Describe good words and sentences for summer vacation

ecstatic, overjoyed, overjoyed, happy, smiling, cheerful, happy, happy, smiling

comfortable, enchanted, overjoyed, happy, forgetful, overwhelmed, happy, ecstatic, relieved

Putian Tongqing, happy smiles, overjoyed, happy, time like shuttle, elated, overjoyed, happy in shape, happy in the eyebrows

Time is shuttle, elated, smiles, cheerful, lively,

Good sentence excerpt :

1. The summer vacation is here, and the classmates are going home happily. This is because the intense study has ended, and I am also going home happily, but I also need to take a little time to preview the eighth grade mathematics during the holiday.Subject, so I learn while others are playing, I am learning while others are learning, as the saying goes, "Stupid bird flies first."

2 The summer vacation is here. This is what students are most looking forward to. These times belong to them completely, but one thing ca n’t make them play happily. That is summer vacation homework.

3. Summer vacation life is colorful. I wish you all a happy, fulfilling and meaningful summer vacation!

4. The summer vacation is exciting and desirable. Every time the summer vacation is approaching, the students are always absent-minded, counting the time with a small difference, and looking forward to the summer vacation, I am no exception, because the summer vacation is happyYes, free.

5. Summer vacation is the happiest day for every child. I am a student who is about to step into junior high school. This vacation is extraordinarily easy and pleasant for me.

6. The sun goes down, the night falls, and occasionally a cry is heard. Our family came to the lively square. I wore roller skates and slid forward carefully, because my skills were not good, so wrestling becameMy daily routine. When I get home, it's getting late, I planted my head in bed and fell asleep.

7. In order that everyone can have a happy summer vacation without burden, we can let the teacher arrange less homework. More time to play and less time to do homework, so that summer vacation will truly become our "happy paradise",Rather than "the hell of homework."

8. The song of learning. Although it is summer vacation, there must be homework. As the saying goes: "Bear first, then sweet." As long as I finish the homework sooner, can I still worry about playing it quickly? SoI said that I must finish the homework quickly. So I worked very hard to do my homework every day.

9, tired of the noise of the city, some people must think of the mountain village, the farmer to go quiet for a while. Therefore, "going down the mountain and the countryside" is the first choice for the summer vacation. When I think of the fresh air with the fragrant soil, green weeds, golden yellowThe ears of rice, and the laughter floating in the fields, the heart can't help rippling. Although the countryside is very fun, but be careful about safety. If you want to swim, you must invite several partners to go together so that you can go to each otherTake care. Also pay attention to food hygiene.

10. I fell asleep when I knew it, and fell asleep quietly. When I'm busy, enjoy this peaceful summer, that charming summer night, and enjoy every day of happiness. Even God is proud of me and spend time with mePerfect summer vacation, happy summer vacation.

11. As long as I come together every morning to see the bright sunshine, I will feel happy and happy. Every morning when I go to bed together, I can't wait to open the curtains, walk into the balcony, breathe the fresh air, and listen to the joy of the birdsScreaming, smelling the fragrance of grass, feeling the cool wind, watching the pedestrians on the road, filled with happiness.

12. In a flash, the summer vacation is over. This summer vacation has passed so fast, I wish I could go again, because this summer vacation is extremely happy!

13. Time flies so fast, we have to go home. I reluctantly returned with the tour bus. I was immersed in that happy time along the way.

14. Inventory your three-day harvest, and find that happiness is omnipresent in life. "Seeing the sea, playing in the water, and picking up shells," is only part of the happiness. And exposure to new things and mastering new things on the hikeKnowledge, living in harmony with friends and classmates, learning and living with a positive attitude is the eternal theme of happiness.

15. Good things are always worth remembering. Remembrance is a kind of enjoyment and a tool that can make you smile again. Rural time, rural stories never end .... It continues all the time.s story……

16. The happy summer vacation has finally arrived. I can have a good time and have a good time! Of course, before that, I will also arrange my summer vacation life so that I will have a happy and fulfilling life.Summer vacation, my happy summer life.

17. Everyone regards homework as a “burden”, and it ’s not fun to not take the “burden” away. For example, when you go out for an outing, you feel worried every day, for fear that you will not be able to finish your homework, you will be punished as soon as you start school.The teacher repaired it, and they could n’t concentrate on feeling the beauty of nature.

It ’s late summer in 18 and July, and the school is also closed. The children are like little fishes looking forward to swimming back to the sea, cheering and jumping. Their hearts are pure and optimistic, even if their gradesNot excellent but they are still so lively. They will not be forced to go to tuition because of poor final exams. Innocently, they will go to the nature, go to the wild and breathe fresh air, and let the warm morning sun bathe the entire body., Play in groups and fly freely.