Little prince's words and sentences excerpt

Good word :

1. Morning light 熹 熹: 熹 :: Sky twilight. Morning sky twilight.

2. Isolation and helplessness: only one person or one side of the force, no external assistance.

3. Methodical: Describe levels and clear context.

4. Life and death: ① As soon as I was born in the morning, I died at night. ② I also describe things as short-lived.

5. Having a soft spot: It means having a special affection for someone or something, and focusing your mind and feelings on him her, it.

6. Silent: 1. Describe no sound or light voice. 2. Describe no reputation, unknown.

Good sentence :

1. "Go along with it! No one can go very far ..."

2. I gradually learned the secrets of your sad little life ...

3. For a long time, the only thing that makes you happy is to enjoy the tranquility of the sunset.

4. Our little prince was helpless and went away in vain.

5. "Now, I want to tell you the secret. Actually, this is also very simple. People can only see the essence of things with their own minds, and they can't be seen by eyes."

6. The little prince was full of thoughts about flowers and left.

7. What a mysterious place the hometown of tears is.

8. Whenever something happens in a mysterious atmosphere, people are often irresistible to it.

9. When faced with the threat of death in the desert, it's certainly ridiculous to think about drawing again, but I still took out paper and pen from my pocket.

10. From a distance, they are really dazzling and extremely gorgeous. Their lighting action can be arranged like a ballet on the grand theater.

11. "Goodbye!" He said resolutely facing the flower.

12. I have never met a partner who can really talk, so I was always solitary until I had an accident in the Sahara desert.

13. At this time, a gorgeous train was passing by, and the sound was thunderous, shaking the switcher's hut.

14. The little prince repeated the words with the fox, and he wanted to make these words deeply imprinted in his mind.

15. And what he admits is that leaving this planet makes him sadder than leaving anything else. At that time, God had a soft spot for this place. He could see 1,400 here 24 hours a day.Multiple sunsets.

16. At this time, those beautiful little bells have become crystal tears ...

17. Every night, I always like to listen intently to the sound of those 500 million little bell-like stars ...

18. All this is revealed when he usually does not pay attention.

19. And when he turned off the lights, he seemed to let the flowers and the stars sleep.

20. Because she does not want the little prince to see herself crying, she is such a proud flower after all ...

21. The fifth planet is very strange. It is the smallest of these stars. The planet just can accommodate the next street light and a person who lights it.

22. A geographer is a scholar who knows where there are oceans, rivers, cities, mountains, and deserts.

23. The little prince walked through the desert. He only saw one flower, a flower with three petals, and a very humble flower ...

24. There is only one street lamp in the North Pole, and only one in the South Pole; only the person who lights the North Pole and his Antarctic counterparts lead a leisurely and lazy life: they only work twice a year.

25. If you fall in love with a flower growing on a star, then at night, you look at the sky and feel sweet and happy. All the stars seem to have flowers on them.

26. The earth is not an ordinary planet! It has 111 kings of course, no black king is missed, 7,000 geographers, 900,000 industrialists, 7.5One hundred thousand drunks, 311 million people who love vanity, that is, about two billion adults.

27. The baobab is not a small shrub, but a tree as big as a church; even if you bring back a group of elephants, you can't get a baobab.

28. The evidence of the existence of the little prince is that he is very beautiful, he laughs and wants a sheep. He wants a lamb, which proves his existence.

29. I have always loved the desert. Sitting on a sand dune, I can't see or hear anything. However, there is something indescribable that is shining silently ...

30. Seeing a very large flower bud growing on this seedling, the little prince felt that a miracle would appear from this bud.

31. The king does not possess, they just do 'rule'. This is not the same thing.

32. For me, if I have a scarf, I can use it around my neck and take it away. If I have a flower, I can pick off my flower and putIt took away. But you can't take these stars off!

33. I realized once again that something irreparable was going to happen. I felt my heart was cold all of a sudden. Then I realized: I can't stand the thought that I can't hear this laughter anymore.To me, this laughter is like a Ganquan in the desert.

34. She was dressed up like a fairy for a few days. Then, one morning, just when the sun was rising, she opened.

35. People will no longer have time to learn anything. They always go to merchants to buy ready-made things. Because there are no friends' shops in the world, people have no friends. If you want aFriend, then tame me!

36. People hurried forward on the fast train, but didn't know what they were looking for.

37. People can only see the essence of things with their own hearts, and they can't see with their eyes alone.

38. Language is the source of misunderstanding.

39. You are always responsible for those you tamed.

40. No one is satisfied with where they are.

41. The beauty of the desert is that the thermal department realizes that there is a well, a clear spring ...

42. Only children know what they are looking for.

43. They people buy all the ready-made goods in the store, but can't find a store where they can buy friendship.

44. I thought I had a unique flower in the world, where I want to get her is just an ordinary flower.

45. They people have no roots and therefore live very hard.

46. Being with people is still lonely.

47. Is the reason why the stars shine in the sky, so that each of us can find our hometown?

48. Everyone has their own star, but it means different things to different people.

49. The really important things are invisible to the naked eye.

50. The stars are beautiful because there is an invisible flower there.

51. Whenever something is in a mysterious atmosphere, people are often irresistible to it.

52. When a person is sad, they always like to watch the sunset.

53. What a mysterious place the hometown of tears is!

54. If I want to make friends with butterflies, I have to endure two or three caterpillars!

55. Ask others what to do, you must first consider whether this person can do it.

56. It is much harder to judge oneself than to judge others.

57. A man of arrogance always thinks of others as an idol.

58. Wine makes me forget the shame of drinking.

59. Showy people tend to deviate from the truth.

60. If a person is tamed, he will run the risk of crying.