Lotus good words and good sentences

good word

Tingting, Libing, Ice, Jade, and Tee Furong

The effluent hibiscus has a magnificent posture

Furong water, water, wind, and wind

good sentence

1. The green lotus leaves on the lake hold out the blossoming hibiscus, like the young girl's cheeks.

2. In the moonlight, lotus leaves like jasper stand upright in the water, forming a piece, so intimate.

3 The petals of the lotus flower are as white as jade. The flower holds a dark green lotus flower. The upward side of the lotus flower has many small holes, and the lotus seeds are sleeping inside.

4. Standing in front of Grandma's house, looking far away, Manchi is green. When the wind blows, the lotus leaves in Manchi will roll around like a green wave, which is very interesting!

5. The lotus leaf is like a green umbrella spreading out, some are floating on the lake surface, and some are standing above the blue waves, like layers of green waves, like a piece of jade.

6. The lotus is not only beautiful in appearance, but also in virtue. It is orgasm, flawless, and self-contained. Many people use it as a motto to motivate themselves to be self-contained.

7. The fragrance from this lotus is the strongest in the morning and evening. Because the colorless flowers and crocuses always emit the strongest fragrance in the morning and evening.

8. The fog is slowly fading, and the lotus leaves and lotus leaves are getting clearer and clearer. At this time, the sun also rises, and the sun shines on the lotus on the first day, with red in white, and it looks more and more beautiful.

9. In the early morning, Chaoyang was born, and the lotus ushered in a new day. The lotus is covered with dew. In the sunlight, every drop of water is embedded in the petals like transparent pearls..

10, ah! The lotus is so beautiful to you! Your beauty makes everyone intoxicated! We love your white and flawless appearance! We love your strong and unyielding spirit! I love your high-spirited festival that is "out of the mud without staining"!

11. Walking in the lotus pond, I admire the character of Holland. Zhou Dunyi's "Ai Lian Shuo" once described: "Sewage is not stained, but the lotus is clear and not demon." He peanuts are different and always protect themselves.Personality.

12, In the green lotus leaf clusters, the slim lotus flowers are like fairies bathed in light sand on the lake, with smiles and embarrassing words; tender stamens, eager dripping, fresh fragrance, refreshing.

13. At first there were only a few scattered flowers dotted in the ocean of green leaves, like exquisite diamonds, which attracted people's attention far away; gradually, more and more opened, like stars in the sky, making peopleDazzled.

14. The lotus leaf is like an umbrella that is held upside down, but also like a little girl ’s rotating dress. It is densely covered with high and low ground covering the entire surface of the pool, and almost no water can be seen.It is lotus leaves crowding and making noises.

15. The flowers bloom in the middle of the green leaves. There are white and red ones. They start to look like an arrow, and then look like a large disc. It looks great. Its rich fragrance, with the delicate fragrance of the lotus leaves,It's far away.

16. The rain in the sky is wide and deserted. There is such a red lotus in the gray that is out of reach! Like a bunch of fire that is about to ignite, like a pot of color that will immediately pour! I stand by the pool,Although I don't want to catch the moon, I'm almost mistaken.

17. When the scorching sun hangs high in the sky, Xiaohe's cheeks are red. It enjoys the bathing of Yangon, and it is also working harder to bloom, because it is eager to one day, it can also be a green shade for passers-by.Little tree.

18, Against the backdrop of the green leaves, some lotus flowers stretch and bloom, pink petals, golden stamens, as if laughing heartily: some buds are just beginning to bloom, as if talking in Qikou: some buds are waiting to be released, as ifThe shy girl bowed her head and said nothing.

19 、 Summer is the season for lotus blooming. This year, the lotus in Nanyuan has grown extraordinarily lush. You can see the fairies of Lingbo from the blue waves deep in the lotus pond.The skirt flutters and dances to the people.

20, The breeze is blowing, the lotus poses in a dance position, the small water drops are beating on the lotus leaf restlessly, it seems to be higher than the water, the light fragrance is blowing in the wind, refreshing, it seems that the aroma is also light pinkYes, dreams generally envelope the world gently.

