Prize and good words and appreciation of poor children

narrow, crooked, vulgar, beaten, insulted

Paralysis, kindness, dizziness, and big face

Tough weather, struggling, dirty, tired

Gorgeous clothes, weak limbs, crooked

Grim expression, ecstatic praying

Whimsical Involuntary Savage

Raising eyes without a prostitute, dizzy and proud

Thrilling, true, true, helpless, homeless

Well-intentioned, merciless, helpless

Lively and frustrated desperately struggling to turn from west to west

Ambiguous and horrifying horror sitting idly by

1. You can find a reason to make yourself sad, and you can also find a reason to make yourself happy.

2 The old lady and the old tears crossed. She knelt down in front of the prince, carefully examined the prince's face, and stroked it gently with her hands.

3. Don't be bound by other rules, otherwise you live in the result of others' thinking. Don't let the noise motions of other people's point of view simulate the inner voice. The most important thing is to have the courage to follow your heart and intuitionThey may already know what kind of person you really want to be. Other things are secondary.

4 The guards wearing steel helmets and spears stood on both sides of the iron gates with serious expressions, watching the pedestrians coming and going intently. Their expressions seemed to suggest that people ---- "prohibitednear!"

5. When the crowd took her away, when she couldn't see it, she turned her face and looked at him for the last time. She was so wronged and sad. He was suddenly ashamed. His pride turned into ashes and was stolen.The emperor's majesty also withered, and the glory in front of him suddenly became worthless and fell off him like a rag.

6. Hunton was so scared that he looked scared. He panicked and fought a cold war like an electric shock.

7. No matter how you are, your parents always think about you as soon as possible.

8, "Do you believe me? Don't say anything! If you speak exceptionally, our situation will be even worse. God's decision will always be realized. It is useless to worry, and you cannot change it.. Just wait, be patient-after the time has passed, you have time, you will scold, you will scold, you will be happy. "

9. Every morning exercise is not only for fitness, but also to reflect the stubbornness of life.

10. For a long time, I have been looking for a reason to explain why I love you; but I cannot find it, because I cannot set my Aichi prefecture on you for a reason.

11. Get rid of the bondage of slavery and sin, get rid of vulgarity and barbarity, and life will look alive.

12. Countless butterflies, clustered together and danced in the sky above the canyon, like a rainbow in the sky, turned into colorful flowers, sprinkled on the earth.

13. Twilight is heavy, only the solitary moon is hanging high. My eyes are dangling on that tombstone, my heart is as if waiting for the first ten years, only to return once. The memories of the past are still thereIn front of me, it is just the right thing. I do n’t know that the soul is broken, and there is a dream in the sky. No one knows but the moon and the sky. The Yin Yin vows are still in my ears.

14. Home is a spiritual sustenance, not a burden on our lives!

15. In the bushes on the side of the road--the flowers and grass are covered with layers of butterflies. At first glance, it is impossible to distinguish between those that are flowers, those that are leaves, and those that are butterflies.

16, God even gives up on you, don't give up on yourself.

17. Tribulation is first of all a kind of luck, and then a kind of misfortune.

18. There are few people walking on the street. There are only a few people who are running around. They rush forward in a hurry. They show a wholehearted look. They only give things as soon as possible and then go home quickly.Go comfortably and avoid the wind and the darkening night that are about to rise.

19. As long as you are alive, you have no reason to avoid the problem, and you have a chance to find a solution to the problem

20. He was so happy that he jumped to see the rainbow, but was struck by lightning.

21, you have hope than those lying in the grave

22, when you ca n’t hold on, stick on!

23.Xuwu flushed and almost suffocated. He crooked to the nearest chair and ordered the servants to catch the murderer stranger and tie him up.

24. Purple butterflies are densely layered on the tree, like a fine silk brocade; the thin branches hang down because of the overwhelmingness, and they look like a bunch of gold-green peacock feathers hanging down.

25. What I see at this moment will remain in my memory forever and never disappear. I will see it every day and dream of it every night until I die.

26, if you put two people in Love If the cup depends on fate, the water that allows two people to fuse together is called "tolerance".

27. He was sitting on a chair in the corner of the door, shivering in a ball, he was anxious to find a place to sew down at this moment.

28. The ancient trees in the Butterfly Valley are towering, the water is flowing, and thousands of white butterflies are dancing like a goose feather and snow. It is really spectacular.

29. People and happiness are like cats and their tails. When a cat is desperately chasing its tail, the tail always runs faster than it. When the cat decides to go forward, the tail will follow it closely..

30. He feels like a person jumping to watch the rainbow happily, but he was split by lightning.

31, the same for the Mavericks, it is a simple-headed animal, the storm can't make it noisy, and it won't be troubled by sleeping with the king.

32. Vanity is not wrong. When vanity becomes an excuse for corruption, it becomes an abyss that can never be restored.

33. As long as it is a thing in the world, there is always a day to complete him.

34. When you are tired of being disturbed by common things, look up at the starry sky and look carefully, you will find that you are very small, and those things that bother you are no longer so difficult

35. Happiness does not depend on who you are or what you have. He comes entirely from your thoughts.