Quotations and phrases for first grade

Good word excerpt :

1, white flowers, sparkling green, green, lazy, red, bright, golden, cancan, smile, laugh, haha, hehe

2, Bai Huanghuang, white, white, fat, black holes, black hair, black hair, hot, stupid

3. Chubby, heavy, fragrant, quiet, warm, black, black, red, red, fluttering, red, gorgeous

4, Huang Chengcheng shyly smiled, smiled, laughed, heeded, and rejoiced, and was almost bare and gloomy.

5, water, water, slow, slow, dry, sweet, dirty and messy

6. Clean workmanship, open and happy, happy, happy, happy, and serious

7. Beautiful, bright and generous, happy, happy, peaceful, and beautiful.

8, shy answering the wind and rain, high and big, intimate and enthusiastic, every day, every day

9, stuttering, square, square, square, square, square, square, square, square, square, square, smooth, steady, steady

10. Dodging, pulling, pulling, pulling, pulling, warming, and being lively, clear and tortuous

11, rickety, crying, talking, laughing, coming and going roundly and completely

12. Neat, tidy, swaying, choppy, choppy, choppy, choppy, choppy

13. Tick-and-tick in vain and clean, steady in and out, crooked

Good sentence excerpt :

1. You can't finish eating only if you grow it yourself. Only by studying hard can you take the final exam.

2.The falling leaves seem to be the colorful petals dropped by the fairy.

3, this is a normal apple. One side is red, the red is yellow, and the other is yellow, the yellow is red.

4, Little Melon was so excited that his heart fluttered, he rushed to the stage, held the box of candy in his arms like a baby, and then he kept this posture, carefully walked out of the classroom and out of schoolAnd went all the way home.

5, the bird didn't know where to hide; the plants and trees were downcast, like crickets, etc .; only that knows, can't stop shouting in the branches and hair; it's really a broken gong and drums cheering for the hot sun!

6, campus is full of bright spring elephants. The willows have drawn thin willows, and they are decorated with pale yellow tender leaves; the grass is drilled out with the fragrance of the earth.The clusters of tender and green flowers stretched out, yawned, and got out their little heads; the children took off their bulky winter clothes and put on light and colorful spring clothes; the birds came from homeCome out, sing beautiful songs, tell us: Spring is here!

7.When I think of it, tears fall down.

8.Push the door open in the morning, only to see that the snow on the ground is over a foot thick.

9.The little honey melon was flushed with blush, so she had to ask the teacher for help.

10.A breeze blows, the osmanthus tree stretches its branches and leaves, shakes slightly with the wind, and flashes green in the sun.?

11. The white and tender silkworm girl, who ate mulberry leaves for a few days, slept on the silkworm bed, took off her old clothes, and changed into new clothes.

12.The round face, the two black and bright eyeballs flickered, it was very cute.

13. In the spring, the animals also wake up from their deep sleep. The grass has started to sprout, and the earth is showing prosperity. Everywhere you look, there is a green scene, like a watercolor.

14.The little cat's head is round, with a pair of pointed small ears, and the big green eyes stare like two small green lights.

15. In the middle of summer, it is so hot that even dragonflies dare to fly against the shade of the tree, as if they are afraid that the sun will hurt their wings.

16. The leaves are falling one after another, some dancing like butterflies, and some flying like wings of orioles.

17.His dark and thick eyebrows are like two big brooms.

18. The sun is like a boss fireball, the light is burning, the road is hot from the hot sun, and you step on a bunch of white smoke.

19. The weather is gradually getting hot. The water is gradually rising.

20. In the field, the frog's bark sounds like "呱呱呱, 呱呱呱".

21, We sing and dance. I sweep the floor and talk to classmates.

22, I finally understand why the colors of spring are so rich: the crayons in the hands of the spring girl are diligently waving; the childish children are dressed naively; the neglected grass is silently nurturing. EnjoyYiyue people who are enjoying the colors of spring, what have you contributed to the colors of spring?

23.The turtle has retracted its neck and head into the hard shell, with its limbs stretched out, as if doing radio exercises, which is very interesting.

24, black eyes, like an abacus pearl, dripping around.

25.The bright red cockscomb looks like a fire in the distance.

26, the tail of the little white rabbit is very short, it looks like a small pompom sticking to the buttocks

27, the sound is loud and crisp, like fried beans.

28. If you just pick pine cones and don't plant pine trees, one day, there will be no pine trees.

In the mid-summer of July 29 and July, there is no cloud in the blue sky, the fiery sun burns the ground, the water in the river is hot, and the soil in the ground is smoking.

30. Those leaves like small fans form a big green umbrella, which covers the sun tightly and gives people a shade.

31. The puppy has golden hair and is shiny, just like rubbing oil.

32. The willows on the street are as sick as possible, the leaves are hanging with dust and rolling on the branches, and the branches are not moving. The road is white, the street vendors are afraid to sip, and the plexiglass signs at the store doorIt also seems to be tanning.

33. Her two slender eyebrows are like two small brackets falling down.

34, there is no cloud in the air, no wind, and a scorching sun over his head, and all the trees are standing there lazily and lazily.

35, the blue lake and the blue sky are connected together, and it is not clear which lake is the sky.

36. The sun is clear. On both sides of the road, mature grains are bent down and their heads are hot. Grasshoppers are like grass blades, wheat and rye fields, wheat and rye fields, and shore.A faint and noisy sound was made in the reeds.

37, my brother's big eyes, staring at people like little tigers.

38, Geben's nose and chin were broken, and he was shocked and pained, holding the slide's pillars and crying slowly.

39. That day, the sky was crazy. As soon as the sun came out, the ground was already on fire, and some gray clouds like clouds but not clouds and fog and mist were floating low in the air, making people feel suffocated.

40.It was a long dry and rainless summer.The hot sun roasted the old loach in the fields. They turned white. The stream near the village and the stream were a few inches lower.The stones exposed on the water were steep.The ground has grown.

41, that bee, so diligent, flying around like a collection.

42. Studying at home all day, very hardworking.

43, the bread has been baked, so fragrant!

44, the lake is so rushing! "Wala" is like a beautiful song.

45, Geben read the score very excitedly, but the little honeydew is like an eggplant beaten by frost, holding his head sulking, and crying when sad.

46. As soon as I leave the house, my face and nose are as uncomfortable as if I cut with a knife.

47. The white rooster cocks its wings and flares angrily, and stretches forward with a long neck.

48, In the early summer season, all kinds of wild flowers are opened, red, purple, pink, and yellow, like the brilliant spots embroidered on a large green carpet; swarms of bees are busy in the flowers, sucking the stamens,Diligently flying around.

49. The rain in spring is continuous and soft, it nourishes the earth, caresses the earth, and whispers the earth, when people unknowingly, they quietly merge into a stream and accumulate deep.Tan. Ah, it was spring rain that brought green life to the water.

50, from a distance, a peach tree looks like an open umbrella.

51. The big male duck swayes when walking on the shore, like a doll just learning to walk.

52, The elephant is tall and big, with a body like a wall and legs like four pillars.

53, wind and rain always come together. In the early spring, a bit of cold wind awakened everything, the treetops were green, the ground was green, and even the platforms of the towering buildings were green. Song DynastyWang Anshi has a poem: "The spring breeze is on the south bank of the Green River." What a good word! But more than "green"?

54 ,、 Dad I'm a football fan, but turned off a wonderful game, why is this?