21 A light breeze blows and makes people feel extremely cool, and the lake surface also has ripples. The lotus pond secretly pours its head out of the water, and the green lotus seeds are inlaid on the lotus pond like emeralds. FarThe ducklings everywhere play leisurely under the lotus leaves.

22, you see, the budding girl is really like a young girl who is unwilling to smile at people. Half-opened, like a pure young girl, holding her face with her white tender hands.. Fully blooming and more touching, she cheerfully shows people a beautiful smile.

23, A gust of wind blows, the lotus dances, the appearance is beautiful, the beauty is unforgettable. It makes people lingering and memorable. They seem to welcome us. If you are in the ocean of lotus, intoxicated by the aroma of lotusIt is really the greatest enjoyment in life!

24. The lotus leaf has very tender green leaves on top of it. The green leaves are so fresh. That lotus leaf is like an open umbrella, some like large discs, and some like a small umbrella.Fan. Through the gap of the lotus leaf, I saw that the thorny stems stood tall on the water.

25. A small and chic waterfall beside the lotus pond pours down, hits the rocks, and splashes a lot of water splashes, how water splashes are like little white plums. They fell in the breeze, and finally disappeared.In the center of the hard rock and the pond, there are ripples.

26. The lotus is a symbol of Gao Jie, but the mud is not stained with a little dirt, clean and flawless. Many Chinese people like the lotus to "sludge without stains, and clean the ripples without demon", so put this sentenceThe motto of self-righteousness is the symbol and messenger of friendship.

27. I like lotus not only because it dances elegantly, but also because it has a wide range of uses and has practical value. It is because it symbolizes people who can still clean themselves in a dirty environment; it symbolizes the pursuit of freedom.Independent and independent life without worldly bonds.

28. I approached the West Lake. There are many lotus flowers in the West Lake. Green lotus leaves float like water on a large jade plate. The lotus leaves are squeezed next to each other, covering the sun, and the small fishes are happy under the lotus leaves.Swimming around. The lotus leaves are rolling with crystal dew, sparkling in the sunlight.

29. In the early morning, the pink and yellow lotus swayed in the breeze, adding a touch of rare charm, and because of the different flowering time, each has its own color, the flowers and bones are blooming and slender, like a young girl, as if hidingWith infinite vitality and mystery, you feel infinite hope and vitality.

30. A large lotus in front of me makes people feel comfortable. Look at that lotus flower, pink petals, a fragrance swaying in the wind, refreshing. The lotus leaves of Tiantian lay in layers with the wind, likeA green wave. It reminds me of the poem "The sky is boundless and the leaves are infinite, the lotus is so red."

31. The lotus is slender, like a fairy bathing on the lake, with tender stamens and beads, and the fragrance is refreshing, refreshing. The petals of the lotus are spread out layer by layer, and the bottom is white as jade, with a light pink on the top.With a green lotus flower, there are many small holes in the flower, and every lotus seed sleeps inside.

32. Look again. Another lotus has two or three petals unfolded. It feels as silky as silk. It looks like a slim little girl standing on a boat, and her hair is still stained.A few drops of crystal clear dewdrops. A breeze blew, and the lotus boat swayed gently, as if moving towards a distance.

33. There are always many poems in the Netherlands, but most of them are blooming in an instant. But in the face of withering, she has a more crippled beauty: there is a trace of beauty, but it is still noble and elegant. If you say,The lotus leaf for the lotus is a kind of shelter from the wind and the rain. Then, the lotus lotus is the exhaustion of everything and the beauty.

34. The lotus is not only beautiful, the most important thing is that it has the spirit of "sludge without staining". This is exactly where we want to learn. No matter what difficulties and frustrations we encounter in our future long learning life, We should all work hard to overcome and face optimistically, and we will surely bloom like the lotus flower!

35. On an unforgettable evening, I came to the pond and saw lotus for the first time in my life. The peach-shaped petals are brighter than the western rays, and the green lotus leaves are even cleaner than the water of West Lake.The pond lined like a mirror is like a poem, like a picture, like a song, like a dream, which makes those "fancy flowers gradually want charming eyes" dwarfed.

