become a beautiful butterfly, play games and collect pollen with them!

18, Evening glow is monotonous rusty red, heavy wings suddenly cascade in the air, a group of butterflies-a group of golden butterfly wings fluttering on the red background. The evening glow leaks from the gap between the wingsThen, it fell into my eyes, like a dream, my pupils flickered with the golden color of the wings and the redness of the sunset, like the bonfire of a hunter in the autumn night forest ...

19. The butterfly is beautiful, the white fluffy wings are slightly transparent, just like pure white tulle, and the wings also have some delicate and delicate fine patterns, exquisite and elegant. I was instantly caught by its littleBeauty is attracted.

20, I have always liked butterflies since I was a child. Whenever I see these elf, I always feel very pleasing to the eye. Watching its slender and beautiful figure dances freely in every corner of the world, and I am very envious., There will be an indescribable feeling in my heart. But-this is just the glorious appearance of these little elves, and what I have seen behind, I have never seen.