Good words and phrases to protect the environment

1. The environment is protected by you and others, and the beauty is enjoyed by Shenzhen people.

2. Clean up the polluted city and start from me.

3. Protecting the environment starts with your hands and ends with your mouth.

4, the human face is washed every day, and the appearance is getting newer every day.

5. All people are united, they are messy and not close.

6, the trash is taken away, and it is beautiful.

7. Untidy sales, great damage to the city!

8, Spitting everywhere, people are annoying.

9. Put an end to "psoriasis" and take care of urban faces.

10, the city wants beauty, everyone is an angel.

11, sanitation work depends on everyone, do not rely on urban management to catch! Grab! Grab!

12. Good habits should be developed from childhood, good traditions should be from beginning to end.

13. It is public morality to bow down and clean, and tossing is lacking

14. Maintain environmental sanitation and build beautiful homes together!

15. To beautify the environment is to beautify our soul.

16. Beautifying the appearance is to decorate our faces.

17. One leaf knows autumn, the city knows everybody is small, and the city must be clean.

18. It's not only the environment, but also our eyes and mind that pollutes!

19. Protecting the lungs of a city is as important as protecting our lungs.

20 、 If you want to live a good life, cleanliness cannot be separated