36. Under the cover of that lotus leaf, there are a few lotus flowers exposed. Some are white as jade and some as pink as Xia. White is like young girl with white tender skin and flawless white snow. Look at pink, reallyI don't know if it was blushed by the sunset on the horizon, or they were ashamed. They can be said to be "staining mud without staining, muddy and clear without demon."

37. After a rain, the lotus pond presents another scene. The lotus leaves are like fairies who have just been exposed to rain. They are slender in the pond. A breeze passed, and a drop of crystals on the green large leaf diskThe translucent little waterdrops rolled around like pearls, suddenly east, west, and suddenly fell into the pond-a new scene of repelling after the rain.

38. I saw a few white lotus flowers with smiling faces. The lotus petals were slightly reddish by a painter with a few strokes, which is really good! Dad smiled and covered his face with sweat beads.Don't stop. I gently pulled the stem of the lotus flower, and I saw that the tender yellow immature little lotus bonnet was hiding shamefully in the blooming flowers and wearing a "small straw skirt"!

39. I saw countless green round umbrellas on the lotus pond, mixed with various lotus flowers in the middle. There are large, small, pink and white. Some have opened two or three petals.Some of the petals are fully opened, revealing the tender yellow little lotus. Some are still flower buds. The green lotus leaves are set against the bright red lotus, which is a painting of red flowers and green leaves.

40. This lotus is really different. The lotus root in the silt actually gave out lotus leaves in the festival, and then gave birth to lotus flowers in this festival. There are boundless feelings underwater, and it is more affectionate on the water.Deep love. It seems that there is a mentality in the surface. So I can't help thinking of an ancient poem: "Green lotus covers green water, hibiscus is covered with red. There is a root and a lotus root."

41. The pond is full of lotuses, and some are in full bloom, and the slender young girls; some only have two or three pieces, like shy little girls; some are just flowers and flowers! The green lotus leavesIt's their skirts, looking from a distance, like a group of beautiful little girls. 18. The sun's rays shine on the lotus, and dew drops are like diamonds set on pink skirts, sparkling.

42. In the summer, the lotus buds bloom. The bud gradually opened a little, and under the bright sun, the pink was more vivid. Look, the one over there has quietly bloomed, inIn the breeze of a breeze, it was swaying gently. The lotus stem supported the lotus flower, and the lotus bonnet after flower withering was still full of vital green, and it would turn gray once mature.

43. In spring, the lotus seeds germinated, and gradually grew young stems and young leaves. The young leaves just stick to the water surface, both ends are pointed, and they can “bunch small drops of water”. As long as you dripA small drop of water drops on the tip of the tender leaf, the small drops of water are "strung"! The tender stem is covered with spines, like a pair of iron armor, to protect yourself from small fish and shrimpRelentless attack.

44. Summer lotus! I love you! I love your refreshing fragrance; I love your dancing postures, I love your pure and flawless spirit. Do n’t you?In any kind of soil, there are lovely flowers, and you can see that the lotus flower has a pure and pure character that is not contaminated with the world. Isn't this lotus worth my love?

45. It was a summer morning, and it rained overnight. Walking on a wet road, what was unexpected was not boring, but a kind of fresh comfort. Only stop, take care, want to watchLotus in the field. Smelling the fragrance of lotus comfortably, it is even more comfortable to see the lotus blooming in the pond. After the baptism of the rain, both the lotus and the lotus leaf are covered with crystal raindrops, with the newly awakenedlovely.

46. The water in the lotus pond is really green. It seems that the lotus leaves are green. It flows happily in the pond without any mottle. The water in the lotus pond is really clean, without any flaws.It seems like a beautiful and flawless jasper. The little goldfish in the pool swim freely, chasing and playing with each other, sometimes spitting out a string of blisters, and sometimes patting the pool surface with their tails, making a "slap, pop" sound.

47. You see, the lotus leaves on the river are emerald green, dark green, different colors, smooth and shiny. They are crowded next to each other, some float on the water, some effluent is high, and there are rollsWith the volume. The tall lotus leaves are like a slim girl opening a dance skirt. The lotus leaves floating on the water are like jasper disks. Occasionally, a few frogs jump on the lotus leaves and splash water on the jade.It rolls around.

