Good words and sentences about peach blossoms

1. Tao Linbei buds are beginning to bloom. The dense branches seem to be covered with silver miniature bulbs, and the white pearl buds are shining like crystals.

2. The star-like flower buds swayed happily in the spring breeze, and the piece of peach forest seemed to become a red rainy world.

3. From a distance, peach blossom is like a beautiful girl with a bright peach blossom on her head. At a glance, you know that this beautiful girl is dressing herself and getting married!

4. At the vernal equinox, the peach blossoms on the mountains and the mountains are full of trees like flames.

5. The peach blossoms are withered, and a few petals remain on the branches, still like a little flame.

6. After the surprise, the buds of the peach tree branches awakened, and the east and the west branches, the flowers that smiled sweetly, exuded an intoxicating fragrance.

7. In the flower market, peach blossoms are the most flattering. Generous and decent, full of fragrance, give Chinese New Year An extra celebration.

8, March in the spring and spring, the peach blossoms bloom, and the Yellow Sea shore is like a hundred-li-rouge cloud.

9. At the foot of the mountain, tens of thousands of peach trees are interspersed with pink and snowy white tides, and they rush toward our eyes along the green fields.

10. A breeze blows, every peach blossom is like a butterfly, fluttering wings and dancing, as if beckoning to us, saying again and again: "Welcome, welcome!

11. A peach tree, holding a bunch of petals, smiling face like a girl, pink and pink, full of youthful glory.

12. There is a large area of ​​blooming peach blossoms at the door, pink and pink, as delicate as if you can breathe into water.

13. The peach blossoms in Taoyuan Garden are magnificent when viewed from afar, such as the tide of the sea; they are pretty and charming, like the girl's first makeup.

14. The peach blossoms in the flower and fruit forest are blooming, and the pink and pink flower clusters are like a cloud of fire, which looks great from a distance.

15. Zhu Lip has a little peach blossom, and the makeup is shy and partial. Look at it like a balcony girl, drunk and return to Wushan.

16. Peach blossoms glow with brilliance, and countless points are even more flying. In order to see Fang Lin smile with a smile, he and Wen Shu say nothing.

17. This peach blossom is white at first, like fat, like jade, like snow, so tender, so watery, so crystallized, so translucent.

18. The small bone blossoms on the peach tree bulge every day, showing red lips, like a little girl with a pouting smile.

19. How tall is this peach tree? One person has a purple-red trunk, which is extremely smooth and clean. The soft branches are covered with brown delicate bones.

20, There is a large area of ​​blooming peach blossoms at the door, pink and pink, as delicate as if you can breathe into water.

21, The blooming peach blossoms are like rouges, dyed with rich spring mountains and rivers, and like a cloud of clouds, reflecting the land full of vitality.

22. From a distance, each peach tree looks like an open umbrella.

23. In this door last year and now, the human face peach blossoms are in red. I don't know where to go, the peach flowers still laugh.

24. Peach trees are covered with flowers and bones, and they are surrounded by each other in shame, as if they are a bunch of shy little girls, and no one will be the first to smile.

25. Peach flowers have the same feeling of fire and softness as water. Therefore, those who chant peach flowers chant the peach flowers and the water together, which adds another poetic expression.

26. The pink peach blossoms are next to each other, and they are full of branches. They are like a group of urchins, rushing to let people watch their gorgeous appearance.

27. The peach blossoms, some of them are fluttering in the wind, smiling slightly; some are budding, half hidden; more are small white buds with red dots that spit red dots.

28. A breeze blows through, the unique fragrance of peach blossoms is blowing on the face, refreshing and comfortable. There are some peach blossom petals and one or two blossomed flowers blowing in the wind..

29. In spring, the numerous peach blossoms are particularly noisy in the morning light, and the dense layers are like a morning glow.

30. Peach blossom, the beautiful elf in the spring, when she came to the world, where is the flowering, it is terrible, so beautiful and dignified, beautiful, colorful, lively and romantic.