Excerpt of good words and sentences describing autumn

In the autumn season, the scenery is pleasant and the layers of forest are dyed with overlapping green streams, and the golden sky is high to go down to the wild geese and flying in the mountains and flying in the south.

Autumn wind, red leaves, dangui, fragrant sky, high clouds, light golden wind, refreshing grains, abundant leaves, red leaves, like fire, fruitful, golden autumn in October

Chunlan Qiuqi Spring Dew Autumn Frost Spring and Autumn brush strokes Spring and Autumn Peaking Autumn Wind Falling Leaf Curling Autumn Moon Ice Autumn Autumn Moon Autumn Moon Spring Wind

Tian Gao Qing Gui Zi Piao Xiang Qiu Qiu Xiao Xiao Qiu Feng Xiao Xiao Qiu Qiu Red and green and declining frost sky red leaf frost Ye Zhiqiu

Chunhua Qiushi, Chunhua Qiuyue, Chunhua Qiuqi

Autumn doesn't make any mistakes, sees no donation, doesn't make any mistakes, inspects autumn leaves, leaves fall, knows autumn, three autumns, stars, autumns, moons, autumns, and people

Autumn wind sweeping leaves, autumn wind, group fan, autumn wind, fan, autumn, horse, fat, autumn, high-spirited and troublesome autumn, month, spring, autumn and autumn, Piri, Yangqiu

1. Falling in love with autumn, but can't have her forever, always drifting away, and always saying goodbye. Always rejoicing because of her arrival, and always because of her loneliness.

2. When the first cool wind blows in from the window in the morning and blows on the face, it is very cool. When the first leaves fall from the branches with the wind, they fall on the ground with fallen leaves. It seems that they smell autumnSmell, I heard the sound of autumn.

3, Autumn, although a bit desolate and sorrowful, but it is still a prelude to the beginning of another season. Autumn, leaving the noise of the spring warmth when everything is recovering, say goodbye to the impetuous summer when the sun is like fire, it is wildThe golden fairy-tale world is a paradise for many people's dreams. In the indifferent and calm autumn colors, there is a charming and mature beauty, which contains the tender and affectionate autumn charm.

4. Autumn is a sentimental season. The gray air and misty air. It seems to tell everything in the world. However, if you look at autumn from another angle, it is a quiet season. The autumn wind is cool and clear.The light fragrance blows you and my face. Autumn rain leaps and drips, with the lightness of rain dew, nourishes you and my heart. A beauty is also floating in my heart.

5. I like the colors of autumn, I always feel that there is no season as colorful as autumn. There are many kinds of green, and the levels are clear. I do n’t believe that I go to see the creeks in the mountains. It records all the peaksThere are also yellow and red. If there is a frost, the mountains under the blue sky will be red and the layers will be stained. People who get up in the morning will see the shadows of the mid-autumn mist."Ye Hong in February Flowers" is enthusiastic, but the coquettishness of "Hugging Pipa Half Covered", like a beautiful young girl waiting to be married in Langzhong.