48. Pieces of lotus leaves, such as mother's hand followed by rain, are kind and warm, so that the rain is intensified, and wept slightly and wept into the hands of the mother, falling in loveThe ground was hidden in the lotus pond. The sound was faint at the beginning, but then it was already magnificent and wonderful. There is no sorrow of the lotus, no lingering mist, its benefits can be described as you go.No, I can only feel deeply ...

49. The lotus has won my favor because of its unique charm. Its status in my heart is far better than other plants. It is a symbol of climax, so I like it, it is a symbol of friendship and messenger,So I like it, it is the most interesting theme of chanting poetry, so I write it. Although the plum blossom is proud, it is better than the lotus, and the peony is gorgeous, but it is not better than the lotus, but the number of people who like the peony is more than the number of people who like the lotus.More than that.

50. The lotus flower looks like a graceful atmosphere. You can smell the lotus flower from a distance, a light, sweet fragrance. The color of the lotus flower is more beautiful, with white in the powder and purple in the belt.Pink and white as snow. There are all blooming lotus flowers, showing bright smiles to people. There are half-open and half-closed, like shy girls. The lotus with buds is trying to bloom. PeopleLove lotus, maybe just love this!

51. The lotus is not precious, as long as it has soil and water, it can grow and bear fruit. If the lotus fades, you can give a lotus flower, and a lotus flower can give birth to a lotus flower. Soon, the lotus flower in Manchi has been inherited.The cause of the lotus has covered the entire pond. So a pool of lotus dedicates a foot of lotus to eat the lotus seeds inside. There is a riddle that says well: a little girl sitting in the middle of the water and wearing pinkAlas, embrace the jasper cup.

52. The leaves of the lotus are like a small umbrella. The front is turquoise and the opposite is pink green. Some float flat on the water, and some are floating above the blue waves. They are surrounded by each other.Looking at it from a distance, it looks like a rolling wave. When you look closely, it looks like a fast emerald. It is full of color. Especially the tender lotus leaf that just came out of the water, like a clenched fist, shows great vitality. No matter whatCan't excite the lotus so strong.

53, early summer morning, me and Dad My mother went to Beihai Park together. As soon as I walked into the park, wow, there are so many people today, probably to see lotus flowers. The scenery of the park is beautiful, with green cypress trees, colorful flowers, and greenery.The lawn ... The park is lined with trees, blocking the hot sun. Then we came to the lotus pond, where there were a lot of people. I found a gap and drilled in, ah, what a beautiful lotus!

54 、 The lotus leaves are so beautiful, the lotus must be “slim and beautiful”. Many fairy-like lotus flowers have emerged from the lotus leaves, and some lotus petals have all been unfolded, exposing golden yellow flower stamens and tender yellow lotusThey seem to smile on their heads and emit a burst of fragrance, which is really intoxicating. Some are still blooming flowers, others are two or three petals, and a few water lilies are crooked their heads close to the water,Like a big girl who shyly answered.

55. The lotus has gradually grown up and became a beautiful lotus princess. Its petals are like a snow-white crown, its green root is a green veil skirt, and its palace is a lotus palace surrounded by lotus ponds.Some of the flowers inside are still slowly growing in the round flower bone, some of them have a moon-shaped petals, and some are already a grandfather slowly. If I am a lotus,I will certainly show off and look forward to it, and sometimes play cool in front of others.

56. The lotus leaf is so green that it looks like a piece of jasper. The touch of pink that dots next to jasper is a variety of lotuses with different postures. Some are still flowers and some are budding.Some of them are in full bloom ... the blossoms are beautiful, and they are full of their own beauty. The colors of the lotus flowers are different, some are crimson, some are white and flawless, some are white with green, and some are red.Nenxin Ningzhu, Xinxiang bursts.

57. See, the red, white, and pink have their own postures. See, the one hidden behind the lotus leaves is looming, like a wind-and-hide hide and seek; the one has one or two petals,It seemed to stretch out a small palm and beckoned to me; the one that opened only a circle, like a delicately carved exquisite jade cup; and the bulging bud, like a giant pen in the lotus leafIn the bush, there is a breath of British spirit; there is that one ... It is so beautiful and beautiful!

