Reading notes, good words and sentences


Good word :

Perseverance, spurs, longing, longing

Remorse, motivation, trace, starvation

bullying, torment, flinching, burning fire

grim, demanding, doom, hungry

Good sentence :

The carriages are full of speculators, and the beds are stuffed with iron barrels, crates, bamboo baskets and the like, which makes people breathless.

The two bandits were so scared that they quickly turned their horses and returned to the camp to rescue the soldiers.

Feeling: The current era is the period of peaceful development of society. We do n’t have to fight with our machine guns to fight bloody battles. But now there is a battlefield, that is, the competition of study or work. It also requires us to be as full as Paul Kochkin.Devote yourself to make your studies well. Only by growing up in this way can you make greater contributions to the motherland!

Each of us is a member of society. The development of society is not something that can be done by one person. We must work together and make progress.


Good word :

Vigorous, full of vitality, full of spring

The sound of the book filled with sunshine, the sound of the book is very lively

Weeping willow Yiyi tree-lined trail, chase me and laugh

The environment is elegant and fragrant, the scenery is charming and uplifting

Thrive throngs of lively jubilant models of Qingge

Good sentence :

He touched a cigarette from his pocket and didn't light it. He bowed his nose and smelled it. Tian Futang had a problem with his trachea and even got a little bit asthma, so he didn't dare to smoke too much. He used to be ""Old Chimney", now I ca n’t bear it, so I took out a cigarette and smelled it. It was only when I was helpless that I just smoked a cigarette-the only enjoyment I got was a cough for a long time.It is often filled with cigarettes, and not lower than the medium level, but rarely smokes on its own, most of them smoke for others.

By the way, although this Mijia town belongs to a foreign county, the old society is a big town. People around Shuangshui Village are going to buy anything important. If there is no Shijie Festival, they will not go to their original Xi County.Mijia Town outside the county to buy. Not only is Mijia Town close to here, but also the supply is more complete than their county seat-not only the province, but also goods from Beijing and Tianjin.

In many cases, the Jin family ca n’t make trouble with the Tian family, because the power in the village is in the hands of Tian Futang. Tian Futang's ability is one thing. He also has a younger brother who is an official outside the door. Villagers generally avoid andHe was in direct confrontation. But many people in the Jin family were disgusted with Sun Yuting, who was next to Tian Futang. But Sun Yuting and his family had some prestige in the Jin family. The old couple and their four children, andThe adult dolls of many Jin family members maintain a very staggered friendly relationship. In particular, Sun Shao'an, who is the captain of a team, is one of the few people in the village that gives Tian Futang a headache. Therefore, the Sun Yuhou family is widely accepted by many Jin familyRespect. For this reason, everyone's tolerance for Sun Yuting's behavior is generally tolerated-he is wrong to count Sun Yuhou's brother.

Sun Shaoping hasn't reached such a level yet. He just feels that in his life so sloppy, a girl is paying attention to him with such kind and kind eyes, making him feel infinitely warm. Her poor, thinHis cheeks, her slender neck, and her tattered clothes that just covered the ugliness, all waved a spring-like wave in his heart.

Throughout the desolate and barren Loess Plateau, a county high school in a county, even if it is the highest school in the county, it is impossible to build a restaurant for the students anyway. Good or bad, everyone eats in the open air.Fortunately, these young people are from the mountain village. Who hasn't eaten in the wild mountains and wild places? So everyone doesn't care about this kind of thing. Usually when the weather is good, everyone squatted in a circle with the good classmates and saidLaughed and finished the meal.

He squatted under the eaves, while chopping rice in his mouth, guessing in his heart: The reason why she often came to pick up the meal last time was probably the same as him. Yes, it was because of poverty, because he could not afford good foodBecause of their young and sensitive self-esteem, they made them avoid the eyes of the public and quietly took away their two disgraceful black guys, so as not to suffer a lot of speechless smirks!

On that day, the class studied the article "Leadership Leadership from an Authoritative Newspaper" editorial, led by the class teacher, and the class leader Gu Yangmin read the newspaper. Sun Shaoping didn't even listen to a word, and quietly looked down at the table under the novel. He didn't find it at all.The woman signaled his irregularities to the teacher in charge of the class. He waited until the teacher walked in front of him and snatched the book away from him. Then the whole class suddenly laughed. Gu Yangmin didn't read the newspaperIt seems that he looks like an outsider, but Sun Shaoping feels that the monitor clearly holds a gloat attitude and sees how the teacher handles him.

Sun Yuhou thought at the time: His family has never had a gentleman in his lifetime, how much frustration he opened his eyes! From ancient times to the present, the world is always literate. He thinks he isIt ’s not a problem, but maybe he can make Yuting a character in the Sun family. If so, his Sun Yuhou ’s hard work is worth it. Besides, he sees the doll in Yuting ’s mind is still good-he has taught in the villageMr. Jin of Dongshu knows a lot of words there.

He saw that Hongmei changed a half-old red plaid shirt, as if she had changed to another person. Probably because she was at home during a holiday, and had more food this season, she was very skinnyHer cheeks look plump now. After spending half a year living in the city, she also knows how to put her head in a rural style, like a city girl, with two short braids;The fine square mouth shoes and a pair of sky blue trousers that seem to be newly bought are almost unrecognizable. This is Hao Hongmei. In fact, she is nothing more than replacing the original studded clothes with no studded clothes. ThisA small change makes a person who is inconspicuous at once noticeable. At the same time, it should be admitted that Hao Hongmei originally had the face and figure of that beautiful girl. If there is a dress more beautiful than now,Just so