58. You see, its green and bright flower stems are thin and long. Some are short, but without losing posture, and some have large, round leaves, like a jasper plate.Some leaves are still in the water, and they are reluctant to come out. Maybe the information on the water is detected in the water and transmitted to the "leaf leader" to let it make a decision.Air. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew, making this green ocean sway with the wind.

59. The leaves of the lotus are tender and green are the cradles of small drops of water. The leaves of the lotus are large and round, which can also protect the fish from the wind. The lotus roots are strong and strong, and can lift large and round lotuses.Leaves. As soon as summer, the buds of the lotus bloom slowly. Looking at the clean and elegant lotus flowers, I think of the motto: "Mud out of the mud but not stained, clean the ripples without demon.", But the blooming flowers are not stained with dirty soil, they are still dazzling, bright and beautiful.

60. Entering the pond, exuding a scent of fragrance. The crowded lotus leaves are like large green discs. They are placed on the green waves like layers of green waves, like a piece of green jade. BeautifulThe lotus leaves next to it have two green umbrellas for it. The beautiful lotus has red petals, like a face painted with rouge, layered on top of each other, and a tender yellow in the middleLittle lotus. The lotus is yellow with white, and the whites are green, like ice cream to melt, all colors are mixed together.

61. Looking down, the turquoise water is holding a summer lotus. The lotus seems to be a full-fledged fairy. The pink lotus has opened its small hands as if to hug me. See, the lotus dances with the wind.The little frog screamed, as if I had become a lotus dancing in the breeze. The lotus swinging around like a chat with me. The lotus is so beautiful, it has a pinkish whiteSmiley faces, tender green rhizomes, and white lotus roots are always for people to watch and praise, I am immersed in happiness!

62. In the lotus pond, there are many varieties, such as the famous water lilies, Chinese lotus, king lotus, perfume lotus, some of them are asleep, and some of them are sheltered from the sun by small fish in the water.Only the dragonfly stayed on it and flew. When I saw this scene, I couldn't help thinking of the ancient poet Yang Wanli's "Xiao He only showed sharp and pointed corners, and the dragonfly had already stood up." Dad said;I also need the support of green leaves. "That's right! Look, isn't there a big red lotus in the pond surrounded by lotus leaves?

63. We lie next to the lotus pond. Look, this lotus is like a shy little girl with a red face; alas, that lotus is still dozing off! The breeze is blowing, and there are countless crystal dew on the green lotus leaves.It ’s rolling, it ’s really “big beads, small beads, and jade plates!” The beauty of the lotus and the fragrance of the lotus pond attracted a group of flying birds to come and appreciate the lotus.It's full. It can leap and stand on a jasper plate, it's enviable. If I were a delicate bird, how good would it be ...

64. In the light rain, everything has been purified, whether it is moist or soft, it is lovely to force your eyes. And the lotus petals that are as clean as snow and pink are also beautiful and beautiful.. He Rui is more windy, and it makes you think that it has turned into crystal yellow water, but you do n’t know that it is the subtlety of rain. In the light rain, there is no wind, but the clear water is jumping.Countless silver lines. The lotus flower floats between the ponds, and it looks more solid in the light rain, more stubbornly more prominent, and Cui has to drip delicious juice, so that you will never forget it at a glance.

65. On the moonlit night, I swim to the pond again. I am a fish, completely fascinated by the lotus. The water reflects the moonlight and sparkles. The handsome figure on the water is like the sixteen-year-old Luo ShiGenerally, it is slender and sturdy. The slightly trembling body, the veiny eyes, the elegant and graceful posture, the extraordinary temperament, all reveal the true nature of the "water hibiscus". I threw a stone in the pond, the waterSplashing on the lotus leaves, forming drops of water, rolling and playing, glittering moonlight, clean like pearls, bright like stars in the sky.

66. Looking at the lotus flowers in full bloom in front of me, I can't help but be intoxicated by these beautiful "outflowing hibiscus". Since ancient times, lotus has always been a beautiful and clean image in people's hearts. In ancient times, there were literati writers who praised the lotus, the Northern Song Dynasty.Zhou Dunyi once wrote the famous sentence of "sludge without stains, sorrow and cleanliness without demon." Therefore, the lotus is called "the flower of a gentleman". They have the beautiful quality of steadiness and purity, and have become a symbol of noble morality."Lingbo Fairy", "Water Palace Fairy" and other reputations, these reflect the people's unparalleled love for the lotus.

67. Blossoming lotus flowers in various poses, like a beautiful girl. Nearby is a lotus flower with expanded petals, growing on green lotus leaves, looking far away like a pink longThe girl in a skirt danced gracefully on the green carpet; in the distance was a cluster of flowers and buds to be placed, looking sideways as if a shy girl was sitting on the grass, covering her cheeks with her hands shyly;Little drums inlaid with precious stones, the lotus girls sing and dance on this green stage, and perform a small concert with a small drum accompaniment ...

68. Look! The lotus pond is full of green and green lotus leaves, squeezed one by one, like a large green disc. Through the dense layers of lotus leaves, you can see dark green ones, growing small.The thorny lotus stalks have their heads raised on the water. The small fans on the lotus stalks are like sepals to set off the slim lotus flowers with pink powder. The lotus flowers are in all kinds of shapes and shapes, and they are all different. Some flowers are fully opened, exposing the tender yellow lotus;Some just bloomed a few petals, like a shy little girl smiling at the passing pedestrians; others were budding flowers and bones, and they were about to burst soon ...

69. The lotus posture is different. Some are like sleeping, lying on the large tea leaves and entering dreamland, some are bent, like beckoning to Xia brother, greeting the father-in-law of the sun, and others are straight and thinThe waist is like listening to the sound of nature. Some petals opened their smiley faces and seemed to tell us: "Look at my little face." And some are still flowers and bones.Some stand proudly on the water, some hide under the leaves, they all wait patiently for the roots to nourish the sunshine, always looking forward to the day when they come out.

70. The stem of the lotus is green, and it ’s sturdy. It feels a little bit sticky to the touch. This may be used to protect yourself from being broken by the enemy! The long stem is deeply stuck in the mud.Why the debris or sludge in the water does not leave a trace on the lotus and leaves, so that the lotus is in sharp contrast with the surrounding scenery, I don't understand. How does she grow, does someone regularly bathe her with water?Look at the grass and trees next to it. Because there is no rain for a long time, a lot of dust or dirt has accumulated on the leaves, and the leaves of the lotus are relatively bright and clean. Ah, maybe this is the reason why "the mud is not stained."

71. Some lotus flowers, because they grow, the petals are pink, and when they are below, they gradually turn white, and the stamens are yellow and clear. There is a yellow-yellow, tender lotus flower in the middle; some lotus flowersAs the petals came out earlier, only a little bit of the flower tip was tender pink; some lotus flowers have already started to fade away; some lotus flowers have no petals anymore, only small,Green lotus. Looking at it, it seems that there are lotus ponds everywhere, beautiful and amazing, but no one seems to be able to discover the beauty leaked from the lotus leaves surrounding the lotus leaves.

72. In the early morning, I was walking on a small road in the field and enjoying the gentle breeze. After a while, I came to the lotus pond, and I was greeted with a burst of refreshing fragrance. It was really refreshing!Looking forward, the densely-sewn and green lotus leaves appearing in front of me. Look! There are still a few small crystal drops on the green lotus leaves! Under the contrast of the green leaves, the lotus flower is even moreOutstanding, like a fairy in a pink wedding dress standing on the lotus leaves slimly. Under the reflection of the rising sun, it looks even more beautiful. Seeing these, I think of Yang Wanli's verse: "The lotus leaves are infinitely blue,Yingri lotus is not as red. "

73. If there are no lotus leaves, the lotus will not be so vibrant. The lotus leaves are large and dark green, which makes people feel like they are intoxicated in nature. The lotus never competes with other flowers.Not as beautiful as other flowers, but standing alone in the water, standing in obscurity, standing in the water, standing in the wind, standing in the rain. Send away a sunset, and usher in a dawn. But its lifeIt's very short, only one summer. But people will remember that it stands for integrity, light, kindness and sincerity. Although the plum blossom, jasmine and other are beautiful, but the lotus is more beautiful because it represents purity and feels beautiful. I like you, Lotus! Pure lotus!